Diff for /gforth/libffi.fs between versions 1.28 and 1.29

version 1.28, 2008/08/09 21:26:21 version 1.29, 2008/08/09 21:28:39
Line 24 Line 24
 c-library libffi  c-library libffi
 s" ffi" add-lib  s" ffi" add-lib
   \ The ffi.h of XCode needs the following line, and it should not hurt elsewhere
   \c #define MACOSX
 include-ffi.h-string save-c-prefix-line \ #include <ffi.h>  include-ffi.h-string save-c-prefix-line \ #include <ffi.h>
 \c extern Cell *gforth_RP;  \c extern Cell *gforth_RP;
 \c extern unsigned char *gforth_LP;  \c extern unsigned char *gforth_LP;

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