Diff for /gforth/lib.fs between versions 1.18 and 1.20

version 1.18, 2007/02/17 21:04:15 version 1.20, 2007/06/30 23:00:35
Line 24 Line 24
     [IFDEF] ffi-call      [IFDEF] ffi-call
         include libffi.fs          include libffi.fs
     [ELSE]      [ELSE]
           .( Neither libffi nor ffcall are available ) cr
           .( Using oldlib.fs; incompatible with fflib.fs and libffi.fs) cr
         include oldlib.fs          include oldlib.fs
     [THEN]      [THEN]
Line 36 Line 39
             library libc libc.so.6              library libc libc.so.6
         [ELSE] 2dup s" cygwin" str= [IF]  2drop          [ELSE] 2dup s" cygwin" str= [IF]  2drop
                 library libc cygwin1.dll                  library libc cygwin1.dll
             [ELSE]  s" bsd" search nip nip [IF]              [ELSE]  2dup s" bsd" search nip nip [IF]  2drop
                     library libc libc.so                      library libc libc.so
                   [ELSE]  2dup s" darwin" string-prefix? [IF]  2drop
                           library libc libc.dylib
                       [ELSE]  2drop \ or add your stuff here
                 [THEN]                  [THEN]
             [THEN]              [THEN]
         [THEN]          [THEN]

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