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Title:          Gforth
Version:        0.5.0
Entered-date:   23SEP00
Description:	Gforth is a fast and portable implementation of the ANS
		Forth language. It works nicely with the Emacs editor,
		offers some nice features such as input completion and
		history and a powerful locals facility, and it even
		has a manual. Gforth employs traditional
		implementation techniques: its inner innerpreter
		is indirect or direct threaded.
Keywords:       Forth, interpreter, 
Author: (Bernd Paysan) (Anton Ertl)
Primary-site: /pub/forth/gforth
			1.1 M gforth-0.4.0-i386-pc-linux-gnulibc1.tar.gz
Alternate-site: /pub/Linux/devel/lang/forth
Original-site: /pub/gnu/gforth
			1.4 M gforth-0.5.0.tar.gz
Copying-policy: GPL

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