Diff for /gforth/gforth.el between versions 1.29 and 1.30

version 1.29, 1998/05/09 21:27:16 version 1.30, 1998/05/13 16:47:23
Line 951  The region is sent terminated by a newli Line 951  The region is sent terminated by a newli
    (setq outline-level 'f-outline-level)     (setq outline-level 'f-outline-level)
    (outline-minor-mode)     (outline-minor-mode)
 (define-key outline-minor-mode-map '(shift up) 'hide-sublevels)     (define-key outline-minor-mode-map '(shift up) 'hide-sublevels)
 (define-key outline-minor-mode-map '(shift right) 'show-children)     (define-key outline-minor-mode-map '(shift right) 'show-children)
 (define-key outline-minor-mode-map '(shift left) 'hide-subtree)     (define-key outline-minor-mode-map '(shift left) 'hide-subtree)
 (define-key outline-minor-mode-map '(shift down) 'show-subtree)     (define-key outline-minor-mode-map '(shift down) 'show-subtree)
 )  )
Line 972  The region is sent terminated by a newli Line 972  The region is sent terminated by a newli
        (require 'func-menu)         (require 'func-menu)
 ;;       (define-key global-map 'f8 'function-menu)  ;;       (define-key global-map 'f8 'function-menu)
        (add-hook 'find-fible-hooks 'fume-add-menubar-entry)         (add-hook 'find-fible-hooks 'fume-add-menubar-entry)
        (define-key global-map "\C-cg" 'fume-prompt-function-goto)  ;       (define-key global-map "\C-cg" 'fume-prompt-function-goto)
        (define-key global-map '(shift button3) 'mouse-function-menu)  ;       (define-key global-map '(shift button3) 'mouse-function-menu)
 ))  ))
 ;; end  ;; end

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