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version 1.25, 1998/04/12 21:49:13 version 1.26, 1998/04/14 16:43:06
Line 417  part of the screen." Line 417  part of the screen."
   (forth-split)    (forth-split)
   (forth-set-runlight forth-runlight:input))    (forth-set-runlight forth-runlight:input))
   (defun run-forth-if-not ()
     (if (not (forth-process-running-p))
         (run-forth forth-program-name)))
 (defun reset-forth ()  (defun reset-forth ()
   "Reset the Forth process."    "Reset the Forth process."
   (interactive)    (interactive)
Line 710  The region is sent terminated by a newli Line 714  The region is sent terminated by a newli
   (interactive)    (interactive)
   (let ((process (get-process forth-program-name)))    (let ((process (get-process forth-program-name)))
     (if process (kill-process process t)))      (if process (kill-process process t)))
   (sleep-for-millisecs 100)    (sleep-for 0 100)
   (forth-mode))    (forth-mode))

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