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version 1.14, 2012/03/23 21:19:54 version 1.19, 2012/12/31 15:25:19
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 /* header file for libcc-generated C code  /* header file for libcc-generated C code
   Copyright (C) 2006,2007,2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.    Copyright (C) 2006,2007,2008,2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
   This file is part of Gforth.    This file is part of Gforth.
Line 19 Line 19
 */  */
 #include <gforth/@PACKAGE_VERSION@/config.h>  #include <gforth/@PACKAGE_VERSION@/config.h>
 #include <setjmp.h>  
 #if defined(_WIN32) || defined(__WIN32__) || defined(__CYGWIN__) || defined(__ANDROID__)  #if defined(_WIN32) || defined(__WIN32__) || defined(__CYGWIN__) || defined(__ANDROID__)
Line 28 Line 27
 #endif  #endif
 typedef CELL_TYPE Cell;  typedef CELL_TYPE Cell;
   typedef unsigned char Char;
 typedef double Float;  typedef double Float;
   typedef Char *Address;
   typedef void **Xt;
 #define Clongest long long  #define Clongest long long
 typedef unsigned Clongest UClongest;  typedef unsigned Clongest UClongest;
   typedef struct {
     Cell next_task;
     Cell prev_task;
     Cell save_task;
     Cell* sp0;
     Cell* rp0;
     Float* fp0;
     Address lp0;
     Xt *throw_entry;
   } user_area;
 extern __thread Cell *gforth_SP;  extern __thread Cell *gforth_SP;
 extern __thread Float *gforth_FP;  extern __thread Float *gforth_FP;
 extern __thread Cell *gforth_RP;  extern __thread Cell *gforth_RP;
 extern __thread char *gforth_LP;  extern __thread char *gforth_LP;
 extern __thread char *gforth_UP;  extern __thread char *gforth_UP;
 extern void *gforth_engine(void *, Cell *, Cell *, Float *, char *);  extern void *gforth_engine(void *);
 extern char *cstr(char *from, Cell size);  extern char *cstr(char *from, Cell size);
 extern char *tilde_cstr(char *from, Cell size);  extern char *tilde_cstr(char *from, Cell size);
 extern __thread jmp_buf *throw_jmp_handler;  extern __thread void *throw_jmp_handler;
   extern user_area* gforth_stacks(Cell dsize, Cell rsize, Cell fsize, Cell lsize);
   extern void gforth_free_stacks(user_area* t);
 #define GFORTH_ARGS void  #define GFORTH_ARGS void
 #else  #else
 #define gforth_SP *((Cell **)(gforth_pointers(0)))  #define gforth_SP *((Cell **)(gforth_pointers(0)))
Line 50  extern __thread jmp_buf *throw_jmp_handl Line 65  extern __thread jmp_buf *throw_jmp_handl
 #define gforth_LP *((char **)(gforth_pointers(2)))  #define gforth_LP *((char **)(gforth_pointers(2)))
 #define gforth_RP *((Cell **)(gforth_pointers(3)))  #define gforth_RP *((Cell **)(gforth_pointers(3)))
 #define gforth_UP *((char **)(gforth_pointers(4)))  #define gforth_UP *((char **)(gforth_pointers(4)))
 #define gforth_engine ((char *(*)(void *, Cell *, Cell *, Float *, char *))(((void **)(gforth_pointers(5)))))  #define gforth_engine ((char *(*)(void *))gforth_pointers(5))
 #define cstr ((char *(*)(char *, Cell))(((void **)(gforth_pointers(6)))))  #define cstr ((char *(*)(char *, Cell))gforth_pointers(6))
 #define tilde_cstr ((char *(*)(char *, Cell))(((void **)(gforth_pointers(7)))))  #define tilde_cstr ((char *(*)(char *, Cell))gforth_pointers(7))
 #define throw_jmp_handler *((jmp_buf**)(gforth_pointers(8)))  #define throw_jmp_handler *((void**)(gforth_pointers(8)))
   #define gforth_stacks ((user_area *(*)(Cell, Cell, Cell, Cell))gforth_pointers(9))
   #define gforth_free_stacks ((void(*)(user_area* t))gforth_pointers(10))
 #define GFORTH_ARGS void *(*gforth_pointers)(Cell)  #define GFORTH_ARGS void *(*gforth_pointers)(Cell)
 #endif  #endif

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