Diff for /gforth/engine/engine.c between versions 1.91 and 1.92

version 1.91, 2006/10/21 22:13:49 version 1.92, 2006/10/22 16:54:01
Line 98  extern int gforth_memcmp(const char * s1 Line 98  extern int gforth_memcmp(const char * s1
 #define NEWLINE '\n'  #define NEWLINE '\n'
 #define CELL_MIN (((Cell)1)<<(sizeof(Cell)*CHAR_BIT-1))  #define CELL_MIN (((Cell)1)<<(sizeof(Cell)*CHAR_BIT-1))
   /* set CHECK_DIVISION to 0 if the hardware checks division by zero and
      division overflow.  Note that not all checks are controlled by
      CHECK_DIVISION, in particular not overflow checks in mixed-size
      words implemented by C's double-by-double division, because that
      division does not signal such overflows.  !! make an autoconf test
      that sets CHECK_DIVISION */
 /* conversion on fetch */  /* conversion on fetch */

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