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Thu Jun 4 16:17:58 1998 UTC (24 years, 6 months ago) by anton
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
various changes in and the's:
   symlinks and arch/machine eliminated
   utilize some automake stuff (e.g., @VERSION@ and @lispdir@)
   eliminated engine/version.h
   eliminated replace.a; gforth[-ditc] is now built by engine/Makefile
   getopt_long replacement is now donw through LIBOBJS, like everything else
automake-induced changes in acconfig.h; added acinclude.m4 and AUTHORS.
aclocal.m4 is now generated (it's still in CVS because there's not yet a
	make rule for it).
made gforthmi more conformant with GNU standards (--version etc.).
prim: fixed portability bug (RTLD_GLOBAL does not exist everywhere)
arch/power/machine.h: refined cache flush code
doc/gforth.ds now uses @VERSION{} (but we need to generate version.texi)
	documented new buffering behaviour

    1: Makefile
    2: makefile.dos
    3: makefile.os2
    4: prim.i
    5: prim_lab.i
    6: prim_lab.i-
    7: engine.s
    8: prim.i-
    9: config.h
   10: version.h
   11: gforth
   12: gforth-ditc

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