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.de TQ
.IP "\fB\\$1\fI\\$2" 9
.TH Vmgen 1 "March 25, 2003" \" -*- nroff -*-
vmgen \- a virtual machine generator

\fCvmgen\fR [-h | -v] INPUTFILE


\fBvmgen\fR Vmgen is a tool for writing efficient interpreters.  It takes a
simple virtual machine description and generates efficient C code for
dealing with the virtual machine code in various ways (in particular,
executing it).  For more details, consult the info documentation,
which can be read with 'info vmgen'.


.BI "\-\-help"
.TQ "\-h"
Lists the available options, including some not described here (see
also the manual).
.BI "\-\-version"
.TQ "\-v"
Print version and exit

 INPUTFILE is the VM instruction description file, which usually
ends in `.vmg'.  The output filenames are made by taking the basename
of `inputfile' (i.e., the output files will be created in the current
working directory) and replacing `.vmg' with `-vm.i', `-disasm.i',
`-gen.i', `-labels.i', `-profile.i', and `-peephole.i'.  E.g., `vmgen
hack/foo.vmg' will create `foo-vm.i', `foo-disasm.i', `foo-gen.i',
`foo-labels.i', `foo-profile.i' and `foo-peephole.i'.

The Vmgen manual - available in hypertext (Info, HTML) and printable
(TeX, PS, ASCII) forms.

Vmgen is part of Gforth.  More information on Gforth (e.g., pointers
to new versions, to the manual on the WWW and to papers about Gforth)
is available through \fC\fR.

\fBGforth\fR was written by Anton Ertl, Bernd Paysan, Jens Wilke and

FreeBSD-CVSweb <>