Diff for /gforth/configure.in between versions 1.310 and 1.311

version 1.310, 2012/07/02 21:59:10 version 1.311, 2012/07/19 23:32:25
Line 110  else Line 110  else
   platform=${withval}    platform=${withval}
 fi])  fi])
                          [  Compile Gforth as shared library (default disabled).]),
   if test "$enable_lib" != "no"; then
      AC_DEFINE(HAS_LIB,,[Define if you want to build as shared library])
 AC_ARG_WITH(cross,  AC_ARG_WITH(cross,
         AC_HELP_STRING([--with-cross=<arch>],          AC_HELP_STRING([--with-cross=<arch>],
                         [  Build gforth using a cross compiler.]),                          [  Build gforth using a cross compiler.]),

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