Diff for /gforth/configure.in between versions 1.273 and 1.274

version 1.273, 2009/12/31 15:32:35 version 1.274, 2010/01/02 17:47:03
Line 849  if test -n "$GNU_LIBTOOL" -a $ac_cv_lib_ Line 849  if test -n "$GNU_LIBTOOL" -a $ac_cv_lib_
   build_libcc_named=build-libcc-named    build_libcc_named=build-libcc-named
 else  else
   build_libcc_named=""    build_libcc_named=""
     AC_MSG_WARN([No GNU_LIBTOOL found, skip pre-building libcc-based libraries])
 fi  fi
 AC_SUBST(build_libcc_named)  AC_SUBST(build_libcc_named)
   if test -z "$GNU_LIBTOOL"; then
     AC_MSG_WARN([No GNU_LIBTOOL found, using "libtool" as name.])
     AC_MSG_WARN([libcc.fs won't work until you have installed (GNU) libtool.])
 #check for libffi 2.x  #check for libffi 2.x
 if test -z "$FFI_H_NAME"; then  if test -z "$FFI_H_NAME"; then
Line 940  ln -sf ../../../engine/config.h ../../.. Line 948  ln -sf ../../../engine/config.h ../../..
  machine=$machine])   machine=$machine])
 test -z "$GNU_LIBTOOL" && echo * Problem: no libtool found, libcc.fs will not work  

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