Diff for /gforth/configure.in between versions 1.209 and 1.210

version 1.209, 2008/01/16 21:50:55 version 1.210, 2008/01/16 22:35:38
Line 600  AC_MSG_RESULT($M4) Line 600  AC_MSG_RESULT($M4)
 # Find installed Gforth  # Find installed Gforth
 AC_MSG_CHECKING([for gforth])  AC_MSG_CHECKING([for gforth])
 GFORTH="`which gforth 2>/dev/null`"  GFORTH="`which gforth 2>/dev/null`"
 if test ! -z "$GFORTH"; then  GFORTH="$GFORTH -m4M --die-on-signal" ; fi  if test ! -z "$GFORTH"; then  GFORTH="$GFORTH -m4M --die-on-signal -i `gforth --debug -e bye 2>&1 |grep "Opened image file: "|sed 's/Opened image file: //'`" ; fi
 AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(GFORTH,"$GFORTH",[How to invoke gforth])  AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(GFORTH,"$GFORTH",[How to invoke gforth])

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