Diff for /gforth/configure.in between versions 1.206 and 1.207

version 1.206, 2008/01/07 20:54:15 version 1.207, 2008/01/08 19:55:55
Line 32  AC_CONFIG_HEADERS(engine/config.h) Line 32  AC_CONFIG_HEADERS(engine/config.h)
 #suppress the "-g -O2" default  #suppress the "-g -O2" default
 test "$CFLAGS" || CFLAGS=-O2  test "$CFLAGS" || CFLAGS=-O2
                         [ Use explicit register declarations if they appear in  
                           the machine.h file. This can cause a good speedup,  
                           but also incorrect code with some gcc versions on  
                           some processors (default disabled).]),  
 test "$enable_force_reg" = "no"||  
   AC_DEFINE(FORCE_REG,,[Define if you want to use explicit register declarations for better performance or for more convenient CODE words (does not work with all GCC versions on all machines)])  
 AC_ARG_ENABLE(force-cdiv,  AC_ARG_ENABLE(force-cdiv,
         AC_HELP_STRING([--enable-force-cdiv],          AC_HELP_STRING([--enable-force-cdiv],
                        [  Use the native C division - symmetric - instead of                         [  Use the native C division - symmetric - instead of
Line 518  else Line 508  else
            OPTS=-noll             OPTS=-noll
         fi          fi
 fi  fi
   if grep -q FORCE_REG arch/$machine/machine.h; then
      OPTS=`for i in $OPTS; do echo -n "$i-reg "; done`$OPTS

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