Diff for /gforth/configure.in between versions 1.176 and 1.177

version 1.176, 2007/03/18 21:46:01 version 1.177, 2007/03/19 12:54:41
Line 180  case "$host_cpu" in Line 180  case "$host_cpu" in
                 fi                  fi
                 AC_LIBSOURCES([../arch/arm/cacheflush0, ../arch/arm/cacheflush1, ../arch/arm/cacheflush2])                  AC_LIBSOURCES([../arch/arm/cacheflush0, ../arch/arm/cacheflush1, ../arch/arm/cacheflush2])
                 AC_LIBOBJ(../$arm_cacheflush)                  AC_LIBOBJ(../$arm_cacheflush)
                   #longer skipcodes lead to problems on ARM, and it uses
                   #only 4-byte alignment anyway
                   test "$skipcode" || skipcode="nop"
                 ;;                  ;;
         hppa*)          hppa*)
                 machine=hppa                  machine=hppa

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