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Sun Jul 6 14:15:10 1997 UTC (26 years, 5 months ago) by jwilke
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Generic execution chains. Will be used for the init-chain!

\ chains.fs execution chains for gforth			21jun97jaw

0 [IF]
This defines execution chains.
The first application for this is building initialization chains:
Think of many modules or program parts, each of it with some specific
initialization code. If we hardcode the initialization routines into a
"master-init" we will get unflexible and are not able only to load some
specific modules...

The chain is basicaly a linked-list. Define a Variable for the head of
linked-list. Name it "foo8" or "foo-chain" to indicate it is a execution

You can add a word to the list with "' my-init foo8 chained". You can
execute all the code with "foo8 chainperform".

[IFUNDEF] linked
: linked        here over @ a, swap ! ;

\ generic chains

: chained 	( xt list -- ) \ gforth
  linked , ;

: chainperform	( list -- ) \ gforth
  BEGIN @ dup WHILE dup cell+ perform REPEAT drop ;

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