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Thu May 29 19:43:09 1997 UTC (25 years, 8 months ago) by pazsan
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Added port of gforth to misc (original version, slow) to CVS archive

This directory contains simulator, assembler and primitives for the
MISC-chip. Create an gforth image for the misc simulator with


Load this image into the simulator and run the simulator with

gforth arch/misc/sim.fs -e "load g"

Additonally, there are two more complex examples (two terminal games,
Sokoban and Tetris). To create the image, do the


include arch/misc/sokoban.fs
include arch/misc/tt.fs

in main.fs just before "include special.fs". Perform a make like above. Move the result to, and start
the simulator with

gforth arch/misc/sim.fs -e "load g"

Now type in "sokoban" <return> or "tt" <return> to play sokoban or
tetris (be aware: both are very slow!). To stop either game, type "q".

More infos about the MISC processor can be found at

FreeBSD-CVSweb <>