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This directory contains assembler and primitives for the 4stack
processor. Create an gforth image for the misc simulator with


This also creates the file gforth.4o for the simulator in the directory

Load this image into the simulator and run the simulator with

cd ../4stack; 4stack gforth.4o

Additonally, there are two more complex examples (two terminal games,
Sokoban and Tetris). To create the image, do the following:


include arch/misc/sokoban.fs
include arch/misc/tt.fs

in main.fs just before "include special.fs". Perform a make like above. Move the resulting gforth.4o to
gforth-games.4o, and start the simulator:

cd ../4stack
mv gforth.4o gforth-games.4o
4stack gforth-games.4o

Now type in "sokoban" <return> or "tt" <return> to play sokoban or
tetris (both run at reasonable speed on a Pentium 133). To stop either
game, type "q".

More informations about the 4stack processor, including a description
of the architecture, a user manual, a simulator, and a description of
a sample implementation in Verilog can be found in

FreeBSD-CVSweb <>