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with the source tree in which the .fi file is being built. Revised README
to reflect the current file organisation.

    1: This directory contains assembler and primitives for the 4stack
    2: processor.
    4: Information about the 4stack processor, including a description of the
    5: architecture, a user manual, a simulator, and a description of a
    6: sample implementation in Verilog can be found at:
    9: Create a gforth image for the 4stack simulator with:
   11: make
   13: This also creates the file gforth.4o for the simulator in the directory
   14: arch/4stack.
   16: Load this image into the simulator and run the simulator with:
   18: cd arch/4stack; 4stack gforth.4o
   20: Additionally, there are two more complex examples (two terminal games,
   21: Sokoban and Tetris). To create the image, add:
   23: include arch/misc/sokoban.fs
   24: include arch/misc/tt.fs
   26: in kernel/main.fs (they are commented out by default) then perform a make
   27: as above. Move the resulting gforth.4o to
   28: gforth-games.4o, and start the simulator:
   30: cd arch/4stack
   31: mv gforth.4o gforth-games.4o
   32: 4stack gforth-games.4o
   34: Now type in "sokoban" <return> or "tt" <return> to play sokoban or
   35: tetris (both run at reasonable speed on a Pentium 133). To stop either
   36: game, type "q".

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