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Fri Dec 15 01:54:08 1995 UTC (27 years, 3 months ago) by anton
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fixed many small things in and
Direct threading is now the default on Alphas.

    1: Gforth is a fast and portable implementation of the ANS Forth
    2: language. It works nicely with the Emacs editor, offers some nice
    3: features such as input completion and history and a powerful locals
    4: facility, and it even has (the beginnings of) a manual. Gforth employs
    5: traditional implementation techniques: its inner innerpreter is
    6: indirect or direct threaded.  Gforth is distributed under the GNU
    7: General Public license (see COPYING).
    9: Gforth runs under Unix and DOS and should not be hard to port to other
   10: systems supported by GCC. This version has been tested successfully on
   11: Linux (for Intel), SunOS (SPARC) and Ultrix (MIPS).
   13: Read INSTALL for installation instructions. Mail
   14: if you have problems.  To start
   15: the system, just say `gforth' (after installing it).
   17: You can find new versions of Gforth at
   20: or
   23: This site will also contain binary distributions of Gforth for some
   24: popular platforms when it has proved stable.
   26: If you want to work on Gforth, mail me. Tasks to be done can be found
   27: in ToDo; but if you would like to do something not mentioned there,
   28: it's ok, too. In any case, we would like to hear what you are
   29: doing. The most important tasks IMO are the missing ANS Forth words,
   30: the documentation and the foreign language interface for C.
   32: On popular request, here are the meanings of unusual file extensions:
   34: *.fs	Forth stream source file
   35: *.fi	Forth image files
   36: *.fb	Forth blocks file
   37: *.i	C include files
   38: *.ds	documenation source
   39: *TAGS	etags files
   41: - anton

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