Annotation of gforth/README, revision 1.1

1.1     ! anton       1: This is the current state (pre-alpha) of gforth. This is not a
        !             2: distribution for the general public, since it is not yet mature
        !             3: enough. There is no warranty of any kind; this program is
        !             4: distributed under the GNU General Public license (see COPYING).
        !             5: 
        !             6: You will probably find a Linux binary included in the package and the
        !             7: configuration set up for Linux. If you want to install it on another
        !             8: system, read INSTALL and I wish you good luck (Mail us if you have
        !             9: problems).
        !            10: 
        !            11: To start the system just say `gforth'. This gives you a pretty barren
        !            12: system. `gforth startup.fs' gives you most ANSI wordsets. If you miss
        !            13: a word, just grep for it in *.fs.
        !            14: 
        !            15: If you want to work on gforth, mail me an encrypted UNIX password
        !            16: (i.e., what you find in /etc/passwd). Tasks to be done can be found in
        !            17: ToDo; but if you would like to do something not mentioned there, it's
        !            18: ok, too. In any case, we would like to hear what you are doing. The
        !            19: most important tasks IMO are the configuartion script, the missing ANS
        !            20: Forth words (musts before the alpha release), speeding up the loading
        !            21: of startup.fs, the documentation, adding readline and the foreign
        !            22: language interface for C.
        !            23: 
        !            24: - anton

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