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Wed Oct 2 09:48:54 1996 UTC (25 years, 9 months ago) by anton
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
made path separator OS-dependent (';' for non-Unix)
renamed use-file to open-blocks
reintroduced FUZZ (for non-Unix)

    1: User-visible changes between 0.1beta and 0.2.0
    3: Improved etags support.
    4: more.fs allows output paging.
    5: Changed popen and pclose to open-pipe and close-pipe.
    6: Added form, rows, and cols.
    7: Added compat/ directory containing ANS implementations of Gforth features.
    8: added primitives EMIT-FILE, STDOUT, STDERR; EMIT and TYPE now work
    9: through file words (and are redirectable).
   10: Support architectures with buggy long longs (alpha-dec-osf).
   11: Added tiny multitasker.
   12: Size changes through the command line are passed to the image (and
   13: saved with savesystem); the preamble specifies an interpreter and is
   14: propagated by save-system.
   15: Added tables (case-sensitive wordlists)
   16: HEADER now stores the compilation wordlist in the header and REVEAL
   17: reveals into that wordlist.
   18: changed bahviour of system (no longer returns wretval, but puts it in
   19: $?)  added (system) ( c_addr u -- wretval wior ).
   20: Added the ability to combine arbitrary interpretation and compilation
   21: semantics; state-smart words were generally rewritten to use that
   22: mechanism.
   23: ' and ['] now give an error for compile-only words.
   24: added POSTPONE,.

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