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Sat Dec 14 14:33:02 1996 UTC (26 years, 1 month ago) by anton
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CVS tags: v0-2-1, HEAD
Updated NEWS

User-visible changes between 0.2.0 and 0.2.1

Bug fixes

User-visible changes between 0.1beta and 0.2.0

Portability and Installation:

Support architectures with buggy long longs (alpha-dec-osf).
Better support for DOS and other non-Unix systems.
Size changes through the command line are passed to the image (and
saved with savesystem); the preamble specifies an interpreter and is
propagated by save-system.


Improved etags support.
more.fs allows output paging.
Added compat/ directory containing ANS implementations of Gforth features.
Added tiny multitasker (tasker.fs).
Added two alternatives for object-oriented programming: oof.fs, objects.fs.
Added ans-report.fs (reports which words are used from which wordset).

New words:

Added FORM, ROWS, and COLS.
added primitives EMIT-FILE, STDOUT, STDERR.
Added TABLEs (case-sensitive wordlists).
added POSTPONE,.
Added the ability to combine arbitrary interpretation and compilation
semantics (INTERPRET/COMPILE:); state-smart words were generally
rewritten to use that mechanism.

Changes to existing words:

EMIT and TYPE now work through file words (and are redirectable).
HEADER now stores the compilation wordlist in the header and REVEAL
reveals into that wordlist.
changed behaviour of SYSTEM (no longer returns wretval, but puts it in
$?)  added (SYSTEM) ( c_addr u -- wretval wior ).
' and ['] now give an error for compile-only words.

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