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   User-visible changes between 0.6.2 and 0.6.9 (up to 2007-06-01):
     report performance and functionality problems at end of "make"  
   Bug fixes
     Now works with address-space randomization.
     The single-step debugger works again in some engines.
     Many others.
     AMD64, ARM, IA-64 (Itanium): better performance
     PPC: disassembler and assembler (32-bit)
     Gforth EC: R8C, Lego NXT (complete?)
     New flags --ignore-async-signals, --vm-commit (default overcommit)
   Forth 200x:
     extension queries (produce true for all implemented extensions)
     REQUIRED etc. (not new)
     PARSE-NAME (new name)
     deferred words (new: DEFER@ DEFER! ACTION-OF)
   Unicode support (incomplete, documentation probably not up-to-date):
     added xchars words for dealing with variable-width multi-byte characters
     provide 8bit (ISO Latin 1) and UTF-8 support for xchars
   Number prefixes:
     0x is a hex prefix: 0xff and 0XfF now produces (decimal) 255
     # is a decimal prefix: #10 now produces (decimal) 10
     ' now only handles a single (x)char: 'ab is no longer accepted, 
                                          'a' now produces (decimal) 97
   New words:
     \C C-FUNCTION (C interface)
     OUTFILE-EXECUTE INFILE-EXECUTE BASE-EXECUTE (limited change of global state)
     16-bit and 32-bit memory acces: UW@ UL@ SW@ SL@ W! L! W@ L@ /W /L
     NEXT-ARG SHIFT-ARGS (OS command-line argument processing)
     NOTHROW (for backtrace control)
     FTRUNC FMOD (undocumented)
   Improvements/changes of existing words:
     TRY...ENDTRY changed significantly, compatibility files available (see docs).
     The disassembler (DISCODE) can now use gdb to disassemble code
     Uninitialized defered words now give a warning when executed
     Division is floored (disable with "configure --enable-force-cdiv")
     Gforth (not gforth-fast) reports division by zero and overflow on division
       on all platforms.
   Newly documented words:
       K-NEXT K-INSERT K-DELETE K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 K8 K9 K10 K11 K12
       S-K1 S-K2 S-K3 S-K4 S-K5 S-K6 S-K7 S-K8 S-K9 S-K10 S-K11 S-K12
   Environment variable GFORTHSYSTEMPREFIX (used by word SYSTEM and friends)
   C interface:
     exported symbols now start with "gforth_" (for referencing them from C code)
     support for use of libffi (supplied with gcc) and
     a C-compiler-based approach (requires C compiler at run-time) (incomplete).
     depth-changes.fs: report stack depth changes during interpretation
     ans-report.fs now reports CfV extensions
     fsl-util.4th: FSL support files (undocumented)
     regexp.fs for regular expressions (undocumented)
     complex.fs for complex numbers (undocumented)
     fft.fs for Fast Fourier Transform (undocumented)
     wf.fs, a Wiki implementation (undocumented)
     httpd.fs, a web server (undocumented)
     status.fs, show interpreter status in separate xterm (undocumented)
     profile.fs for profiling (undocumented, incomplete)
     endtry-iferror.fs, recover-endtry.fs to ease the TRY change transition
    compat library:
   Speed improvements:
     static stack caching (good speedup on PPC)
     mixed-precision division is now faster
     support for int128 types on AMD64
     workarounds for gcc performance bugs (in particular, PR 15242)
 User-visible changes between 0.6.1 and 0.6.2:  User-visible changes between 0.6.1 and 0.6.2:
 bugfixes (in particular, gforth-0.6.2 compiles with gcc-3.3)  Bug fixes (in particular, gforth-0.6.2 compiles with gcc-3.3)
   New words: LATEST, LATESTXT (LASTXT deprecated)
   Operating environment: Added optional support for a C interface built
     on the ffcall libraries (more portable and powerful than the old
     one, but still not documented).  To use it, the ffcall libraries
     have to be installed before building Gforth (see INSTALL).
   Miscellaneous: Gforth-fast now uses static superinstructions (some
     speedup on some platforms); generally this is transparent (apart
     from the speedup), but there are lots of command-line options for
     controlling the static superinstruction generation.
 User-visible changes between 0.6.0 and 0.6.1:  User-visible changes between 0.6.0 and 0.6.1:
Line 228  $?)  added (SYSTEM) ( c_addr u -- wretva Line 315  $?)  added (SYSTEM) ( c_addr u -- wretva
 ' and ['] now give an error for compile-only words.  ' and ['] now give an error for compile-only words.
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