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Mon Mar 22 17:08:06 2010 UTC (13 years ago) by anton
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CVS tags: HEAD
added ARM disassembler (contributed by Andreas Bolka)
some fixes in the ARM assembler (contributed by Andreas Bolka)
ARM assembler and disassembler are now distributed
FCOPYSIGN now works with the strangely ordered floats on ARM

#Makefile for Gforth

#Copyright (C) 1995,1996,1997,1998,2000,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

#This file is part of Gforth.

#Gforth is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
#modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
#as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3
#of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

#This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#GNU General Public License for more details.

#You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
#along with this program. If not, see

# To change the values of `make' variables: instead of editing Makefiles,
# (1) if the variable is set in `config.status', edit `config.status'
#     (which will cause the Makefiles to be regenerated when you run `make');
# (2) otherwise, pass the desired values on the `make' command line.

# Warning:
# For some stupid reason setting SHELL to bash does not work properly with
# DOS. If you want to use shell-specific things that must run with DOS make
# an external batch file and call it with bash (see versions.bsh).

# ------------- gforth version

DOSVERSION=`echo $(VERSION)|sed 's/\.//g'|sed 's/-.*//g'`

# -------------	System specific variables	


# this is the type of machine
# used to extend the include path with ./arch/$machine
# so we can include a machine specific 
# machine.h file


EC = @EC@

# -------------	Utility programs

SHELL	= /bin/sh
RM	= rm
RMTREE	= rm -rf
CP	= cp -p
MV	= mv
TAR	= tar cf -
LN_S	= @LN_S@
M4      = @M4@
GCC	= @CC@
EMACS   = emacs
PREFORTH	= ./preforth -p ".$(PATHSEP)~+$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir)"
CC	= $(GCC)
FORTHPATH = .$(PATHSEP)$(libdir)/gforth/site-forth$(PATHSEP)$(siteforthdir)$(PATHSEP)$(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION)$(PATHSEP)$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION)
FORTH_ARGS = --die-on-signal $(FORTHS_ARGS)
ENGINE = ./gforth
# the (existing) forth system to use for cross compiling and primitives tables
# per default we use the one in this directory for a rebuild. It is also
# possible to override this variable at the command line for an initial build (jaw)
BUILDFORTH = $(ENGINE) --die-on-signal -m 4M -p ".$(PATHSEP)~+$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir)" -i $(kernel_fi)
# the forth system plus flags we use to build
FORTHB = $(BUILDFORTH) exboot.fs -e 'fpath= .|~+|$(srcdir)'
# the Forth system for running prims2x.fs
ENGINE_FAST = ./gforth-fast
FORTHKFLAGS= --die-on-signal -p ".$(PATHSEP)~+$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir)" -i $(kernel_fi)
#FORTHP	= $(ENGINE) --die-on-signal -i ./$(kernel_fi)
#the "-2 image-included-files +!" undoes the change to image-included-files
# in exboot.fs
STARTUP	= exboot.fs startup.fs @asm_fs@ @disasm_fs@
STRIP	= strip
DVI2PS	= dvips -t letterSize -Z
#you can get texi2html from
MAKEINFO = makeinfo
TEXI2HTML = texi2html

# -------------	Compiler Flags

ENGINE_FLAGS = @ENGINE_FLAGS@ -fno-defer-pop -fcaller-saves
CFLAGS	= $(DEBUGFLAG) -I$(srcdir)/engine -I$(srcdir)/arch/$(machine) -O3 -Wall $(SWITCHES) -DDEFAULTPATH='"$(FORTHPATH)"'

#John Wavrik should use -Xlinker -N to get a writable text (executable)


# ------------	Install Directories

VPATH = @srcdir@
prefix = @prefix@
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@
srcdir = @srcdir@
bindir = @bindir@
#read-only architecture-independent files
datarootdir = @datarootdir@
datadir = @datadir@
#read-only architecture-dependent non-ascii files
libdir = @libdir@
libccdir = $(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION)/libcc-named/
includedir = @includedir@
infodir = @infodir@
htmldir = @htmldir@
mandir = @mandir@
man1dir= $(mandir)/man1
man1ext= .1
#older emacses have their site-lisp in $(libdir)/emacs/


INSTALLDIRS = kernel doc asm ec test \
	compat unix \
	arch arch/generic arch/m68k arch/mips \
	arch/386 arch/hppa arch/sparc arch/power \
	arch/alpha arch/4stack arch/misc arch/6502 \
	arch/8086 arch/avr arch/c165 arch/h8 \
	arch/shboom arch/sharc arch/ia64 arch/amd64 \
	arch/arm arch/r8c

INCLUDES = engine/forth.h engine/threaded.h engine/io.h engine/longlong.h

	mach16b.fs mach16l.fs mach32b.fs mach32l.fs mach64b.fs mach64l.fs \ \
	kernel/aliases0.fs \
	kernel/aliases.fs \
	kernel/args.fs \
	kernel/cbr.fs \
	kernel/cloop.fs \
	kernel/cond.fs \
	kernel/cond-old.fs \
	cross.fs \
	kernel/errore.fs \
	kernel/files.fs \
	kernel/require.fs \
	kernel/paths.fs \
	kernel/kernel.fs \
	kernel/main.fs \
	kernel/prim0.fs \
	search.fs \
	kernel/quotes.fs \
	kernel/tools.fs \
	kernel/toolsext.fs \
	kernel/vars.fs \
	kernel/accept.fs \
	kernel/basics.fs \
	kernel/int.fs \
	kernel/comp.fs \
	kernel/io.fs \
	kernel/input.fs \
	kernel/license.fs \
	kernel/nio.fs \
	kernel/saccept.fs \
	kernel/doers.fs \
	kernel/getdoers.fs \
	kernel/pass.fs \

EC_SRC = \
	asm/README \
	asm/bitmask.fs \
	asm/numref.fs \
	chains.fs \
	asm/basic.fs \
	asm/generic.fs \
	asm/target.fs \
	ec/README \
	ec/mirror.fs \
	ec/shex.fs \
	ec/builttag.fs \
	ec/dotx.fs \
	ec/nesting.fs \

	assert.fs \
	backtrac.fs \
	blocked.fb \
	blocks.fs \
	bufio.fs \
	code.fs \
	debug.fs \
	debugs.fs \
	dis-gdb.fs \
	ekey.fs \
	envos.fs \
	savesys.fs \
	environ.fs \
	errors.fs \
	exboot.fs \
	except.fs \
	extend.fs \
	float.fs \
	glocals.fs \
	hash.fs \
	history.fs \
	intcomp.fs \
	mkdir.fs \
	libcc.fs \
	locals.fs \
	look.fs \
	mkdir.fs \
	prelude.fs \
	quotes.fs \
	search.fs \
	see.fs \
	see-ext.fs \
	simp-see.fs \
	source.fs \
	startup.fs \
	struct.fs \
	struct0x.fs \
	stuff.fs \
	tasker.fs \
	termsize.fs \
	utf-8.fs \
	vt100.fs \
	vt100key.fs \
	wordinfo.fs \
	arch/386/asm.fs arch/386/disasm.fs \
	arch/amd64/asm.fs arch/amd64/disasm.fs \
	arch/alpha/asm.fs arch/alpha/disasm.fs arch/alpha/testasm.fs\
	arch/arm/asm.fs arch/arm/disasm.fs \
	arch/arm/testdisasm.fs arch/arm/testdisasm.out arch/arm/Makefile \
	arch/mips/asm.fs arch/mips/disasm.fs arch/mips/insts.fs \
	arch/mips/testasm.fs arch/mips/testdisasm.fs \
	arch/power/asm.fs arch/power/disasm.fs arch/power/inst.fs

LIBCC_SRC = cstr.fs unix/socket.fs

LIBCC_DIST_SRC = libffi.fs fflib.fs $(LIBCC_SRC)


	ans-report.fs ansi.fs answords.fs \
	colorize.fs comp-i.fs complex.fs \
	depth-changes.fs dosekey.fs doskey.fs ds2texi.fs \
	envos.dos envos.os2 etags.fs fft.fs filedump.fs fi2c.fs \
	fsl-util.4th glosgen.fs gray.fs httpd.fs install-tags.fs \
	make-app.fs doc/makedoc.fs locate.fs more.fs onebench.fs \
	other.fs prims2x.fs prims2x0.6.2.fs proxy.fs random.fs \
	regexp.fs sokoban.fs string.fs table.fs tags.fs \
	tt.fs \
	unbuffer.fs wordsets.fs xwords.fs \
	test/tester.fs test/ttester.fs \
	test/coretest.fs test/postpone.fs test/dbltest.fs \
	test/string.fs test/float.fs test/search.fs test/gforth.fs \
	test/other.fs test/signals.fs test/checkans.fs \
	test/primtest.fs test/coreext.fs test/deferred.fs \
	test/coremore.fs test/gforth-nofast.fs test/libcc.fs \
	test/macros.fs \
	bubble.fs siev.fs matrix.fs fib.fs \
	oof.fs oofsampl.fs objects.fs objexamp.fs mini-oof.fs moof-exm.fs \
	moofglos.fs fixpath.fs \
	add.fs lib.fs oldlib.fs sieve.fs \
	endtry-iferror.fs recover-endtry.fs

COMPAT = compat/README \
	compat/anslocal.fs \
	compat/assert.fs \
	compat/control.fs \
	compat/defer.fs \
	compat/exception.fs \
	compat/execute-parsing.fs \
	compat/loops.fs \
	compat/macros.fs \
	compat/required.fs \
	compat/strcomp.fs \
	compat/struct.fs \

GFORTH_TEXI =  doc/gforth.texi doc/version.texi

VMGEN_TEXI = doc/vmgen.texi doc/version.texi doc/fdl.texi


	arch/generic/machine.h \
	arch/m68k/machine.h \
	arch/mips/machine.h \
	arch/386/machine.h \
	arch/hppa/machine.h \
	arch/hppa/cache.c \
	arch/sparc/machine.h \
	arch/power/machine.h \
	arch/power/_sync_cache_range.c \
	arch/alpha/machine.h \
	arch/arm/machine.h \
	arch/arm/cacheflush0.c \
	arch/arm/cacheflush-linux.c \
	arch/ia64/machine.h \
	arch/ia64/flush_icache_block.c \
	arch/amd64/machine.h \
	arch/4stack/README \
	arch/4stack/asm.fs \
	arch/4stack/mach.fs \
	arch/4stack/prim.fs \
	arch/4stack/ \
	arch/4stack/relocate.fs \
	arch/misc/README \
	arch/misc/asm.fs \
	arch/misc/mach.fs \
	arch/misc/optcmove.fs \
	arch/misc/prim.fs \
	arch/misc/sim.fs \
	arch/misc/sokoban.fs \
	arch/misc/tt.fs \
	arch/6502/prim.fs \
	arch/6502/mach.fs \
	arch/shboom/asm.fs \
	arch/shboom/compiler.fs \
	arch/shboom/dis.fs \
	arch/shboom/mach.fs \
	arch/shboom/prim.fs \
	arch/shboom/dis2.fs \
	arch/shboom/sh.p \
	arch/shboom/doers.fs \
	arch/sharc/mach.fs \
	arch/sharc/machine.h \
	arch/sharc/compile.sharc \
	arch/sharc/systypes.h \
	arch/sharc/types.h \
	arch/sharc/g21k-3.3.4-bp1.diff \
	arch/r8c/asm.fs \
	arch/r8c/mach.fs \
	arch/r8c/errors.fs \
	arch/r8c/prim.fs \
	arch/r8c/asm-test.fs \
	arch/r8c/errors.fs \
	arch/r8c/lauflicht.fs \
	arch/r8c/tasker.fs \
	arch/r8c/terminal.fs \

#not included in distribution until distribution terms are included:
	arch/6502/asm.fs \
	arch/6502/cold.fs \
	arch/6502/softuart.fs \
	arch/6502/zero.fs \
	arch/8086/asm.fs \
	arch/8086/mach.fs \
	arch/8086/ \
	arch/8086/prim.fs \
	arch/avr/asm.fs \
	arch/c165/asm.fs \
	arch/c165/mach.fs \
	arch/c165/prim.fs \
	arch/h8/asm.fs \

VMGEN_EX = vmgen-ex/Makefile vmgen-ex/README vmgen-ex/disasm.c \
	vmgen-ex/engine.c vmgen-ex/ \
	vmgen-ex/mini-inst.vmg vmgen-ex/mini-super.vmg vmgen-ex/mini.h \
	vmgen-ex/mini.l vmgen-ex/mini.y vmgen-ex/peephole-blacklist \
	vmgen-ex/peephole.c vmgen-ex/profile.c vmgen-ex/seq2rule.awk \
	vmgen-ex/ vmgen-ex/stat.awk vmgen-ex/support.c \
	vmgen-ex/ vmgen-ex/test.out

VMGEN_EX2 = $(VMGEN_EX:vmgen-ex/%=vmgen-ex2/%)

ENGINE_SOURCES = engine/ engine/ \
	engine/engine.c engine/main.c \
	engine/io.c engine/support.c engine/signals.c engine/ \
	engine/profile.c engine/128bit.h \
	engine/getopt.c engine/getopt1.c engine/getopt.h engine/select.c \
	engine/ecvt.c engine/memcmp.c engine/rint.c \
	engine/strtol.c engine/strtoul.c \
	engine/ansidecl.h engine/memmove.c \
	engine/pow10.c engine/atanh.c engine/cleanalign.c \
	engine/strerror.c engine/strsignal.c engine/dblsub.c \
	engine/fnmatch.h engine/fnmatch.c \
	engine/makefile.dos engine/makefile.os2

SOURCES	= $(ENGINE_SOURCES) compat \ gfgen README.vmgen NEWS.vmgen \ configure config.sub config.guess \
	elisp-comp missing \ install-sh INSTALL INSTALL.BINDIST NEWS README ToDo BUGS \
	doc/gforth.ds doc/gforth.1 doc/ \
	doc/vmgen.texi doc/fdl.texi doc/gpl.texi \
	gforth.el \
	$(ARCHS) \
	INSTALL.DOS makefile.dos mkdosmf.sed config.bat \
	dosconf.h gforthmi.bat mkinstalldirs siteinit.fs \
	versions.bsh \
	configure.cmd mkos2mf.sed os2conf.h makefile.os2 \
	gforthmi.cmd glosgen.glo doc/glossaries.doc \
	test/coretest.out test/checkans.out test/gforth.out \
	cache*.vmg peeprules.vmg prim

RCS_FILES =  ToDo model high-level

ENGINES = gforth$(EC)$(EXE) @NO_EC@ gforth-ditc$(EC)$(EXE) gforth-itc$(EC)$(EXE) $(PROFEXES)

ENGINES_FAST = @NO_EC@ gforth-fast$(OPT)$(EC)$(EXE) #gforth-native$(OPT)$(EC)$(EXE) 

GEN = $(ENGINES) $(ENGINES_FAST) gforth.elc

# things that need a working forth system to be generated
FORTH_GEN_ENGINE=engine/prim.i engine/prim_lab.i engine/prim_names.i \
	engine/prim_superend.i engine/profile.i \
	engine/prim_num.i engine/prim_grp.i \
	engine/costs.i engine/super2.i
	engine/prim-fast.i engine/prim_lab-fast.i engine/prim_names-fast.i \
	engine/prim_superend-fast.i engine/profile-fast.i \
	engine/prim_num-fast.i engine/prim_grp-fast.i \
	engine/costs-fast.i engine/super2-fast.i
FORTH_GEN_PRIMB = $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE) kernel/aliases.fs kernel/prim.fs
# this is used for antidependences,
FORTH_GEN1 = $(FORTH_GEN0) @kernel_fi@ build-ec

#kernel dependencies
KERN_DEPS = $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs machpc.fs $(FORTH_GEN0) compat/strcomp.fs

#distributed documentation
DOCDIST = doc/ doc/* doc/ \
	  doc/ doc/

BKERNLS = kernl16b$(EC).fi kernl16l$(EC).fi \
	  kernl32b$(EC).fi kernl32l$(EC).fi \
	  kernl64b$(EC).fi kernl64l$(EC).fi

KERNLS = kernl16b$(EC).fi- kernl16l$(EC).fi- \
	 kernl32b$(EC).fi- kernl32l$(EC).fi- \
	 kernl64b$(EC).fi- kernl64l$(EC).fi-

# -------------        Make forth images
	doc/gforth.texi doc/gforth.dvi doc/ \
	doc/vmgen.dvi doc/ \
	Makefile Makedist engine/Makefile configure recommends this:
.SUFFIXES: .c .o

all: kernel/version.fs more @NO_EC@ check

# use this dependency for phony targets just as mostlyclean,...

#targets of failed commands should be deleted:

#this rule avoids remaking everything after minor changes in
		if test -r $@ && test x'$(VERSION)' = x`cat $@` ; then true ; else echo $(VERSION) > $@ ; fi

# With dos we use normal dos echo
# we cannot pipe the output to engine/version.h directly because
# of the "/ and \" problem. Copying works because we use the
# shell und file utilities.

kernel/version.fs:	version
	echo ": version-string s\" $(VERSION)\" ;" > kernel/version.fs

more:	$(ENGINES) $(FORTH_GEN) $(GEN) @build_libcc_named@

#from the gcc Makefile: 
#"Deletion of files made during compilation.
# There are four levels of this:
#   `mostlyclean', `clean', `distclean' and `realclean'.
# `mostlyclean' is useful while working on a particular type of machine.
# It deletes most, but not all, of the files made by compilation.
# It does not delete libgcc.a or its parts, so it won't have to be recompiled.
# `clean' deletes everything made by running `make all'.
# `distclean' also deletes the files made by config.
# `realclean' also deletes everything that could be regenerated automatically."

mostlyclean:	FORCE
		-$(RM) -rf engine/*.s *.fi~ *.fi- kernel/version.fs \
		*TAGS gforth~ \
		doc/crossdoc.fd doc/doc.fd doc/gforth.texi doc/gforth.fns \
		doc/gforth.aux doc/gforth.cp doc/gforth.cps \
		doc/gforth.dvi doc/gforth.fn doc/ doc/gforth.log \
		doc/ \
		doc/gforth.toc doc/ doc/gforth.vr html \

# Just the stuff needed to rebuild the documentation nac03feb1999
docclean:	FORCE
		-$(RM) -rf doc/crossdoc.fd doc/doc.fd doc/gforth.texi doc/gforth.fns \
		doc/gforth.aux doc/gforth.cp doc/gforth.cps \
		doc/gforth.dvi doc/gforth.fn doc/ doc/gforth.log \
		doc/ \
		doc/gforth.toc doc/ doc/gforth.vr html

clean:		mostlyclean
	-$(RM) -rf $(GEN) *.o engine/*.o arch/*/*.o version \
	gforth-itc-noll$(EC)$(EXE)  engine/gforth-itc-noll$(EC)$(EXE)  \
	gforth-ditc-noll$(EC)$(EXE) engine/gforth-ditc-noll$(EC)$(EXE) \
	gforth-prof-noll$(EC)$(EXE) engine/gforth-prof-noll$(EC)$(EXE) \
	for i in gforth gforth-fast gforth-native; do for j in $(OPTS); do rm -f engine/$$i$${j}$(EC)$(EXE) $$i$${j}$(EC)$(EXE); done; done

distclean:	clean
		-$(RM) -rf config.cache config.log config.status \
		engine/config.h Makefile Makedist engine/Makefile \
		stamp-h engine/stamp-h \
		doc/version.texi gforthmi vmgen preforth \
		prim-fast.b $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE_FAST)

#realclean is useless, but dangerous, so it's commented out
realclean:	distclean
		-$(RM) -rf $(GEN_PRECIOUS) `cat .cvsignore`

#mostlyclean, but also remove some of the stuff that is distributed
virtualclean:	mostlyclean
		-$(RM) -rf gforth.fns gforth.texi* \
		gforth-$(VERSION).tar.gz config.cache *~ */*~

maintainer-clean: realclean

#Some makes (Ultrix, SunOS, IRIX) are so broken, they cannot read the
#Makefile if it contains our dist rules.  Therefore we have put these
#rules in Makedist (you can use them with GNU make on these systems).

dist:		Makedist FORCE
		$(MAKE) -f Makedist d$@

dosdist:	Makedist FORCE
		$(MAKE) -f Makedist d$@

srcdist:	Makedist FORCE
		$(MAKE) -f Makedist d$@

srconlydist:	Makedist FORCE
		$(MAKE) -f Makedist d$@

docdist:	Makedist FORCE
		$(MAKE) -f Makedist d$@

htmldist:	Makedist FORCE
		$(MAKE) -f Makedist d$@

bindist:	Makedist FORCE
		$(MAKE) -f Makedist d$@

binonlydist:	Makedist FORCE
		$(MAKE) -f Makedist d$@

#HPUX make breaks the cycle differently when the dates are equal, so
# touch some of the files if it acts up

#strip gforth, because the debugging stuff is hardly useful once
# gforth manages to execute more than a few primitives.

#install does not depend on, because that would require
#supplying a lot of files that can be easily generated (only info is
#hard to generate).
#we rebuild, because it contains some path names.
#we delete $build/ and $build/install.TAGS after installation because of ownership.
install:	gforth$(EC)$(EXE) $(FORTH_SRC) $(kernel_fi) gforthmi vmgen doc/gforth.1 prim install.TAGS installdirs
		touch $(DESTDIR)$(siteforthdir)/siteinit.fs
		-$(RM) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforthmi $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/vmgen
		-$(RM) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-fast$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-fast-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE)
		-$(RM) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-itc$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-itc-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE)
		$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) gforth$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE)
		-$(MASSAGE_EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE)
		(cd $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) && $(LN_S) gforth-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE) gforth$(EC)$(EXE))
		$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) gforth-fast$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-fast-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE)
		-$(MASSAGE_EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-fast-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE)
		(cd $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) && $(LN_S) gforth-fast-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE) gforth-fast$(EC)$(EXE))
		$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) gforth-itc$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-itc-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE)
		(cd $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) && $(LN_S) gforth-itc-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE) gforth-itc$(EC)$(EXE))
		$(INSTALL_SCRIPT) gforthmi $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforthmi-$(VERSION)
		$(INSTALL_SCRIPT) vmgen $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/vmgen-$(VERSION)
		$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) gforth-ditc $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION)
		(cd $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) && $(LN_S) gforthmi-$(VERSION) gforthmi)
		(cd $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) && $(LN_S) vmgen-$(VERSION) vmgen)
		-$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/doc/gforth.1 $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)
		-for i in $(srcdir)/doc/* $(srcdir)/doc/*; do $(INSTALL_DATA) $$i $(DESTDIR)$(infodir); done
		for i in $(FORTH_SRC) $(COMPAT) prim; do \
			$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/$$i $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION)/$$i; \
		$(INSTALL_DATA) $(kernel_fi) $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION)
		@if test -d "$(DESTDIR)$(emacssitelispdir)"; then \
			$(INSTALL_DATA) gforth.el $(DESTDIR)$(emacssitelispdir); \
			$(INSTALL_DATA) gforth.elc $(DESTDIR)$(emacssitelispdir); \
		else \
			echo '>>>>>Please install gforth.{el,elc} in your .../emacs/site-lisp directory'; \
		GFORTHD="./gforth-ditc -p $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/gforth/site-forth$(PATHSEP)$(DESTDIR)$(siteforthdir)$(PATHSEP)$(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION) -i $(kernel_fi)" GFORTH="./gforth-ditc -p $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/gforth/site-forth$(PATHSEP)$(DESTDIR)$(siteforthdir)$(PATHSEP)$(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION) --die-on-signal -i $(kernel_fi) $(STARTUP)" includedir=$(includedir) bindir=$(bindir) libccdir=$(libccdir) GFORTHPATH=.:"$$GFORTHPATH" GFORTHDESTDIR="$(DESTDIR)" ./gforthmi $(FORTHSIZES) $(STARTUP)
		$(INSTALL_DATA) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION)
		$(INSTALL_DATA) install.TAGS $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION)/TAGS
		$(RM) install.TAGS
		$(INSTALL_DATA) include/gforth/$(VERSION)/* $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/gforth/$(VERSION)
		if test -n "$(LIBTOOL)"; then for i in $(LIBCC_BUILD_SRC); do \
		   $(LIBTOOL) --silent --mode=install $(INSTALL) lib/gforth/$(VERSION)/libcc-named/`basename $$i .fs`.la $(DESTDIR)$(libccdir)`basename $$i .fs`.la; \
		done; fi
		$(INSTALL_INFO) --info-dir=$(DESTDIR)$(infodir) $(DESTDIR)$(infodir)/
		$(INSTALL_INFO) --info-dir=$(DESTDIR)$(infodir) $(DESTDIR)$(infodir)/

install-strip:	install

installdirs:	mkinstalldirs
		for i in $(bindir) $(man1dir) $(infodir) $(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION) $(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION) $(libdir)/gforth/site-forth $(siteforthdir) $(includedir)/gforth/$(VERSION) $(libccdir); do \
			$(srcdir)/mkinstalldirs $(DESTDIR)$$i; \
		for i in $(INSTALLDIRS); do \
			$(srcdir)/mkinstalldirs $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION)/$$i; \

#deinstall all files specific to this version of gforth
#to uninstall version foo, type `make uninstall VERSION=foo'
uninstall:	FORCE
		-$(RM) -rf $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION) $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-fast-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-itc-$(VERSION)$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforthmi-$(VERSION) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/vmgen-$(VERSION) $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/gforth/$(VERSION)
		@echo -e "To remove Gforth completely, type\n$(RM) -rf $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-fast$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforth-itc$(EC)$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gforthmi $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/vmgen $(DESTDIR)$(man1dir)/gforth.1 $(DESTDIR)$(infodir)/* $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/gforth $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/gforth"

build-libcc-named: $(LIBCC_BUILD_SRC) $(FORTH_GEN) $(GEN) FORCE
		$(RMTREE) lib/gforth/$(VERSION)/libcc-named/
		for i in $(LIBCC_BUILD_SRC); do ./gforth -e "s\" `pwd`/lib/gforth/$(VERSION)/libcc-named/\" libcc-named-dir-v 2! libcc-path clear-path libcc-named-dir libcc-path also-path :noname 2drop s\" $(libccdir)\" ; is replace-rpath" $(srcdir)/$$i -e bye; done

check:		gforths 
		$(MAKE) checkone check-nofast ENGINE="./gforth --no-dynamic" >/dev/null 2>&1
		$(MAKE) checkone check-nofast ENGINE="./gforth-itc" >/dev/null 2>&1
		$(MAKE) checkone check-nofast ENGINE="./gforth-ditc" >/dev/null 2>&1
		$(MAKE) checkone ENGINE="./gforth-fast --no-dynamic" >/dev/null 2>&1
		$(MAKE) checkone check-nofast ENGINE="./gforth" >/dev/null 2>&1
		$(MAKE) checkone ENGINE="./gforth-fast" >/dev/null 2>&1
		@echo "*** Check successful ***"
		./gforth-fast --diag -e bye

checkone test: engine/prim-s.i
		$(FORTH) test/tester.fs test/coretest.fs test/postpone.fs test/dbltest.fs test/string.fs test/float.fs test/deferred.fs test/coreext.fs test/search.fs -e bye 2>&1 | tr -d '\015' | diff -c - $(srcdir)/test/coretest.out
		$(FORTH) test/other.fs -e bye
		$(FORTHS) test/signals.fs -e bye
		$(FORTHS) test/coremore.fs test/gforth.fs test/macros.fs -e bye 2>&1 | tr -d '\015' | diff -c - $(srcdir)/test/gforth.out
		$(FORTH) code.fs test/checkans.fs -e bye | tr -d '\015' | diff -c - $(srcdir)/test/checkans.out
		$(FORTH) prims2x.fs -e \
		  "c-flag on s\" prim.i\" out-filename 2! s\" $(srcdir)/prim.b\" ' output-c ' output-c-combined process-file bye"| \
		  tr -d '\015' | grep -v '^#line '|diff -c - engine/prim-s.i

		$(FORTHS) test/gforth-nofast.fs -e bye

test/ test/primtest.fs mach32l.fs cross.fs
		$(FORTHB) -e 's" mach32l.fs"' $(srcdir)/test/primtest.fs -e "save-cross $@ $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"

primtest:	gforth gforth-native test/ FORCE
		(echo rs|ENVVAR=bla ./gforth -i test/ && (echo rs|ENVVAR=bla ./gforth-native -i test/; echo $$?

bench:		gforth-fast$(EC)$(EXE)
		@echo 'Each benchmark takes about 30s on a 486-66 (gcc-2.6.3 -DFORCE_REG)'
		time $(FORTH_FAST) siev.fs -e "main bye"
		time $(FORTH_FAST) bubble.fs -e "main bye"
		time $(FORTH_FAST) matrix.fs -e "main bye"
		time $(FORTH_FAST) fib.fs -e "main bye"

onebench one-bench:
	$(FORTH_FAST) onebench.fs

all-bench allbench:
	./gforth-fast --dynamic onebench.fs
	./gforth-fast --no-dynamic onebench.fs
	./gforth --dynamic onebench.fs
	./gforth --no-dynamic onebench.fs
	./gforth-itc onebench.fs
	./gforth-ditc onebench.fs

# -------------	Make forth images

# How to make new images:
# 1. Produce an image called
#    the original is not touched because it's needed for creation
# 2. copy old to
#    that's a backup copy in case the new kernels don't work
# 3. copy new kernels to
#    these are the ones we want to use now

kernl16l$(EC).fi-:	$(KERN_DEPS) mach16l.fs
		$(PREFORTH) -e 's" mach16l.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl16l$(EC).fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"

kernl16b$(EC).fi-:	$(KERN_DEPS) mach16b.fs
		$(PREFORTH) -e 's" mach16b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl16b$(EC).fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"

kernl32l$(EC).fi-:	$(KERN_DEPS) mach32l.fs
		$(PREFORTH) -e 's" mach32l.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl32l$(EC).fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"

kernl32b$(EC).fi-:	$(KERN_DEPS) mach32b.fs
		$(PREFORTH) -e 's" mach32b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl32b$(EC).fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"

kernl64l$(EC).fi-:	$(KERN_DEPS) mach64l.fs
		$(PREFORTH) -e 's" mach64l.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl64l$(EC).fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"

kernl64b$(EC).fi-:	$(KERN_DEPS) mach64b.fs
		$(PREFORTH) -e 's" mach64b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl64b$(EC).fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"

#Solaris make does not like that:	arch/%/mach.fs arch/%/prim.fs arch/%/asm.fs $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)
@GNUMAKE@		$(PREFORTH) -e 's" $<"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross $@- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"
@GNUMAKE@		if [ -f `echo $< | sed s/fs/sh/` ]; \
@GNUMAKE@		then sh `echo $< | sed s/fs/sh/` $@; \
@GNUMAKE@		else $(CP) $@- $@; \

#SunOS make does not like that
#arch/%/mach.fs:	arch/%/prim.fs arch/%/asm.fs

kernl16b$(EC).fi:	$(KERNLS)
		-$(CP) kernl16b$(EC).fi kernl16b$(EC).fi~
		-$(CP) kernl16b$(EC).fi- kernl16b$(EC).fi

kernl16l$(EC).fi:	$(KERNLS)
		-$(CP) kernl16l$(EC).fi kernl16l$(EC).fi~
		-$(CP) kernl16l$(EC).fi- kernl16l$(EC).fi

kernl32b$(EC).fi:	$(KERNLS)
		-$(CP) kernl32b$(EC).fi kernl32b$(EC).fi~
		-$(CP) kernl32b$(EC).fi- kernl32b$(EC).fi

kernl32l$(EC).fi:	$(KERNLS)
		-$(CP) kernl32l$(EC).fi kernl32l$(EC).fi~
		-$(CP) kernl32l$(EC).fi- kernl32l$(EC).fi

kernl64b$(EC).fi:	$(KERNLS)
		-$(CP) kernl64b$(EC).fi kernl64b$(EC).fi~
		-$(CP) kernl64b$(EC).fi- kernl64b$(EC).fi

kernl64l$(EC).fi:	$(KERNLS)
		-$(CP) kernl64l$(EC).fi kernl64l$(EC).fi~
		-$(CP) kernl64l$(EC).fi- kernl64l$(EC).fi $(KERNLS)
#		-$(CP) $@ $@~
#		-$(CP) $< $@	$(kernel_fi) gforthmi gforth-ditc$(EC)$(EXE) $(GFORTH_FI_SRC) comp-i.fs
		GFORTHD="./gforth-ditc -p .$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir)" GFORTH="./gforth-ditc --die-on-signal -p .$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir) -i $(kernel_fi) $(STARTUP)" includedir=`pwd`/include bindir=`pwd` libccdir=`pwd`/lib/gforth/$(VERSION)/libcc-named/ ./gforthmi $(FORTHSIZES) $(FORTHKFLAGS) $(STARTUP)

# -------------	Make c-engine

prim.b:		prim cache0.vmg
		(cd $(srcdir) && $(M4) -Dcondbranch_opt=0 prim) >$@
		sleep 1 #should make hpux-workaround unnecessary

prim-fast.b:	prim cache-fast$(STACK_CACHE_DEFAULT_FAST).vmg cache-regs$(STACK_CACHE_REGS).vmg peeprules.vmg Makefile
		(cd $(srcdir) && $(M4) -Dcondbranch_opt=@condbranch_opt@ -DSTACK_CACHE_FILE=cache-fast$(STACK_CACHE_DEFAULT_FAST).vmg -DSTACK_CACHE_REGS=cache-regs$(STACK_CACHE_REGS).vmg prim) >$@
		sleep 1 #should make hpux-workaround unnecessary

$(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE_FAST): prim-fast.b prims2x.fs
		GFORTH="$(PREFORTH)" $(srcdir)/gfgen -fast

$(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE): prim.b prims2x.fs
		GFORTH="$(PREFORTH)" $(srcdir)/gfgen

engine/prim-s.i: engine/prim.i
	grep -v '^#line ' $(srcdir)/engine/prim.i >$@

kernel/aliases.fs:	prim.b prims2x.fs kernel/aliases0.fs
		$(CP) kernel/aliases0.fs $@-
		$(PREFORTH) prims2x.fs -e "forth-flag on s\" prim.b\" ' output-alias ' noop process-file bye" >>$@-
		$(CP) $@- $@
		$(RM) $@-

kernel/prim.fs:	prim.b prims2x.fs kernel/prim0.fs
		$(CP) kernel/prim0.fs kernel/prim.fs-
		$(PREFORTH) prims2x.fs -e "forth-flag on s\" prim.b\" ' output-forth ' output-forth-combined process-file bye" >>$@-
		$(CP) $@- $@
		$(RM) $@-



gforth$(OPT)$(EC)$(EXE): $(ENGINE_SOURCES) $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE) engine/config.h @kernel_anti_dependence@
	if test -z "$(OPT)"; then \
		for i in $(OPTS); do $(MAKE) optgforth OPT=$$i && $(CP) gforth$${i}$(EC)$(EXE) $@ && break; done; \
	else \
		( cd engine && $(MAKE) $@ ) && \
		$(CP) engine/$@ $@ && \
		$(MASSAGE_EXE) $@; \
		@NO_EC@ $(MAKE) checkone check-nofast ENGINE=./engine/$@; \

	$(MAKE) gforth$(OPT)$(EC)$(EXE) $(MAKELINE$(OPT))

gforth-fast$(OPT)$(EC)$(EXE): $(ENGINE_SOURCES) $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE_FAST) engine/config.h
	if test -z "$(OPT)"; then \
		for i in $(OPTS); do $(MAKE) optgforth-fast OPT=$$i && $(CP) gforth-fast$${i}$(EC)$(EXE) $@ && break; done; \
	else \
		( cd engine && $(MAKE) $@ ) && \
		$(CP) engine/$@ $@ && \
		$(MASSAGE_EXE) $@; \
		@NO_EC@ $(MAKE) checkone ENGINE=./engine/$@; \

	$(MAKE) gforth-fast$(OPT)$(EC)$(EXE) $(MAKELINE$(OPT))

gforth-native$(OPT)$(EC)$(EXE):	engines-fast
		$(CP) engine/$@ $@
		-$(MASSAGE_EXE) $@

gforth-itc$(EC)$(EXE): $(ENGINE_SOURCES) $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE) engine/Makefile engine/config.h
		cd engine && $(MAKE) gforth-itc-noll$(EC)$(EXE) $(MAKELINE-noll)
		$(CP) engine/gforth-itc-noll$(EC)$(EXE) $@

gforth-ditc$(EC)$(EXE): $(ENGINE_SOURCES) $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE) engine/Makefile engine/config.h
		cd engine && $(MAKE) gforth-ditc-noll$(EC)$(EXE) $(MAKELINE-noll)
		$(CP) engine/gforth-ditc-noll$(EC)$(EXE) $@

gforth-prof$(EC)$(EXE): $(ENGINE_SOURCES) $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE) engine/Makefile engine/config.h
		cd engine && $(MAKE) gforth-prof-noll$(EC)$(EXE) $(MAKELINE-noll)
		$(CP) engine/gforth-prof-noll$(EC)$(EXE) $@


# ------------- additional C primitives

.SUFFIXES:	.c .pri

.pri.c:		$< prim2cl.fs
		$(FORTHK) prim2cl.fs -e "file $< altogether bye" >$@		$<
		$(GCC) -shared $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) $< -o $@

# -------------	Make Documentation

#TAGS is a GNU standard target
TAGS:		gforth.TAGS
		$(CP) gforth.TAGS $@

tags:		gforth.tags
		$(CP) gforth.tags $@

install.TAGS:	TAGS install-tags.fs
		sed 's;^\$(srcdir)/;;' TAGS|./gforth -e 's" '$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION)/'"' $(srcdir)/install-tags.fs -e bye >install.TAGS

gforth.TAGS:	@kernel_fi@ gforth$(EC)$(EXE) $(GFORTH_FI_SRC) prim.TAGS kernel.TAGS
		$(FORTHK) etags.fs except.fs startup.fs -e bye
		cat TAGS prim.TAGS kernel.TAGS >gforth.TAGS
		rm TAGS

gforth.tags:	@kernel_fi@ gforth$(EC)$(EXE) $(GFORTH_FI_SRC) prim.tags kernel.tags
		$(FORTHK) tags.fs except.fs startup.fs -e bye
		cat tags prim.tags kernel.tags >gforth.tags
		rm tags

prim.TAGS: 	prim.b prims2x.fs
		$(PREFORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" $(srcdir)/prim.b\" ' output-tag dup process-file bye"|sed 's#^./prim#prim#' >$@-
		$(CP) $@- $@
		$(RM) $@-

prim.tags: 	prim.b prims2x.fs
		#echo '2c\' >prim.TAGS.sed
		#echo $(srcdir)/prim >>prim.TAGS.sed
		#$(PREFORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" $(srcdir)/prim.b\" ' output-tag dup process-file bye" | sed -f prim.TAGS.sed >$@-
		$(PREFORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" $(srcdir)/prim.b\" ' output-vi-tag dup process-file bye" >$@-
		$(CP) $@- $@
		$(RM) $@-

		$(RM) kernl16l$(EC).fi-; $(MAKE) @kernel_fi@

		$(RM) kernl16l$(EC).fi-; $(MAKE) @kernel_fi@

#elc files
gforth.elc:	gforth.el
		-$(EMACS) -batch -f batch-byte-compile gforth.el


doc/doc.fd:	doc/makedoc.fs $(GFORTH_FI_SRC) code.fs objects.fs oof.fs moofglos.fs
		$(FORTHK) -e "s\" doc/doc.fd\"" doc/makedoc.fs except.fs startup.fs code.fs objects.fs oof.fs moofglos.fs regexp.fs fft.fs -e bye

doc/crossdoc.fd:	$(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)
		$(FORTHK) -e 's" mach32l.fs"' kernel/main.fs -e bye

doc/gforth.texi: doc/gforth.ds prim.b ds2texi.fs prims2x.fs \
		doc/doc.fd doc/crossdoc.fd
		$(PREFORTH) ds2texi.fs prims2x.fs -e "s\" $(srcdir)/prim.b\" ' register-doc ' noop process-file" doc/crossdoc.fd doc/doc.fd -e "s\" $(srcdir)/doc/gforth.ds\" r/o open-file throw ds2texi bye" >$@-
		$(CP) $@- $@
		$(RM) $@-

checkdoc:	doc/gforth.ds prim.b ds2texi.fs prims2x.fs doc/doc.fd doc/crossdoc.fd answords.fs doc/gforth.texi
		$(FORTH) ds2texi.fs prims2x.fs -e "s\" $(srcdir)/prim.b\" ' register-doc ' noop process-file" doc/crossdoc.fd doc/doc.fd answords.fs -e bye
		-grep unknown doc/gforth.texi
		-grep doc- doc/gforth.texi| grep -v '^@c'

dvi:		doc/gforth.dvi doc/vmgen.dvi

pdf:		doc/gforth.pdf doc/vmgen.pdf

doc/gforth.dvi doc/gforth.fns:	$(GFORTH_TEXI)
		cd doc; $(TEXI2DVI) gforth.texi

doc/gforth.pdf:	$(GFORTH_TEXI)
		cd doc; $(TEXI2PDF) gforth.texi

doc/vmgen.dvi:	$(VMGEN_TEXI)
		cd doc; $(TEXI2DVI) vmgen.texi

doc/vmgen.pdf:	$(VMGEN_TEXI)
		cd doc; $(TEXI2PDF) vmgen.texi

doc/	doc/gforth.dvi
		$(DVI2PS) doc/gforth.dvi -o $@

doc/	doc/vmgen.dvi
		$(DVI2PS) doc/vmgen.dvi -o $@

info:		doc/ doc/

		cd doc; $(MAKEINFO) gforth.texi

doc/ $(VMGEN_TEXI)
		cd doc; $(MAKEINFO) vmgen.texi

### need makeinfo 4.2 to generate html with these rules
doc/gforth: $(GFORTH_TEXI)
	cd doc; $(MAKEINFO) --html gforth.texi

doc/vmgen: $(VMGEN_TEXI)
	cd doc; $(MAKEINFO) --html vmgen.texi

doc/gforth.txt:	$(GFORTH_TEXI)
		-cd doc; $(MAKEINFO) --no-headers --no-split gforth.texi >gforth.txt

doc/vmgen.txt:	$(VMGEN_TEXI)
		-cd doc; $(MAKEINFO) --no-headers --no-split vmgen.texi >vmgen.txt

doc: info doc/gforth doc/vmgen doc/ doc/ doc/gforth.txt doc/vmgen.txt TAGS

# For an explanation of the following Makefile rules, see node
# `Automatic Remaking' in GNU Autoconf documentation.

#Note: no target "$(srcdir)/configure", because that does not trigger 
#unless $(srcdir)!="."
configure: aclocal.m4
	cd $(srcdir) && autoconf


# autoheader might not change, so touch a stamp file.
engine/ aclocal.m4
	cd $(srcdir) && autoheader
	echo timestamp > $(srcdir)/

engine/config.h: stamp-h
stamp-h: engine/ config.status

Makefile Makedist engine/Makefile gforthmi vmgen preforth machpc.fs doc/version.texi envos.fs build-ec: engine/ doc/ config.status engine/

config.status: configure
	./config.status --recheck

#create files for DOS, because DOS cannot do it itself
makefile.dos: mkdosmf.sed
	sed -f mkdosmf.sed < >makefile.dos

engine/makefile.dos: mkdosmf.sed engine/
	sed -f mkdosmf.sed <engine/ >engine/makefile.dos

makefile.os2: mkos2mf.sed
	sed -f mkos2mf.sed < >makefile.os2
	echo '%.o:      %.c' >>makefile.os2
	echo '          $$(GCC) $$(CFLAGS) $$(CPPFLAGS) -c $$<' >>makefile.os2

engine/makefile.os2: mkos2mf.sed engine/
	sed -f mkos2mf.sed <engine/ >engine/makefile.os2
	echo '%.o:      %.c' >>engine/makefile.os2
	echo '          $$(GCC) $$(CFLAGS) $$(CPPFLAGS) -c $$<' >>engine/makefile.os2

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