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Sun Aug 27 19:56:25 1995 UTC (26 years ago) by pazsan
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Made kernal generation saver
added automatic creation of makefile.dos
newer version texinfo.tex
fixed some inconsistencies (don't know, what happend with model?)

#Copyright 1992 by the ANSI figForth Development Group
# To change the values of `make' variables: instead of editing Makefiles,
# (1) if the variable is set in `config.status', edit `config.status'
#     (which will cause the Makefiles to be regenerated when you run `make');
# (2) otherwise, pass the desired values on the `make' command line.

#To do:
#use $(srcdir) to make compilation in a non-srcdir possible

VERSION	=0.1#gforth version
SHELL	= /bin/sh
RM	= rm
CP	= cp
LN_S	= @LN_S@
GCC	= gcc
CC	= $(GCC)
FORTH	= ./gforth
STRIP	= strip
TEXI2DVI = tex
DVI2PS	= dvips
#you can get texi2html from
TEXI2HTML = texi2html
MAKEINFO = makeinfo
SWITCHES = $(XCFLAGS) $(XDEFINES) #-DNDEBUG #turn off assertions
ENGINE_FLAGS =  -fno-defer-pop -fcaller-saves
CFLAGS	= -pipe -O4 -Wall $(SWITCHES) -DDEFAULTPATH=\"$(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION):$(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION):.\"

#John Wavrik should use -Xlinker -N to get a writable text (executable)

prefix = @prefix@
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@
srcdir = @srcdir@
bindir = $(exec_prefix)/bin
#read-only architecture-independent files
datadir = $(prefix)/share
#read-only architecture-dependent non-ascii files
libdir = $(prefix)/lib
infodir = $(prefix)/info
mandir = $(prefix)/man/man1

INCLUDES = forth.h io.h

KERN_SRC = main.fs search-order.fs cross.fs aliases.fs vars.fs add.fs \
	errore.fs kernal.fs version.fs extend.fs tools.fs toolsext.fs

FORTH_SRC = anslocal.fs add.fs assert.fs ansi.fs blocks.fs bufio.fs checkans.fs \
	colorize.fs cross.fs debug.fs debugging.fs doskey.fs ds2texi.fs \
	dumpimage.fs environ.fs errore.fs etags.fs extend.fs filedump.fs \
	float.fs glocals.fs glosgen.fs gray.fs hash.fs history.fs \
	kernal.fs locals-test.fs look.fs main.fs makedoc.fs \
 	mach16b.fs mach16l.fs mach32b.fs mach32l.fs mach64b.fs mach64l.fs \
	other.fs prims2x.fs random.fs search-order.fs see.fs sieve.fs \
	startup.fs struct.fs tools.fs toolsext.fs tt.fs vars.fs vt100.fs \
	vt100key.fs wordinfo.fs wordsets.fs \
	tester.fs coretest.fs	

SOURCES	= configure config.sub  config.guess \
	install-sh INSTALL README ToDo BUGS model COPYING \
	gforth.ds texinfo.tex gforth.1 gforth.el \
	primitives engine.c main.c io.c \
	m68k.h mips.h 386.h hppa.h cache.c sparc.h power.h alpha.h 32bit.h \
	getopt.c getopt1.c getopt.h select.c \
	ecvt.c memcmp.c strtol.c strtoul.c ansidecl.h memmove.c pow10.c \
	strerror.c \
	makefile.dos mkdosmf.sed configure.bat startup.dos \
	glosgen.glo glossaries.doc \

RCS_FILES =  ToDo model high-level

GEN = gforth

OBJECTS	= engine.o io.o main.o @LIBOBJS@ @getopt_long@

# things that need a working forth system to be generated
FORTH_GEN0 = primitives.b primitives.i prim_labels.i aliases.fs
# this is used for antidependences,
FORTH_GEN1 = $(FORTH_GEN0) @gforth_fi@ 

KERNLS = \ \

GEN_PRECIOUS = $(FORTH_GEN) $(KERNLS) gforth.texi gforth.dvi Makefile configure recommends this:
.SUFFIXES: .c .o

	if [ ! -f gforth ]; then $(MAKE) first; fi
	$(MAKE) more

first:	gforth

more:	$(FORTH_GEN) gforth

#from the gcc Makefile: 
#"Deletion of files made during compilation.
# There are four levels of this:
#   `mostlyclean', `clean', `distclean' and `realclean'.
# `mostlyclean' is useful while working on a particular type of machine.
# It deletes most, but not all, of the files made by compilation.
# It does not delete libgcc.a or its parts, so it won't have to be recompiled.
# `clean' deletes everything made by running `make all'.
# `distclean' also deletes the files made by config.
# `realclean' also deletes everything that could be regenerated automatically."

		-$(RM) $(GEN) *.o *.s

distclean:	clean
		-$(RM) machine.h config.cache config.log

realclean:	distclean

dist:		$(SOURCES) $(FORTH_GEN)
		-rm -rf gforth-$(VERSION)
		mkdir gforth-$(VERSION)
		cp -p $(SOURCES) $(FORTH_GEN) gforth-$(VERSION)
		tar cvf - gforth-$(VERSION)|gzip -9 >gforth-$(VERSION).tar.gz
		-rm -rf gforth-$(VERSION)

#a binary distribution contains the complete source distribution,
# the objects, the executable and the links. the objects are there for making
# make happy.
bindist:	$(SOURCES) $(FORTH_GEN) gforth $(OBJECTS) config.status Makefile
		-rm -rf gforth-$(VERSION)
		mkdir gforth-$(VERSION)
		cp -p -d $(SOURCES) config.status Makefile $(FORTH_GEN) gforth $(OBJECTS) machine.h gforth-$(VERSION)
		strip gforth-$(VERSION)/gforth
		tar cvf - gforth-$(VERSION)|gzip -9 >gforth-$(VERSION)-@host@.tar.gz

#makes a package with only the stuff not present in the source
#package. For installation the source package is still needed!
#This is useful if you want to distribute many binary versions in
#little space (e.g., on floppy disk): Put the source package and
#all the binonly packages you are interested in on the disk. The user
#then just has to unpack the source and his favourite binonly into the
#same directory and has a full binary distribution.
binonlydist:	$(SOURCES) $(FORTH_GEN) gforth $(OBJECTS)
		-rm -rf gforth-$(VERSION)
		mkdir gforth-$(VERSION)
		cp -p -d  config.status Makefile gforth $(OBJECTS) machine.h gforth-$(VERSION)
		strip gforth-$(VERSION)/gforth
		tar cvf - gforth-$(VERSION)|gzip -9 >gforth-$(VERSION)-binonly-@host@.tar.gz

#strip gforth, because the debugging stuff is hardly useful once
# gforth manages to execute more than a few primitives

install:	gforth $(FORTH_SRC) gforth.1
		$(INSTALL) -d $(bindir) $(mandir) $(infodir) $(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION) $(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION)	
		$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -s gforth $(bindir)
		$(INSTALL_DATA) gforth.1 $(mandir)
		$(INSTALL_DATA)* $(infodir)
		$(INSTALL_DATA) $(libdir)/gforth/$(VERSION)
		for i in $(FORTH_SRC); do \
			$(INSTALL_DATA) $$i $(datadir)/gforth/$(VERSION); \

check:		test
		touch test

test:		gforth
		@echo 'Expect to see INCORRECT RESULT: { GS1 -> <TRUE> <TRUE> }'
		@echo 'This is a bug of the testing program'
		$(FORTH) tester.fs coretest.fs -e bye
		$(FORTH) startup.fs blocks.fs checkans.fs -e bye
		@echo 'Expect no differences'
		$(FORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" primitives.b\" ' output-c process-file bye"| diff -c - primitives.i

dvi:		gforth.dvi

gforth:		$(OBJECTS)
		-$(CP) gforth gforth~
		$(GCC) $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJECTS) $(LDLIBS) -o $@
		@MAKE_EXE@	$(KERN_SRC) mach16l.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)
		$(FORTH) -e 's" mach16l.fs"' main.fs	$(KERN_SRC) mach16b.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)
		$(FORTH) -e 's" mach16b.fs"' main.fs	$(KERN_SRC) mach32l.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)
		$(FORTH) -e 's" mach32l.fs"' main.fs	$(KERN_SRC) mach32b.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)
		$(FORTH) -e 's" mach32b.fs"' main.fs	$(KERN_SRC) mach64l.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)
		$(FORTH) -e 's" mach64l.fs"' main.fs	$(KERN_SRC) mach64b.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)
		$(FORTH) -e 's" mach64b.fs"' main.fs	$(KERNLS)

engine.s:	engine.c primitives.i prim_labels.i machine.h $(INCLUDES)
		$(GCC) $(CFLAGS) $(ENGINE_FLAGS) -S engine.c

engine.o:	engine.c primitives.i prim_labels.i machine.h $(INCLUDES)
		$(GCC) $(CFLAGS) $(ENGINE_FLAGS) -c engine.c

strtoul.o:	strtoul.c strtol.c

primitives.b:	primitives
		m4 primitives >$@ 

primitives.i :	primitives.b prims2x.fs
		$(FORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" primitives.b\" ' output-c process-file bye" >$@

prim_labels.i :	primitives.b prims2x.fs
		$(FORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" primitives.b\" ' output-label process-file bye" >$@

aliases.fs:	primitives.b prims2x.fs
		$(FORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" primitives.b\" ' output-alias process-file bye" >$@

primitives.fs:	primitives.b prims2x.fs
		$(FORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" primitives.b\" ' output-forth process-file bye" >$@

		echo ": version-string s\" $(VERSION)\" ;" >$@

		echo "char gforth_version[]=\"$(VERSION)\" ;" >$@

doc.fd:		makedoc.fs float.fs search-order.fs glocals.fs environ.fs \
		 toolsext.fs wordinfo.fs \
		 vt100.fs colorize.fs see.fs bufio.fs debug.fs history.fs \
		 doskey.fs vt100key.fs startup.fs assert.fs debugging.fs
		$(FORTH) -e "s\" doc.fd\"" makedoc.fs startup.fs -e bye

gforth.texi:	gforth.ds primitives.b ds2texi.fs prims2x.fs doc.fd crossdoc.fd
		$(FORTH) ds2texi.fs >$@

gforth.dvi:	gforth.texi
		$(TEXI2DVI) gforth.texi	gforth.dvi
		$(DVI2PS) gforth.dvi -o $@	gforth.texi
		-$(MAKEINFO) gforth.texi

html:		gforth.texi
		-$(RM) html/*
		-mkdir html
		cd html; $(TEXI2HTML) -menu -split_node ../gforth.texi

# For an explanation of the following Makefile rules, see node
# `Automatic Remaking' in GNU Autoconf documentation.
Makefile: config.status
	CONFIG_FILES=$@ CONFIG_HEADERS= ./config.status
config.status: configure
	./config.status --recheck
	cd $(srcdir) && autoconf

makefile.dos: mkdosmf.sed
	sed -f mkdosmf.sed < >makefile.dos

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