Diff for /gforth/Makefile.in between versions 1.38 and 1.39

version 1.38, 1995/11/07 18:06:29 version 1.39, 1995/11/09 18:06:19
Line 201  check:  test Line 201  check:  test
                 touch test                  touch test
 test:           gforth  test:           gforth
                 @echo 'Expect to see INCORRECT RESULT: { GS1 -> <TRUE> <TRUE> }'  
                 @echo 'This is a bug of the testing program'  
                 $(FORTH) tester.fs coretest.fs -e bye                  $(FORTH) tester.fs coretest.fs -e bye
                 $(FORTH) code.fs checkans.fs -e bye                  $(FORTH) code.fs checkans.fs -e bye
                 @echo 'Expect no differences'                  @echo 'Expect no differences'

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