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version 1.266, 2003/05/13 09:36:59 version 1.267, 2003/05/15 18:43:15
Line 363  SOURCES = $(CVSDIRS) compat Makefile.in Line 363  SOURCES = $(CVSDIRS) compat Makefile.in
 RCS_FILES =  ToDo model high-level  RCS_FILES =  ToDo model high-level
 GEN = gforth$(EXE) gforth-ditc$(EXE) gforth-fast$(EXE) gforth-itc$(EXE) kernel/version.fs  ENGINES = gforth$(EXE) gforth-ditc$(EXE) gforth-fast$(EXE) gforth-itc$(EXE) gforth-prof$(EXE) #gforth-native$(EXE)
 #gforth-native$(EXE) gforth-prof$(EXE)  
   GEN = $(ENGINES) kernel/version.fs
 # things that need a working forth system to be generated  # things that need a working forth system to be generated
 FORTH_GEN_ENGINE=engine/prim.i engine/prim_lab.i engine/prim_names.i \  FORTH_GEN_ENGINE=engine/prim.i engine/prim_lab.i engine/prim_names.i \
Line 447  docclean: FORCE Line 448  docclean: FORCE
                 doc/gforth.toc doc/gforth.tp doc/gforth.vr html                  doc/gforth.toc doc/gforth.tp doc/gforth.vr html
 clean:          mostlyclean  clean:          mostlyclean
                 -$(RM) -rf $(GEN) engine/gforth$(EXE) \                  -$(RM) -rf $(GEN) *.o engine/*.o arch/*/*.o version \
                 engine/gforth-fast$(EXE) engine/gforth-native$(EXE) engine/gforth-itc$(EXE) \                  engine/gforth$(EXE) engine/gforth-fast$(EXE) \
                 engine/gforth-ditc$(EXE) engine/gforth-prof$(EXE) \                  engine/gforth-native$(EXE) engine/gforth-itc$(EXE) \
                 *.o engine/*.o arch/*/*.o version                  engine/gforth-ditc$(EXE) engine/gforth-prof$(EXE)
 distclean:      clean  distclean:      clean
                 -$(RM) config.cache config.log config.status \                  -$(RM) -rf config.cache config.log config.status \
                 engine/config.h Makefile Makedist engine/Makefile \                  engine/config.h Makefile Makedist engine/Makefile \
                 stamp-h engine/stamp-h \                  stamp-h engine/stamp-h \
                 doc/version.texi gforthmi vmgen                  doc/version.texi gforthmi vmgen
Line 762  gforth-ditc$(EXE): engines Line 763  gforth-ditc$(EXE): engines
 gforth-prof$(EXE):      engines  gforth-prof$(EXE):      engines
                 $(CP) engine/$@ $@                  $(CP) engine/$@ $@
 gforths: gforth$(EXE) gforth-fast$(EXE) gforth-itc$(EXE) gforth-ditc$(EXE) #gforth-prof$(EXE) gforth-native$(EXE)  gforths: $(ENGINES)
 engines:        FORCE $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE) engine/Makefile  engines:        FORCE $(FORTH_GEN_ENGINE) engine/Makefile
                 cd engine && $(MAKE) gforth$(EXE) gforth-fast$(EXE) gforth-itc$(EXE) gforth-ditc$(EXE) #gforth-prof$(EXE) gforth-native$(EXE)                  cd engine && $(MAKE) $(ENGINES)
 # ------------- additional C primitives  # ------------- additional C primitives

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