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version 1.226, 2002/08/22 20:07:32 version 1.227, 2002/09/14 08:20:18
Line 252  COMPAT = compat/README \ Line 252  COMPAT = compat/README \
         compat/exception.fs \          compat/exception.fs \
         compat/loops.fs \          compat/loops.fs \
         compat/required.fs \          compat/required.fs \
           compat/strcomp.fs \
         compat/struct.fs \          compat/struct.fs \
         compat/vocabulary.fs          compat/vocabulary.fs
Line 366  FORTH_GEN =  $(FORTH_GEN0) @KERNEL@ gfor Line 367  FORTH_GEN =  $(FORTH_GEN0) @KERNEL@ gfor
 # this is used for antidependences,  # this is used for antidependences,
 FORTH_GEN1 = $(FORTH_GEN0) @kernel_fi@   FORTH_GEN1 = $(FORTH_GEN0) @kernel_fi@ 
   #kernel dependencies
   KERN_DEPS = $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs machpc.fs $(FORTH_GEN0) compat/strcomp.fs
 #distributed documentation  #distributed documentation
 DOCDIST = doc/gforth.info doc/gforth.info-* doc/gforth.ps  DOCDIST = doc/gforth.info doc/gforth.info-* doc/gforth.ps
Line 564  bench:  gforth-fast$(EXE) gforth.fi Line 568  bench:  gforth-fast$(EXE) gforth.fi
 # 3. copy new kernels to kernlXYZ.fi  # 3. copy new kernels to kernlXYZ.fi
 #    these are the ones we want to use now  #    these are the ones we want to use now
 kernl16l.fi-:   $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs mach16l.fs machpc.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)  kernl16l.fi-:   $(KERN_DEPS) mach16l.fs
                 $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach16l.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl16l.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"                  $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach16l.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl16l.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"
 kernl16b.fi-:   $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs mach16b.fs machpc.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)  kernl16b.fi-:   $(KERN_DEPS) mach16b.fs
                 $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach16b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl16b.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"                  $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach16b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl16b.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"
 kernl32l.fi-:   $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs mach32l.fs machpc.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)  kernl32l.fi-:   $(KERN_DEPS) mach32l.fs
                 $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach32l.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl32l.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"                  $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach32l.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl32l.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"
 kernl32b.fi-:   $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs mach32b.fs machpc.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)  kernl32b.fi-:   $(KERN_DEPS) mach32b.fs
                 $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach32b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl32b.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"                  $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach32b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl32b.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"
 kernl64l.fi-:   $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs mach64l.fs machpc.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)  kernl64l.fi-:   $(KERN_DEPS) mach64l.fs
                 $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach64l.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl64l.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"                  $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach64l.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl64l.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"
 kernl64b.fi-:   $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs mach64b.fs machpc.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)  kernl64b.fi-:   $(KERN_DEPS) mach64b.fs
                 $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach64b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl64b.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"                  $(FORTHB) -e 's" mach64b.fs"' $(srcdir)/kernel/main.fs -e "save-cross kernl64b.fi- $(bindir)/gforth-$(VERSION) bye"
 kernl-%.fi:     arch/%/mach.fs $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)  kernl-%.fi:     arch/%/mach.fs $(KERN_SRC) kernel/version.fs $(FORTH_GEN0)

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