Diff for /gforth/Makedist.in between versions 1.26 and 1.27

version 1.26, 2007/12/31 19:02:24 version 1.27, 2008/05/01 10:51:09
Line 21 Line 21
 include Makefile  include Makefile
 #!! redundancy with engine/Makefile.in  #!! redundancy with engine/Makefile.in
 DOBJECTS=$(addprefix engine/,io.o signals.o support.o @LIBOBJS@ engine.o engine2.o main.o engine-fast.o engine-fast2.o main-fast.o engine-ditc.o main-ditc.o  engine-itc.o main-itc.o $(PROFOBJS))  DOBJECTS=engine/*.o
 #stuff in a binonly distribution   #stuff in a binonly distribution 
 BINONLYDIST = config.status Makefile Makedist \  BINONLYDIST = config.status Makefile Makedist \

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