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You need gcc version 2.0 or later to compile gforth.

First, type


configure has the following useful parameters:
-direct-threaded: setup for a direct threaded interpreter; this is faster
   on many machines, but needs special support. Unsupported machines will
   ingore this switch. On some CISC machines, direct threading isn't an
   advantage over indirect threading.

-without-debug: omits the -g switch and creates smaller images on machines
   where "strip" has problems with gcc style debugging informations.

--help: tells you about other parameters.

Now type


If your make has trouble with the Makefile, "make gforth" might work.

If your installed gcc isn't called "gcc" (eg. called "gcc-2.6.1"), type

make GCC=<whatever you call your gcc>


Now you can check whether your shiny new Forth system works. Say

make test

To make the documentation, type

make -k html

If everything is allright, you may want to install gforth. Type

make install

You may want to override the defaults for the directories. E.g., if
you want to install in the /gnu hierarchy instead of in the default
/usr/local hirarchy, say

make install prefix=/gnu

Alternatively, you can specify the prefixes with configure.

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