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fixed blocks.fb creation bug by making result of create-file readable.

Preliminary version

You need gcc version 2.0 or later to compile gforth.
First, type


configure has the following useful parameters:
-direct-threaded: setup for a direct threaded interpreter; this is faster
   on many machines, but needs special support. Unsupported machines will
   ingore this switch. On some CISC machines, direct threading isn't an
   advantage over indirect threading.

-without-debug: omits the -g switch and creates smaller images on machines
   where "strip" has problems with gcc style debugging informations.

--help: tells you about other parameters.

Now type


If your make has trouble with the Makefile, "make gforth" might work.

If your installed gcc isn't called "gcc" (eg. called "gcc-2.6.1"), type

make CC=<whatever you call your gcc>


To make the documentation, type

make -k html

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