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* Changed package a bit
* New INSTALL file
* hash.fs didn't do a good job with 'cold.

Preliminary version

Create a makefile with configure.
You need gcc version 2.0 or later to compile gforth.

Create a machine description file for your machine, if necessary.

configure has the following useful parameters:
-direct-threaded: setup for a direct threaded interpreter; this is faster
   on many machines, but needs special support. Unsupported machines will
   ingore this switch. On some CISC machines, direct threading isn't an
   advantage over indirect threading.

-without-debug: omits the -g switch and creates smaller images on machines
   where "strip" has problems with gcc style debugging informations.

Now type


or whatever the name of GNU make on your system is.
If your installed gcc isn't called "gcc" (eg. called "gcc-2.6.1"), type

gmake CC=<whatever you call your gcc>


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