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 Very preliminary version  Preliminary version
 You need gcc version 2.0 or later to compile gforth.  You need gcc version 2.0 or later to compile gforth.
   First, type
 Create a machine description file for your machine, if necessary.  configure
 Make a symbolic link to machine.h, e.g.  configure has the following useful parameters:
   -direct-threaded: setup for a direct threaded interpreter; this is faster
      on many machines, but needs special support. Unsupported machines will
      ingore this switch. On some CISC machines, direct threading isn't an
      advantage over indirect threading.
 ln -s decstation.h machine.h  -without-debug: omits the -g switch and creates smaller images on machines
      where "strip" has problems with gcc style debugging informations.
 Make a symbolic link from mach32l.fs or mach32b.fs to machine.fs  --help: tells you about other parameters.
 Edit the Makefile (in particular the SWITCHES variable)  Now type
 Now you can type  
 make  make
   If your make has trouble with the Makefile, "make gforth" might work.
   If your installed gcc isn't called "gcc" (eg. called "gcc-2.6.1"), type
   make CC=<whatever you call your gcc>
   To make the documentation, type
   make -k gforth.info gforth.ps html

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