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                 Prerequisites                  Prerequisites
 You need gcc version 2.0 or later to compile gforth.  Recommended:  You need gcc version 2.0 or later to compile gforth.
 gcc-2.95.* (other versions produce slower code).  
 To use the new C interface, you need to install the ffcall libraries  For the (documented) libcc.fs C interface you need a C compiler at
 before configuring Gforth.  You can find them on  run-time.
   For the (undocumented ) lib.fs C interface you need to install either
   the ffcall libraries or the libffi library.  Libffi comes with recent
   gccs, ffcall can be found on
    ftp://ftp.santafe.edu/pub/gnu/ffcall-1.8.tar.gz (USA)      ftp://ftp.santafe.edu/pub/gnu/ffcall-1.8.tar.gz (USA) 
    ftp://ftp.ilog.fr/pub/Users/haible/gnu/ffcall-1.8.tar.gz (Europe)      ftp://ftp.ilog.fr/pub/Users/haible/gnu/ffcall-1.8.tar.gz (Europe) 
   On many architectures (exceptions: 386, PPC, MIPS, Alpha) you need gdb
   at run-time in order for the disassembler to work.
                 Building and Installing                  Building and Installing

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