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    1: This file discribes how to install Gforth from a binary distribution
    2: (i.e., a distribution, where the package file name contains a
    3: machine/OS name).
    5: Installation is quite simple: Type
    7: make install
    9: and you are set. You can
   11: make check
   12: make bench
   14: first, to make sure that the binary works.
   16: If you want to know more: A binary distribution contains all the files
   17: of the source distribution, and a few more, in particular the
   18: executable `gforth'. The configuration options we used for creating it
   19: can be seen in config.status. Basically, we use the default; among
   20: other things, this means installation in the /usr/local hierarchy; if
   21: this does not suit you, "make distclean" and continue by reading
   22: INSTALL.
   24: The only deviation from the default is with respect to options like
   25: --enable-force-reg, which by default are not used, because they don't
   26: work with all versions of gcc; we use them, if they work with the
   27: compiler we use. We try to give you good performance, but two
   28: compatible machines may require different options for best performance
   29: (e.g., --enable-direct-threading is good for the 486, and bad for the
   30: Pentium).

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