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 If someone gave us a tool for converting CVS log messages into ChangeLog  2008-07-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
 format, you would see something here. Currently this file is only present  
 to make automake happy.  
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makedist.in, Makefile.in, arch/386/machine.h, arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/arm/asm-example.fs, arch/arm/asm.fs, arch/arm/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, blocks.fs, build-ec.in, cache-fast0.vmg, cache-fast1.vmg, cache-fast2.vmg, cache-fast3.vmg, cache-fast4.vmg, configure.in, doc/gforth.ds, ds2texi.fs, engine/128bit.h, engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/io-nxt.c, engine/main.c, envos.fs.in, fflib.fs, gforth.el, gray.fs, history.fs, httpd.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/paths.fs, lib.fs, libcc.fs, libffi.fs, preforth.in, prim, quotes.fs, see.fs, unix/socket.fs, update-copyright, update-copyright-blacklist, utf-8.fs, wf.fs:
           updated copyright years
           updated copyright-blacklist (added libltdl)
           updated distributed files (don't distribute files without distribution terms)
           added copyright to preforth.in and build-ec.in
           * Makefile.in, configure.in, kernel/int.fs, libcc.fs:
           fixed some make install bugs
           updated date and version
           * Makefile.in, configure.in, envos.fs.in, libcc.fs, libcc.fs.in:
           eliminated libcc.fs.in by moving @CC@ into envos.fs.in.
   2008-07-14  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * libcc.fs, libcc.fs.in:
           Added tag so that different gcc names compile correctly
           * libcc.fs.in: Debugs commented out again
           * Makefile.in, libcc.fs, libcc.fs.in:
           Try to get C compiler with options to work
           * libcc.fs.in: Compiler-specific libcc.fs.in
           * Makefile.in, configure.in: Fix for libcc.fs
           * Makefile.in, arch/386/machine.h: Fix a few building bugs
           * libcc.fs: Made libcc.fs compile with old kernels
   2008-07-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, fflib.fs, libcc.fs, libffi.fs:
           fixed some bugs so "make install" works (DESTDIR still probably buggy)
   2008-07-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, kernel/paths.fs, libcc.fs:
           builds .la files on install (untested and probably broken wrt DESTDIR)
           added check-libcc-named target and perform it on make check
           The libcc-path now also contains the common libcc-named directory
           reworked initialization of libcc to happen on every boot
           added MAKE-PATH (for making an empty path to paths.fs
   2008-07-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libcc.fs: first steps in having a LIBCC-PATH
           * libcc.fs, prim: OPEN-LIB now understands "~" for directories.
           * libcc.fs:
           libcc files are now generated in ~/.gforth/libcc-{named,tmp}/
   2008-07-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * fflib.fs, libcc.fs: fflib.fs now is a named C interface library
           fixed bug in libcc.fs (unnamed libraries are now always rebuilt)
   2008-07-04  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in: Removed bash dependency
   2008-07-03  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, libffi.fs:
           Removed remainders of FFI in C code
   2008-06-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, libcc.fs, prim:
           * libcc.fs:
           Now libcc loads existing .la file instead of generating it anew
             Bug: also does this for generated (not user-provided) names
           * libcc.fs, libffi.fs: libffi now also uses C-LIBRARY
           prepare for loading existing c-library
           * libcc.fs, unix/socket.fs:
           added C-LIBRARY END-C-LIBRARY C-LIBRARY-NAME (yet undocumented)
             to specify the library wrapper file name
           used that feature in unix/socket.fs
   2008-06-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gray.fs: optimized nts in gray
   2008-06-01  Darren Bane  <dbane@mips>
           * libffi.fs: Forgot an argument to c-function for ffi-prep-closure
           * fsl-util.4th: S>F is already defined in prim
           * Makefile.in:
           Use make, not sh, variable interpolation syntax for bindir
   2008-05-22  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * xhash.fs: Added xorshift rng+hash
   2008-05-18  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * blocks.fs: Changed empty-buffer
           * unix/socket.fs: hostname$ calls gethostname only on demand
           * unix/socket.fs: Added server-side stuff
   2008-05-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * unix/socket.fs: First part of itools adaption in socket.fs
   2008-05-07  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * history.fs: Use backspaces for single-line editing
           * Makefile.in: Another use of PREFORTH
   2008-05-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim:
           deleted FFCALL LIBFFI OLDCALL primitives, use fflib.fs libffi.fs instead
           * Makefile.in: added missing (anti-)dependence
   2008-05-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in: no longer configures libdl; we use libltdl instead
           * Makefile.in, autogen.sh, configure.in, engine/Makefile.in:
           removed all references to local libltdl
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, prim:
           removed usage of libtool-2.2 ltdl functions
           * libltdl/Makefile.in, libltdl/aclocal.m4, libltdl/configure:
           removed generated files
   2008-05-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makedist.in: Quick&dirty trick to make bindist/binonlydist work again
   2008-04-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in, httpd.fs, libltdl/Makefile.in, libltdl/aclocal.m4, libltdl/configure:
           Fixed httpd.fs bug
           Created new snapshot
   2008-04-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * lib.fs, libcc.fs, unix/socket.fs:
           lib.fs: only check those ffcall libraries we use
           libcc.fs: removed some debugging output
           unix/socket.fs: converted to libcc.fs style (partially thanks to Darren Bane
   2008-04-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, engine/main.c, fflib.fs, libcc.fs, libffi.fs:
           added CLEAR-LIB ADD-LIB (libcc.fs), documented them,
             and used them in libffi.fs and fflib.fs
           OPEN-LIB no longer guesses library extensions (lt_dladvise_ext())
   2008-04-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, arch/power/machine.h, configure.in, doc/gforth.ds, engine/main.c, libcc.fs, preforth.in:
           Bugfix: make and make dist don't need pre-installed Gforth
           FORCE_REG_UNNECESSARY now defined automatically and used better
           documentation bugfix
   2008-04-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in: minor bugfix
           * configure.in, lib.fs, libffi.fs:
           MacOS X portability <https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/index.php?23014>
   2008-04-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * autogen.sh: bugfix <http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?23010>
   2008-04-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/Makefile.in: added missing dependency
           * Makefile.in: make dist now also distributes libtldl (untested)
           added "make maintainer-clean" (untested, and without autogen.sh for libltdl)
           Various "clean" targets now also clean libtldl
           * configure.in: removed debug message
           * Makefile.in, configure.in, engine/Makefile.in, ltmain.sh:
           added support for building with included libltdl
             missing: building with installed libltdl
                      including ltdl in the distributed files
   2008-04-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libltdl/COPYING.LIB, libltdl/Makefile.am, libltdl/Makefile.in, libltdl/Makefile.inc, libltdl/README, libltdl/aclocal.m4, libltdl/argz.c, libltdl/argz_.h, libltdl/config-h.in, libltdl/config/compile, libltdl/config/config.guess, libltdl/config/config.sub, libltdl/config/depcomp, libltdl/config/general.m4sh, libltdl/config/getopt.m4sh, libltdl/config/install-sh, libltdl/config/ltmain.m4sh, libltdl/config/ltmain.sh, libltdl/config/mdate-sh, libltdl/config/missing, libltdl/config/mkstamp, libltdl/config/texinfo.tex, libltdl/configure, libltdl/configure.ac, libltdl/libltdl/lt__alloc.h, libltdl/libltdl/lt__dirent.h, libltdl/libltdl/lt__glibc.h, libltdl/libltdl/lt__private.h, libltdl/libltdl/lt__strl.h, libltdl/libltdl/lt_dlloader.h, libltdl/libltdl/lt_error.h, libltdl/libltdl/lt_system.h, libltdl/libltdl/slist.h, libltdl/loaders/dld_link.c, libltdl/loaders/dlopen.c, libltdl/loaders/dyld.c, libltdl/loaders/load_add_on.c, libltdl/loaders/loadlibrary.c, libltdl/loaders/preopen.c, libltdl/loaders/shl_load.c, libltdl/lt__alloc.c, libltdl/lt__dirent.c, libltdl/lt__strl.c, libltdl/lt_dlloader.c, libltdl/lt_error.c, libltdl/ltdl.c, libltdl/ltdl.h, libltdl/m4/argz.m4, libltdl/m4/libtool.m4, libltdl/m4/ltdl.m4, libltdl/m4/ltoptions.m4, libltdl/m4/ltsugar.m4, libltdl/m4/ltversion.in, libltdl/m4/ltversion.m4, libltdl/m4/lt~obsolete.m4, libltdl/slist.c, libltdl/stamp-mk:
           added libltdl (no integration yet)
           * Makefile.in, engine/Makefile.in, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, libcc.fs, libffi.fs, prim:
           CPPFLAGS are now used by the Makefiles
           bugfix in libcc.fs
           OPEN-LIB now can open libraries without extension and the library's
              symbols become global
           libltdl from libtool-2.2 or higher required (will be included soon)
   2008-04-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * gforth.el: Patch from Darren Bane added (bug #22929)
   2008-04-08  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs:
           Better XHTML conformance (now 'Strict', not just 'Transitional')
   2008-04-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, arch/amd64/machine.h, configure.in:
           Made sure that a distribution is possible
   2008-03-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libffi.fs: typo fixed <http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?22722>
   2008-03-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: removed --[no-]check-alignment (no implementation)
             on Alpha use <http://www.complang.tuwien.ac.at/anton/uace.c> instead
   2008-03-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: added --[no-]check-alignment (currently no effect)
   2008-03-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libffi.fs: added libffi primitive replacements
   2008-03-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/ttester.fs: fixed typo
   2008-02-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makefile.in:
           BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH now uses autogen.sh
           realclean now also cleans directories
           * arch/power/machine.h, engine/main.c:
           --diag now does not complain about reg. alloc. on PPC (FORCE_REG_UNNECESSARY)
           * Makefile.in: disabled automatic calling of gforth --diag
           * .cvsignore, BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makefile.in:
           deleted bootstrap target (hopefully for good).
           'make realclean' should now make it real clean
   2008-02-26  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * autogen.sh, configure.in, engine/Makefile.in:
           Some small changes in build process
   2008-02-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, ds2texi.fs: Fixed doc generating problem
   2008-02-23  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, arch/arm/nxt/aic.c, arch/arm/nxt/aic.h, arch/arm/nxt/bt.c, arch/arm/nxt/bt.h, arch/arm/nxt/config.nxt, arch/arm/nxt/display.c, arch/arm/nxt/display.h, arch/arm/nxt/gforth.ld, arch/arm/nxt/i2c.c, arch/arm/nxt/mytypes.h, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_avr.c, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_lcd.c, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_lcd.h, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_motors.c, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_motors.h, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_spi.c, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_spi.h, arch/arm/nxt/sound.c, arch/arm/nxt/sound.h, arch/arm/nxt/systick.c, arch/arm/nxt/systick.h, arch/arm/nxt/uart.c, arch/arm/nxt/uart.h, arch/arm/nxt/udp.c, arch/arm/nxt/udp.h, configure.in, engine/Makefile.in, engine/forth.h, engine/io-nxt.c, engine/main.c, prim:
           Fixed build problem
           Some changes for NXT
   2008-02-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, fflib.fs, lib.fs, libcc.fs:
           Added replacements for primitives to fflib.fs
             current status: the libcc-generated code compiles, but does not link
           Bugfix in libcc.fs
           * history.fs, libcc.fs, quotes.fs, see.fs, utf-8.fs:
           Support kernel building with 0.6.2 engine, 0.6.2 kernel, and
              current startup.fs and friends.
   2008-02-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, configure.in, kernel/int.fs, kernel/main.fs:
           Kernel and primitive building should now be done by a pre-installed gforth.
             configure.in and Makefile.in are now prepared for that.
             However, it does not work yet.
   2008-01-26  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/arm/cacheflush-linux.c: minor thumb-mode fixes
           * arch/arm/cacheflush-linux.c: minor fix
           * arch/arm/cacheflush-linux.c:
           Thumb-mode fixes for ARM cacheflush syscall (untested)
   2008-01-23  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/arm/cacheflush1.c, arch/arm/cacheflush2.c:
           removed depricated ARM chacheflush files
           * Makefile.in, configure.in:
           removed references to old ARM cacheflush routines
           * arch/arm/cacheflush-linux.c:
           fixed buggy code in EABI-version of cacheflush syscall, fixed possible
           problems with older versions of GCC (use "r" instead of "g" constraint
           for inline assembly), improved formatting of asm code (added
   2008-01-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, configure.in:
           configure.in: Bugfix: Gforth now also builds if -ll does not work
           Makefile.in: removed or changed some dependencies on the engine.
   2008-01-21  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in:
           Check for Linux on ARM by comparing $host_os against "*linux*" and not just
           "linux".  In practice we can see values like "linux-gnu", "linux-uclibc".
           This also mirrors the other places in configure.in wher $host_os is
           * arch/arm/cacheflush-linux.c:
           Added clean ARM icache flush code using Linux syscall.  Should work on OABI
           and EABI systems, even when compiled for thumb mode.
   2008-01-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/arm/cacheflush1.c, configure.in:
           added support for arch/arm/cacheflush-linux.c
   2008-01-19  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/arm/cacheflush-linux.c: typo...
           * arch/arm/cacheflush-linux.c:
           fixed cacheflush-linux.c to actually compile
           * arch/arm/cacheflush-linux.c, arch/arm/machine.h:
           Added icache flush code that uses a linux syscall and should thus guarantee
           correct operation on all Linux systems (if that syscall exists).
   2008-01-18  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds:
           Added section "ARM Assembler" to the Gforth documentation.
           * arch/arm/asm.fs:
           Added a note, telling the reader were to look for the assembler's
           * arch/arm/asm-example.fs, arch/arm/asm.fs:
           fixed NEXT,  , adapted asm-example.fs to use it
           * arch/arm/asm.fs:
           added portable implementation of NEXT, to ARM assembler
           * arch/arm/asm-example.fs:
           Updated ARM assembler example to jump to ' noop >code-address instead
           of reimplementing next.
           * arch/arm/asm-example.fs, arch/arm/asm.fs: minor assembler updates
   2008-01-17  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/arm/asm.fs: very minor fix
           * arch/arm/asm-example.fs:
           updated asm example.  now shows how to access the stack.
           * arch/arm/asm-example.fs, arch/arm/asm.fs: asm example...
           * arch/arm/asm-example.fs: more asm example code
           * arch/arm/asm-example.fs: minor change
           * arch/arm/asm-example.fs, arch/arm/asm.fs:
           minor change.  how do code an assembly 'next' compatible to gforth?
           * arch/arm/asm-example.fs, arch/arm/asm.fs:
           add example/proof of concept routines coded in ASM
           * arch/arm/asm.fs: first commit of ARM assembler.
   2008-01-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in:
           BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH's gforth now always uses its install image
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, configure.in:
           BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH: prevent gforth hangs
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH:
           prevent gforth from hanging when used with the wrong image in BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH
           * Makefile.in: minor Makefile.in bugfix
           * Makefile.in, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c:
           Building on i386 works again
   2008-01-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/amd64/machine.h: disabled GLOBALS_NONRELOC for AMD64
           commented GLOBALS_NONRELOC for AMD64
           * Makefile.in: added some missing engine dependencies
   2008-01-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h:
           tried to use explicit register allocation for local saved_regs_p, but
             it does not seem to work.
           * arch/amd64/machine.h, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c:
           enable dynamic code generation for (debugging) gforth on AMD64 by accessing
             the global variable through a local pointer.  Mixed results up to now, may
             be better with explicit register allocation.
           * Makefile.in:
           make clean now removes the various $(OPT)-generated files
           removed some debugging output
           fixed some endless recursions
           * Makefile.in, configure.in, engine/Makefile.in:
           Different build options are now tried per-binary and only for gforth
             and gforth-fast (everything else is built with -noll).
           * prim: documentation changes
   2008-01-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, configure.in, engine/main.c:
           Now FORCE_REG is tried and used by default
           Removed --enable-force-reg
           Removed suggestions to use --enable-force-* from --diag option
   2008-01-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, configure.in: Now configure sets OPTS
   2008-01-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in:
           Now make automatically tries a set of OPT settings after another until
             one is found that works.  This is a pretty bad hack.
   2008-01-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, engine/Makefile.in:
           Now we can use BUGGY_LONG_LONG again, as follows:
             make OPT=-noll OPTDEFINES= OPTOBJECTS=dblsub.o
           Minor bugfix
           * configure.in, engine/Makefile.in: some bugfixes for previous patch
           * Makefile.in, arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/generic/128bit.h, configure.in, engine/128bit.h, engine/Makefile.in, engine/forth.h:
           moved --enable-force-ll out of configuration and into Makefile:
             Build with "make OPT=-ll OPTDEFINES=-DFORCE_LL"
             This builds gforth-ll gforth-fast-ll etc.
             This is the first step in automatically building a fast gforth.
   2008-01-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, cache-fast0.vmg, cache-fast1.vmg, cache-fast2.vmg, cache-fast3.vmg, cache-fast4.vmg, cache-regs1.vmg, cache-regs2.vmg, cache-regs3.vmg, cache-regs4.vmg, configure.in:
           Added configure variable STACK_CACHE_REGS and set useful defaults
             currently supported: 0-4 regs, default reg 0-4.
           * engine/main.c:
           refined static super vs. TPA check (TPA ok if state equivalence disabled).
           * engine/main.c: reenabled static superinstructions
           disable tpa-automaton if static superinstrutions are used
   2008-01-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makefile.in, autogen.sh, configure.in:
           Added autogen.sh
           Used patch from Aleksej
   2007-12-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/dblsub.c: updated copyright year
           * COPYING.LIB, engine/dblsub.c, engine/getopt.c, engine/getopt1.c, engine/strtol.c, engine/strtoul.c, update-copyright-blacklist:
           updated LGPL and files referring to it
           bugfix in update-copyright-blacklist
           * AUTHORS, BUGS, Makedist.in, README.vmgen, ToDo, ToDo-native, add.fs, ans-report.fs, ansi.fs, arch/386/asm.fs, arch/386/testasm.fs, arch/4stack/asm.fs, arch/4stack/mach.fs, arch/4stack/mach.sh, arch/4stack/prim-new.fs, arch/4stack/prim.fs, arch/4stack/relocate-new.fs, arch/4stack/relocate.fs, arch/6502/mach.fs, arch/6502/prim.fs, arch/alpha/asm.fs, arch/alpha/disasm.fs, arch/alpha/testasm.fs, arch/amd64/asm.fs, arch/amd64/disasm.fs, arch/generic/128bit.h, arch/hppa/cache.c, arch/hppa/machine.h, arch/ia64/flush_icache_block.c, arch/ia64/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/mips/disasm.fs, arch/mips/insts.fs, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/mips/testasm.fs, arch/mips/testasmcontrol.fs, arch/mips/testdisasm.fs, arch/misc/asm.fs, arch/misc/fi2v.fs, arch/misc/key.fs, arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/misc/misc-sim.v, arch/misc/misc.v, arch/misc/prim.fs, arch/misc/sim.fs, arch/misc/sokoban.fs, arch/power/_sync_cache_range.c, arch/power/asm.fs, arch/power/disasm.fs, arch/power/inst.fs, arch/power/machine.h, arch/r8c/asm.fs, arch/sharc/compile.sharc, arch/sharc/mach.fs, arch/sharc/machine.h, arch/sharc/systypes.h, arch/sharc/types.h, arch/shboom/compiler.fs, arch/shboom/dis.fs, arch/shboom/dis2.fs, arch/shboom/doers.fs, arch/shboom/mach.fs, arch/shboom/prim.fs, arch/shboom/sh.p, arch/sparc/machine.h, asm/basic.fs, asm/bitmask.fs, asm/generic.fs, asm/numref.fs, asm/target.fs, assert.fs, backtrac.fs, bufio.fs, chains.fs, code.fs, colorize.fs, config.bat, configure.cmd, debug.fs, depth-changes.fs, dis-gdb.fs, doc/vmgen.texi, dosekey.fs, doskey.fs, ds2texi.fs, ec/builttag.fs, ec/dotx.fs, ec/mirror.fs, ec/nesting.fs, ec/shex.fs, engine/atanh.c, engine/cleanalign.c, engine/io.h, engine/memcmp.c, engine/memmove.c, engine/peephole.c, engine/pow10.c, engine/profile.c, engine/rint.c, engine/select.c, engine/strerror.c, engine/strsignal.c, environ.fs, envos.dos, envos.os2, exboot.fs, filedump.fs, fixpath.fs, gfgen, gforthmi.bat, gforthmi.cmd, gforthmi.in, glosgen.fs, gray.fs, growable.fs, hash.fs, html.fs, httpd.fs, intcomp.fs, iss.sh, kernel/args.fs, kernel/cbr.fs, kernel/cbrpi.fs, kernel/cloop.fs, kernel/cloop2.fs, kernel/cond-old.fs, kernel/doers.fs, kernel/errore.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/license.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/pass.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/prim0.fs, kernel/quotes.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/saccept.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, libffi.fs, locals-test.fs, locals.fs, locate.fs, look.fs, mach16b.fs, mach16l.fs, mach32b.fs, mach32l.fs, mach64b.fs, mach64l.fs, make-app.fs, mkdosmf.sed, mkos2mf.sed, model, moof-exm.fs, more.fs, netlib/configure.in, other.fs, peeprules.vmg, prims2cl.fs, prof-inline.fs, profile.fs, proxy.fs, random.fs, regexp-test.fs, script.fs, see-ext.fs, sokoban.fs, source.fs, status.fs, string.fs, table.fs, tags.fs, tasker.fs, termsize.fs, test/coreext.fs, test/coremore.fs, test/other.fs, test/primtest.fs, test/string.fs, traceall.fs, unbuffer.fs, unix/time.fs, versions.bsh, vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex/README, vmgen-ex/disasm.c, vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/mini-inst.vmg, vmgen-ex/mini.h, vmgen-ex/mini.l, vmgen-ex/mini.y, vmgen-ex/peephole.c, vmgen-ex/profile.c, vmgen-ex/support.c, vmgen-ex2/Makefile, vmgen-ex2/README, vmgen-ex2/disasm.c, vmgen-ex2/engine.c, vmgen-ex2/mini-inst.vmg, vmgen-ex2/mini.h, vmgen-ex2/mini.l, vmgen-ex2/mini.y, vmgen-ex2/peephole.c, vmgen-ex2/profile.c, vmgen-ex2/support.c, vmgen.in, vt100.fs, wordinfo.fs, wordlib.fs, wordlib.mk, wordsets.fs, xwords.fs, xxxprim:
           updated copyright year after changing license notice
           * COPYING, doc/fdl.texi, doc/gforth.ds, doc/gpl.texi, doc/vmgen.texi:
           Updated COPYING and doc/gpl.texi to GPL v3
           adjusted dectioning etc in documentation for new gpl.texi
           * AUTHORS, BUGS, BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, ChangeLog, Makedist.in, Makefile.in, NEWS, NEWS.vmgen, README, README.vmgen, ToDo, ToDo-native, add.fs, ans-report.fs, ansi.fs, arch/386/asm.fs, arch/386/machine.h, arch/386/ncex/ncexasm.fs, arch/386/ncex/ncexcache.fs, arch/386/ncex/ncexcfstack.fs, arch/386/ncex/ncextree.fs, arch/386/testasm.fs, arch/4stack/asm.fs, arch/4stack/mach.fs, arch/4stack/mach.sh, arch/4stack/prim-new.fs, arch/4stack/prim.fs, arch/4stack/relocate-new.fs, arch/4stack/relocate.fs, arch/6502/mach.fs, arch/6502/prim.fs, arch/alpha/asm.fs, arch/alpha/disasm.fs, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/alpha/testasm.fs, arch/amd64/asm.fs, arch/amd64/disasm.fs, arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/arm/cacheflush0.c, arch/arm/cacheflush1.c, arch/arm/cacheflush2.c, arch/arm/machine.h, arch/generic/128bit.h, arch/generic/machine.h, arch/hppa/cache.c, arch/hppa/machine.h, arch/ia64/flush_icache_block.c, arch/ia64/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/mips/disasm.fs, arch/mips/insts.fs, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/mips/testasm.fs, arch/mips/testasmcontrol.fs, arch/mips/testdisasm.fs, arch/misc/asm.fs, arch/misc/fi2v.fs, arch/misc/key.fs, arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/misc/misc-sim.v, arch/misc/misc.v, arch/misc/prim.fs, arch/misc/sim.fs, arch/misc/sokoban.fs, arch/power/_sync_cache_range.c, arch/power/asm.fs, arch/power/disasm.fs, arch/power/inst.fs, arch/power/machine.h, arch/r8c/asm.fs, arch/r8c/mach.fs, arch/r8c/prim.fs, arch/sharc/compile.sharc, arch/sharc/mach.fs, arch/sharc/machine.h, arch/sharc/systypes.h, arch/sharc/types.h, arch/shboom/compiler.fs, arch/shboom/dis.fs, arch/shboom/dis2.fs, arch/shboom/doers.fs, arch/shboom/mach.fs, arch/shboom/prim.fs, arch/shboom/sh.p, arch/sparc/machine.h, asm/basic.fs, asm/bitmask.fs, asm/generic.fs, asm/numref.fs, asm/target.fs, assert.fs, backtrac.fs, blocks.fs, bufio.fs, cache-fast0.vmg, cache-fast1.vmg, cache-fast2.vmg, cache-fast3.vmg, cache-fast4.vmg, cache-fast5.vmg, cache-fast6.vmg, cache-fast7.vmg, cache-fast8.vmg, cache0.vmg, cache1.vmg, chains.fs, code.fs, colorize.fs, comp-i.fs, complex.fs, config.bat, configure.cmd, configure.in, cross.fs, debug.fs, debugs.fs, depth-changes.fs, dis-gdb.fs, doc/makedoc.fs, dosekey.fs, doskey.fs, ds2texi.fs, ec/builttag.fs, ec/dotx.fs, ec/mirror.fs, ec/nesting.fs, ec/shex.fs, ekey.fs, endtry-iferror.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/atanh.c, engine/cleanalign.c, engine/ecvt.c, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/io-nxt.c, engine/io.c, engine/io.h, engine/libcc.h.in, engine/longlong.h, engine/main.c, engine/memcmp.c, engine/memmove.c, engine/peephole.c, engine/pow10.c, engine/profile.c, engine/rint.c, engine/select.c, engine/signals.c, engine/strerror.c, engine/strsignal.c, engine/support.c, engine/threaded.h, environ.fs, envos.dos, envos.fs.in, envos.os2, errors.fs, etags.fs, exboot.fs, except.fs, extend.fs, fflib.fs, fft.fs, fi2c.fs, filedump.fs, fixpath.fs, float.fs, gfgen, gforthmi.bat, gforthmi.cmd, gforthmi.in, glocals.fs, glosgen.fs, gray.fs, growable.fs, hash.fs, history.fs, html.fs, httpd.fs, intcomp.fs, iss.sh, kernel/accept.fs, kernel/aliases0.fs, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/cbr.fs, kernel/cbrpi.fs, kernel/cloop.fs, kernel/cloop2.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond-old.fs, kernel/cond.fs, kernel/doers.fs, kernel/errore.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/license.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/pass.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/prim0.fs, kernel/quotes.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/saccept.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/vars.fs, kernel/xchars.fs, lib.fs, libcc.fs, libffi.fs, locals-test.fs, locals.fs, locate.fs, look.fs, mach16b.fs, mach16l.fs, mach32b.fs, mach32l.fs, mach64b.fs, mach64l.fs, machpc.fs.in, make-app.fs, missing, mkdosmf.sed, mkos2mf.sed, model, moof-exm.fs, more.fs, netlib/configure.in, oldlib.fs, onebench.fs, other.fs, peeprules.vmg, prim, prims2cl.fs, prims2x.fs, prof-inline.fs, profile.fs, proxy.fs, quotes.fs, random.fs, recover-endtry.fs, regexp-test.fs, regexp.fs, savesys.fs, script.fs, search.fs, see-ext.fs, see.fs, simp-see.fs, sokoban.fs, source.fs, startup.fs, status.fs, string.fs, struct.fs, struct0x.fs, stuff.fs, table.fs, tags.fs, tasker.fs, termsize.fs, test/coreext.fs, test/coremore.fs, test/dbltest.fs, test/float.fs, test/gforth-nofast.fs, test/gforth.fs, test/libcc.fs, test/other.fs, test/primtest.fs, test/search.fs, test/signals.fs, test/string.fs, traceall.fs, unbuffer.fs, unix/socket.fs, unix/time.fs, update-copyright, utf-8.fs, versions.bsh, vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex/README, vmgen-ex/disasm.c, vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/mini-inst.vmg, vmgen-ex/mini.h, vmgen-ex/mini.l, vmgen-ex/mini.y, vmgen-ex/peephole.c, vmgen-ex/profile.c, vmgen-ex/support.c, vmgen-ex2/Makefile, vmgen-ex2/README, vmgen-ex2/disasm.c, vmgen-ex2/engine.c, vmgen-ex2/mini-inst.vmg, vmgen-ex2/mini.h, vmgen-ex2/mini.l, vmgen-ex2/mini.y, vmgen-ex2/peephole.c, vmgen-ex2/profile.c, vmgen-ex2/support.c, vmgen.in, vt100.fs, vt100key.fs, wf.fs, wordinfo.fs, wordlib.fs, wordlib.mk, wordsets.fs, xwords.fs, xxxprim:
           updated copyright notices for GPL v3
           * arch/r8c/mach.fs, BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Benchres, ChangeLog, INSTALL, Makefile.in, NEWS, NEWS.vmgen, README, arch/386/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/arm/machine.h, arch/generic/machine.h, arch/r8c/prim.fs, blocks.fs, cache-fast0.vmg, cache-fast1.vmg, cache-fast2.vmg, cache-fast3.vmg, cache-fast4.vmg, cache-fast5.vmg, cache-fast6.vmg, cache-fast7.vmg, cache-fast8.vmg, cache0.vmg, cache1.vmg, comp-i.fs, complex.fs, configure.in, cross.fs, debugs.fs, doc/gforth.ds, doc/makedoc.fs, ekey.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/ecvt.c, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/io.c, engine/libcc.h.in, engine/longlong.h, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, engine/support.c, engine/threaded.h, envos.fs.in, errors.fs, etags.fs, except.fs, extend.fs, fflib.fs, fft.fs, fi2c.fs, float.fs, gforth.el, glocals.fs, history.fs, kernel/accept.fs, kernel/aliases0.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/vars.fs, kernel/xchars.fs, lib.fs, libcc.fs, machpc.fs.in, missing, oldlib.fs, prim, prims2x.fs, quotes.fs, regexp.fs, savesys.fs, search.fs, see.fs, simp-see.fs, startup.fs, struct.fs, stuff.fs, test/dbltest.fs, test/float.fs, test/gforth-nofast.fs, test/gforth.fs, test/signals.fs, unix/socket.fs, update-copyright, utf-8.fs, vt100key.fs, wf.fs:
           updated copyright years
           * update-copyright, update-copyright-blacklist:
           updated update-copyright-blacklist
           update-copyright author report in more usable format
           * missing, test/libcc.fs, update-copyright, update-copyright-blacklist:
           Copyright comments updated
           update-copyrigh now reports the author of "no copyright" files
           * update-copyright: adapted update-copyrights to current system
   2007-12-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: added floating-point tutorial
   2007-12-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: documentation fix
   2007-12-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * README, configure.in, engine/signals.c, history.fs:
           Some bugfixes and cleanups by Jorge Acereda <AE069F38-47DD-4037-9434-89A9489456EF@gmail.com>
   2007-12-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * README: CVS history test
           * libcc.fs: deleted empty line
   2007-12-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, envos.fs.in, libcc.fs:
           support different libtool names (based on configure.in)
           * libcc.fs:
           libcc now outputs errors on stderr and does not require LIB-ERROR
           * configure.in, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, libcc.fs, prim:
           libcc.fs now uses libtool
           OPEN-LIB and LIB-SYM now call libltdl (libtool) functions
             probably needs some additional adjustment in configure.in
           added LIB-ERROR
   2007-11-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * .cvsignore, config.guess, config.sub, doc/.cvsignore, engine/.cvsignore, netlib/.cvsignore:
           added stuff to the .cvsignore files (thanks to Dennis Ruffer)
           updated config.guess, config.sub to the latest versions
           * test/ttester.fs: another ttester.fs bugfix
           * test/ttester.fs:
           ttester.fs improved error reporting: once more with unified stack
           * test/ttester.fs: ttester.fs bugfix and improved error reporting
   2007-11-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/ttester.fs: fixed typo, comment case
   2007-10-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, kernel/cond.fs, libcc.fs:
           added -DBURG_FORMAT compile-time option for generating burg grammars etc.
           cleaned up debugp() definition
           documentation bugfix (ELSE)
           * engine/main.c: added --print-sequences
   2007-10-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/ttester.fs:
           ttester bugfix: ...}T now handles non-empty start-depths
   2007-10-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * history.fs: CTRL ? now works
           * history.fs:
           CTRL now works with lower-case letters <bill-3F687F.10282322102007@cnews.newsguy.com>
           * Makefile.in, search.fs, test/search.fs:
           bugfix <2007Oct22.192528@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at> and cleanup
   2007-10-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/xchars.fs, utf-8.fs: Better xhold (no buffer)
           Fixed +x/string deferred words
           * fft.fs, kernel/xchars.fs: Added xhold
   2007-10-03  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, complex.fs: Added stack comments to complex.fs
           * Makefile.in, regexp.fs:
           Added glossary entries to regexp (but no documentation chapter)
           * oldlib.fs: Changed oldlib words
           * doc/gforth.ds, kernel/xchars.fs, utf-8.fs:
           Added documentation for xchars
   2007-09-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * history.fs, vt100key.fs: Made new scheme work in different bases
           Added first/last key do vt100key.fs
           * history.fs: Fixes for command line editing
           * comp-i.fs, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, kernel/aliases0.fs, kernel/comp.fs, prim, see.fs:
           Constants compile to literals
   2007-09-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Agenda, NEWS: small fixes in NEWS and Agenda
   2007-09-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, savesys.fs:
           DESTDIR is now not in the INCLUDED-FILES of the installed gforth.fi
   2007-09-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: install TAGS are now created correctly (untested).
   2007-09-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim, test/signals.fs: workaround for lesser m4s in prim
           disabled aggressive test in test/signals.fs that led to spurious failures
   2007-09-15  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * utf-8.fs: Added environment query for encoding
           * kernel/xchars.fs, utf-8.fs:
           Xchar changes after discussion at EuroForth 2007
   2007-09-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * NEWS, NEWS.vmgen: Updated NEWS.vmgen (incomplete?) and NEWS
           * ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog
   2007-09-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c:
           bugfix (reserve stack space for FTOS even if USE_NO_FTOS is defined)
             A better way to fix this would be to use an appropriate cache-fast.vmg
   2007-08-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/ttester.fs: documentation changes, eliminated FSENSITIVITY
           * test/tester.fs, test/ttester.fs: ttester.fs now preserves BASE
   2007-08-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/ttester.fs: bugfixes
   2007-08-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/support.c, prim, Makefile.in:
           OPEN-FILE with W/O no longer creates or truncates files (probably bugfix)
             compatibility file for old code missing
           Bugfix in Makefile.in
           * test/tester.fs: added licensing header for tester.fs
           * COPYING.LIB, Makefile.in, test/ttester.fs:
           Inserted attribution and Copyright for ftester stuff into ttester.fs
           Include COPYING.LIB because of the ftester stuff
   2007-08-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, test/tester.fs, test/ttester.fs:
           split test/ttester.fs off from test/tester.fs.
           added support for ftester-style approximate matching.
           added support for approximate matching on shared-stack systems (RXRX}T etc.).
           * doc/gforth.ds, engine/support.c, test/float.fs:
           rewrote to_float to fix bugs reported in <89241137153560@frunobulax.edu>.
           added tests for these bugs.
           unrelated documentation bugfix.
   2007-08-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * quotes.fs: Documentation bugfix
   2007-08-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, gforth.el:
           gforth.el: changes for byte-compiling (from Darren Bane, see
           Makefile.in: generate and install gforth.elc
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makefile.in:
           minor fixes suggested by Aleksej Saushev
   2007-08-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/tester.fs: changed comments in test/tester.fs
           * test/tester.fs: minor changes in test/tester.fs
           * test/tester.fs: added fp stuff to test/tester.fs
           * kernel/int.fs, test/tester.fs:
           Now signs after the number prefix are accepted.
           Tester can now work with non-empty stacks at the start
   2007-08-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, quotes.fs:
           made s\" conform with RfD v4 of X:escaped-strings
           de-documented \"-parse (internal word, not clean enough for general consumption)
   2007-08-10  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * fft.fs: Added hamming filter to FFT
   2007-07-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: Don't try to distribute doc/texinfo.tex (deleted)
           * doc/texinfo.tex: removed texinfo.tex (buggy with current etex=pdftex)
   2007-07-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, libcc.fs:
           Bugfix for <http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?20544> (mostly from Darren Bane)
   2007-07-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * history.fs, wf.fs: Fixed UTF-8 problem in wf.fs
   2007-07-14  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/io.c, kernel/xchars.fs, utf-8.fs:
           Changes to bring utf-8.fs up to current XCHAR proposal
   2007-07-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: enhanced 'make checkdoc'
           * doc/gforth.ds, prims2x.fs:
           minor bugfixes (left-over stack items) in prims2x.fs
           fixed documentation bugs
   2007-07-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cache-fast0.vmg, cache-fast1.vmg, cache-fast2.vmg, cache-fast3.vmg, cache-fast4.vmg, cache-fast5.vmg, cache-fast6.vmg, cache-fast7.vmg, cache-fast8.vmg, cache0.vmg, cache1.vmg:
           minor cleanups
           * arch/amd64/machine.h, cache-fast1.vmg, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h:
           enabled fpTOS caching
   2007-07-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/tools.fs, answords.fs, blocks.fs, doc/gforth.ds, doc/makedoc.fs, extend.fs, float.fs, glocals.fs, prim, search.fs:
           fixed most problems reported by "make checkdoc"
   2007-07-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makefile.in:
           checkone now doesn't compare #line lines
           removed debugging tracer in BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, configure.in:
           minor fixes (mostly suggested by Aleksej Saushev)
   2007-07-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, configure.in: configure M4 automatically
           * Makefile.in: m4 is now called throug make variable M4
   2007-07-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/io.c, history.fs, kernel/accept.fs:
           Changed getkey so that an EINTR error gives ^L instead of EOF
           * engine/io.c: Use timespec struct (should be portable)
           * engine/io.c, history.fs: Fixed key_avail on Alpha
   2007-07-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/alpha/machine.h: minor bugfix
           * arch/amd64/machine.h, engine/main.c, arch/386/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h:
           generalized code padding and added 386 and AMD64 padding
           * engine/main.c: native branch target alignment for Alpha.  Speedup:
              sieve bubble matrix  fib
               1.309 1.160  1.409 1.834 without code alignment
               0.906 1.040  1.242 1.040 with code alignment
   2007-07-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * history.fs: Removed KEY? in AT-XY?
   2007-06-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * lib.fs: Fix for libc also where it belongs (lib.fs)
           * kernel/accept.fs, unix/socket.fs, history.fs, utf-8.fs:
           Added darwin test to libc load in socket.fs
           Fix for terminal resize problem
   2007-06-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim: optimized J and K (don't use doubles, gcc bug)
           * Makefile, configure, configure.in, engine/Makefile.in, engine/longlong.h, engine/main.c, engine/support.c, machpc.fs:
           fixed minor bug in -falign-* configure tests
           cleaned up dependencies on .h files in engine/Makefile.in
           made Alpha port compile with gcc-2.95 (disabled longlong.h division)
           optimized Alpha port:
             use old division code
             native code after a jump is now aligned.  Speed effect:
              sieve bubble matrix  fib
               1.950 1.605  1.259 1.653 b1 gcc-3.3.5
               1.453 1.932  1.230 1.458 b1 gcc-3.3.5 with alignment
             aligning branch targets would probably also help
           * configure.in:
           now engine is compiled with -falign-loops=1 -falign-jumps=1 if available
   2007-06-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: added struct0x.fs to dist
           * doc/gforth.ds, startup.fs, struct0x.fs:
           Implemented and documented X:structures
           * cache-fast0.vmg: disabled unnecessary states from cache-fast0.vmg
   2007-06-24  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in: Detect -m32 option on x86_64 (makes machine=386)
           * arch/386/machine.h: Found register combination for gcc 4.2.0
   2007-06-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in: updated asm_fs and disasm_fs detection for new autoconf
   2007-06-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, configure.in, prim:
           Optimize ?BRANCH and friends with conbranch_opt (configure variable)
           * doc/gforth.ds:
           added SEE-CODE SEE-CODE-RANGE (shows dynamic native code)
           * configure.in, simp-see.fs:
           added SEE-CODE SEE-CODE-RANGE (shows dynamic native code)
           deleted use of -fforce-mem (not present in gcc-4.2)
           added use of -falign-labels=1
             (maybe use -falign-loops=1 instead and only for engines)
           * arch/386/machine.h: make --enable-force-reg work with gcc-4.1
   2007-06-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/io-nxt.c, Makefile.in, arch/arm/nxt/at91sam7s256.h, arch/arm/nxt/bt.c, arch/arm/nxt/udp.c, arch/arm/nxt/udp.h, history.fs:
           Some work on Gforth NXT
           last potential problem with line editing fixed
   2007-06-16  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/arm/nxt/bt.c, engine/io-nxt.c, history.fs: Fixed paste error
           Some further tries to get Gforth NXT to talk to me
   2007-06-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * startup.fs: added X:ekeys extension query
           * doc/gforth.ds: documented X:ekeys
   2007-06-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * ekey.fs: Implemented X:ekeys (no documentation yet)
           added sequences for various shifted, ctrled, and alted special keys
   2007-06-09  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, history.fs: Backed out bugfix for old Cygwin
           Bug fix + correct cygwin fix in history.fs
   2007-06-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/libcc.fs, doc/gforth.ds, libcc.fs:
           Documented and tested calling C function pointers
   2007-06-07  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, history.fs: Fixes for cygwin
   2007-06-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Agenda, Makefile.in, NEWS, configure.in, engine/libcc.h, engine/libcc.h.in, libcc.fs:
           documentation changes
           Updates in Makefile.in to reflect newer autoconf usage
           Distribution and installation of libcc stuff
           libcc header files are now found automatically
           Disabled vmgen installation
   2007-06-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, INSTALL: added missing dependency
           documentation changes
           * config.guess, config.sub, configure.in, elisp-comp, install-sh, missing:
           updated date in configure.in
           updated files coming from autoconf to autoconf-2.61
           * Agenda, NEWS, README, endtry-iferror.fs, recover-endtry.fs:
           updated Changelog, NEWS, Agenda.  Documentation changes
           * ChangeLog: updated ChangeLog
   2007-06-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: documentation changes
           * Makefile.in, libcc.fs, prim, startup.fs: libcc.fs is now in gforth.fi
           documentation changes
           * doc/gforth.ds, test/libcc.fs: minor fixes
           * doc/gforth.ds, lib.fs, libcc.fs, test/libcc.fs: more libcc.fs tests
           documented C interface (libcc)
           lib.fs now aborts if neither libffi nor ffcall are available (oldlib.fs is
   2007-05-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libcc.fs: libcc now puts its files into
   2007-05-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libcc.fs: libcc now manages several batches
           * test/libcc.fs: additional libcc test
   2007-05-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libcc.fs: minor libcc.fs bugfix
           * libcc.fs, test/libcc.fs: split test/libcc.fs from libcc.fs
   2007-05-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/arm/nxt/bt.c: Mode check
   2007-05-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, doc/gforth.ds:
           Use MAP_NORESERVE on OSs that support it to overcommit dict and stack memory
           Added --vm-commit option to turn off MAP_NORESERVE
   2007-05-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, engine/forth.h, engine/support.c, prim:
           use nanosleep() for MS where available (thanks to Shawn K. Quinn).
   2007-05-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * history.fs: Even better handling with keys in the buffer
           * history.fs: Better handling of keys in the buffer
           * kernel/xchars.fs, history.fs, utf-8.fs: Changes for xchar proposal
           Fixed cursor handing for multi-line edits on last line
   2007-05-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * unix/socket.fs: reintroduced FAMILY+PORT
   2007-04-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libcc.fs:
           more libcc work: now can handle multiple functions (one batch)
           * libcc.fs: more libcc work
   2007-04-24  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/arm/nxt/bt.c, engine/io-nxt.c: Fixed important bug
           * arch/arm/nxt/display.c, engine/io-nxt.c:
           Fruitless attempt to get a bit further with NXT Bluetooth
   2007-04-23  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/arm/nxt/bt.c, engine/io-nxt.c:
           More tries to get Bluetooth to work
   2007-04-22  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/io-nxt.c: Some further progress with bluetooth
           * engine/io-nxt.c:
           Some further progress with Bluetooth (not running, though)
           * configure.in, engine/support.c: Make sure normal setup works
           * arch/arm/nxt/config.nxt: Added config script
           * arch/arm/nxt/display.c, engine/io-nxt.c, engine/main.c:
           Gforth says "hello"
           * arch/arm/nxt/aic.c, arch/arm/nxt/aic.h, arch/arm/nxt/bt.c, arch/arm/nxt/bt.h, arch/arm/nxt/byte_fifo.c, arch/arm/nxt/byte_fifo.h, arch/arm/nxt/display.c, arch/arm/nxt/display.h, arch/arm/nxt/i2c.c, arch/arm/nxt/i2c.h, arch/arm/nxt/init.s, arch/arm/nxt/interrupts.h, arch/arm/nxt/interrupts.s, arch/arm/nxt/irq.s, arch/arm/nxt/make.inc, arch/arm/nxt/mytypes.h, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_avr.c, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_avr.h, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_lcd.c, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_lcd.h, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_motors.c, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_motors.h, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_spi.c, arch/arm/nxt/nxt_spi.h, arch/arm/nxt/sound.c, arch/arm/nxt/sound.h, arch/arm/nxt/systick.c, arch/arm/nxt/systick.h, arch/arm/nxt/twi.c, arch/arm/nxt/twi.h, arch/arm/nxt/uart.c, arch/arm/nxt/uart.h, arch/arm/nxt/udp.c, arch/arm/nxt/udp.h, arch/arm/nxt/vectors.s, engine/Makefile.in, engine/io-nxt.c, arch/arm/nxt/AT91SAM7.h, configure.in:
           NXT Gforth now compiles (but doesn't run yet)
   2007-04-15  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/arm/nxt/gforth.ld, arch/arm/nxt/vectors.s, configure.in, engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, engine/support.c:
           Configure work to make Gforth on NXT compile without much effort
   2007-04-09  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/io-nxt.c: NXT-specific IO file (stub)
           * Makefile.in, arch/generic/machine.h, configure.in, engine/Makefile.in, engine/io.c, engine/main.c, engine/support.c, fi2c.fs, machpc.fs.in:
           Some stuff to get closer to run Gforth on NXT
   2007-04-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libcc.fs: more work on libcc
   2007-04-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in, cross.fs, engine/engine.c, prim:
           C-based EC version runs now on OS hosted system.
           * configure.in, engine/signals.c: Added cygwin define
   2007-03-31  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in, cross.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, etags.fs, kernel/basics.fs, prim:
           Further work on NXT Gforth
           Fixed problem with useless kernel error messages
           TAGS generation works again
   2007-03-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, prim:
           documented FORM and reorganized related documentation
   2007-03-31  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/generic/machine.h, engine/forth.h, engine/signals.c, fi2c.fs, machpc.fs.in:
           Work on Gforth NXT
   2007-03-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, arch/generic/machine.h, configure.in, cross.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, engine/support.c, fi2c.fs, kernel/io.fs, machpc.fs.in, prim:
           C-based Gforth EC starts to work
   2007-03-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, engine/engine.c: portability fixes for ARM
   2007-03-18  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/r8c/prim.fs, fi2c.fs, kernel/int.fs, machpc.fs.in:
           Fixed some small problems further along to compile on NXT
   2007-03-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: added new files to make dist
   2007-03-18  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, machpc.fs.in:
           Another step in direction to compile for NXT
   2007-03-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, configure.in, onebench.fs:
           changed benchmarking code (use Gforth instead of GNU time)
           more assembler comment syntax variants
           * Benchres, arch/arm/cacheflush0.c, arch/arm/cacheflush1.c, arch/arm/cacheflush2.c, arch/arm/machine.h, configure.in:
           Added some support for ARM cache flushing
           * Makefile.in: added missing dependency for running autoheader
   2007-03-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, engine/engine.c:
           portability fixes for sparc-sun-solaris2.10:
             Support assembler comments other than "#", plus fallback
             better GNU make detection (does not make during configuring any more)
   2007-03-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Benchres: added UltraSparc T1 results
           * Benchres: added Xscale results
   2007-03-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Benchres, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs: documentation changes
   2007-03-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * extend.fs: M*/ now also works on symmetric-division systems
   2007-03-04  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in: Removed stupid machpc.fs regeneration in Makefile.in
           * engine/engine.c, fi2c.fs:
           better image to C conversion - let the linker do the the relocating
   2007-03-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in:
           make dist patch from Josh Message-ID: <20070301220740.GA32518@qualdan>
   2007-03-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim, test/dbltest.fs:
           --enable-force-cdiv now works for */ and */MOD (but not M*/)
           added test case for M*/
           * gforth-cgi.fs: added example cgi script
   2007-02-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, engine/threaded.h:
           GCC_PR15242_WORKAROUND is now a configure variable, not an option
           default is now to use the workaround for gcc-3.x, but not for other gccs
   2007-02-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: prims2x.fs backwards compatibility
   2007-02-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/vars.fs, debugs.fs, doc/gforth.ds, kernel/basics.fs, libcc.fs, prims2x.fs, stuff.fs:
           changed >OUTFILE ... OUTFILE< to OUTFILE-EXECUTE
           changed >INFILE ... INFILE< to INFILE-EXECUTE
           added BASE-EXECUTE
           related documentation changes
           * Makefile.in: added new files to package
           nicer onebench output
           * except.fs, test/gforth.fs: THROW bugfix
           added tests for new TRY variants
   2007-02-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, endtry-iferror.fs, gforth.el, recover-endtry.fs:
           added support for new try words in gforth.el
           added compatibility files endtry-iferror.fs recover-endtry.fs
   2007-02-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * blocks.fs, doc/gforth.ds, except.fs:
           added endtry-iferror and used it in blocks.fs
           documented new try... constructs
   2007-02-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * blocks.fs: deal properly with the absence of RECOVER, next try
           * blocks.fs: deal properly with the absence of RECOVER
           * blocks.fs, except.fs, prims2x.fs, see.fs, stuff.fs:
           added RESTORE and IFERROR, deleted RECOVER (undocumented)
           * except.fs:
           changed TRY...RECOVER...ENDTRY to also cover the code between RECOVER
             and ENDTRY; not yet documented
           Threw out RETHROW
   2007-02-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * fi2c.fs, lib.fs:
           Changed fi2c so that the included C image can be relocated at read time
           Added a libc definition to lib.fs
   2007-02-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/support.c: minor fix
           * Makefile.in, configure.in: more changes for SELinux black magic
   2007-02-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, engine/support.c: minor fixes
           * configure.in: workaround for SELinux mmap breakage
   2007-02-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libcc.fs: some work on batching c functions
   2007-02-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libcc.fs: more work on libcc.fs
   2007-02-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/gforth-nofast.fs: fixed compatibility with some BSD
           * engine/ecvt.c: added inf and nan handling to our replacement ecvt()
           * configure.in, prim: eliminated GNU-m4-specific usage
   2007-02-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, contrib/divspeed.fs, compat/struct.fs, struct.fs:
           documentation bug fixes thanks to Sam Falvo and Viktor Pavlu
   2007-01-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * extend.fs: M*/ is now floored
   2007-01-21  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, arch/generic/machine.h, configure.in:
           Some more work to get a C-based Gforth EC work with autoconf
   2007-01-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: minor changes
   2007-01-21  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doc/gforth.ds, machpc.fs.in, Makefile.in, configure.in:
           Started with Gforth EC NXT
   2007-01-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: improved stack boundary memory protection
   2007-01-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, errors.fs, libcc.fs, search.fs:
           lists and C prelude stuff in libcc.fs
           minor changes
   2007-01-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in: minor bugfix
           * INSTALL: updated cross-configuration information
   2007-01-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * fflib.fs: Bugfix (thanks to Dennis Ruffer)
           * engine/forth.h, engine/support.c, configure.in, prim:
           On PPC now long long is used except with gcc-2.95
           BUGGY_LONG_LONG now works again
   2006-12-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * update-copyright-blacklist:
           some more files in update-copyright-blacklist
           * test/float.fs, test/gforth.fs, unix/socket.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/pass.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/saccept.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/vars.fs, kernel/xchars.fs, kernel/accept.fs, kernel/aliases0.fs, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/cbr.fs, kernel/cloop.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/errore.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/input.fs, ec/shex.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/dblsub.c, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/io.c, engine/longlong.h, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, engine/support.c, doc/gforth.ds, arch/386/machine.h, arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/misc/prim.fs, startup.fs, stuff.fs, update-copyright, update-copyright-blacklist, utf-8.fs, wf.fs, fflib.fs, fixpath.fs, float.fs, hash.fs, history.fs, httpd.fs, lib.fs, libffi.fs, prim, prims2x.fs, proxy.fs, regexp.fs, savesys.fs, see.fs, debugs.fs, ekey.fs, envos.fs.in, except.fs, ans-report.fs, backtrac.fs, blocks.fs, cache-fast1.vmg, cross.fs, Makefile.in, NEWS, NEWS.vmgen, README, BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Benchres, ChangeLog, Makedist.in:
           updated copyright years
           * update-copyright: changed output format
           * contrib/divspeed.fs: minor change
           * README: documentation change
   2006-12-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * see.fs, tt.fs: minor code cleanup
           * doc/gforth.ds: documentation bugfix (thanks to Josh)
   2006-12-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libcc.fs, except.fs: libcc with first working function
           * debugs.fs, float.fs, stuff.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           added >OUTFILE ... OUTFILE<, >INFILE...INFILE< and use it in ~~
   2006-12-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/libcc.h, libcc.fs: more work on libcc
           * libcc.fs: more work on libcc.fs
   2006-12-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * libcc.fs, savesys.fs: progress on libcc.fs
           renamed SAVE-STRING-DICT into SAVE-MEM-DICT (cf. SAVE-MEM).
   2006-12-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, ans-report.fs, xwords.fs:
           ans-report.fs now reports CfV extensions
           * ans-report.fs, answords.fs: marked obsolescent words as such
   2006-11-28  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * history.fs: History disabling in xchar mode
   2006-11-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/cloop.fs: Fixed LEAVE on flash targets
   2006-11-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, engine/Makefile.in:
           updated Makefile.ins with engine/longlong.h dependencies
           * engine/longlong.h, engine/support.c:
           Mixed division support now uses the routines from gcc's longlong.h
   2006-10-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/386/machine.h, arch/amd64/machine.h, prim:
           Simplified FM/MOD SM/REM UM/MOD to use fmdiv or 5-argument ASM_...
           Eliminated 4-argument ASM_...
           * prim: */ and */mod now use ASM_SM_SLASH_REM if available
           * engine/dblsub.c, engine/forth.h, engine/support.c, prim:
           new double-by-single division code
           rewrote double-by-single-division code to work with long longs
           started using the double-by-single-division code instead of C long long division  (fm/mod)
   2006-10-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * contrib/divspeed.fs: updated contrib/divspeed.fs
   2006-10-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, contrib/divspeed.fs, test/coremore.fs, test/gforth-nofast.fs, test/gforth.fs:
           rearranged tests
           added contrib/divspeed.fs by Krishna Myneni
   2006-10-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, test/gforth-nofast.fs, test/gforth.fs, doc/gforth.ds, prim, Makefile.in:
           Disabled division checks in gforth-fast
           documented that and the floored division default
   2006-10-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, prims2x.fs:
           eliminated some "Cell" mentions from prims2x.fs
           added some comments to gforth.ds
   2006-10-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, engine/dblsub.c: optimized checking in dblsub.c
           documentation changes
   2006-10-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/dblsub.c, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, prim:
           fixes to make the division checking work with dblsub.c
           * test/gforth.out, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/signals.c, test/coretest.out, test/gforth.fs, Makefile.in, engine/dblsub.c, prim:
           added checking for division by zero and division overflow to
             mixed-size division words (*/ */mod fm/mod sm/rem um/mod).
           these exceptions are now tested in our test suite
           fixed bug in testing
   2006-10-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/signals.c, prim:
           explicit checks for division by zero and overflow on division
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, doc/gforth.ds:
           added --ignore-async-signals
           fixed typo
   2006-10-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: more PPC assembler documentation
   2006-10-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, arch/power/asm.fs, arch/power/disasm.fs, arch/power/inst.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           Integrated and documented the PowerPC assembler.
           * arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.mulhwu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.mulld, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.mullw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.neg, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.subf, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.subfc, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.subfe, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.subfme, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.subfze, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xs/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xs/north.sradi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.rfid, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.add, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.addc, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.adde, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.addme, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.addze, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.divd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.divdu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.divw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.divwu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.mulhd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.mulhdu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xo/north.mulhw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xfx/north.mtspr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.bcctr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.bclr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.crand, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.crandc, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.creqv, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.crnand, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.crnor, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.cror, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.crorc, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.crxor, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.isync, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.mcrf, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xl/north.rfi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.tlbie, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.tlbsync, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.tw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.xor, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xfl/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xfl/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xfl/north.mtfsf, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xfx/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xfx/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xfx/north.mfspr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xfx/north.mftb, arch/power/test/mnemonic/xfx/north.mtcrf, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.sthbrx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.sthux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.sthx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stswi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stswx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stwbrx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stwcx., arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stwux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stwx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.sync, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.td, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.tlbia, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.srd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.srw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stbux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stbx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stdcx., arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stdux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stdx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stfdux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stfdx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stfiwx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stfsux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.stfsx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mtsr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mtsrd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mtsrdin, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mtsrin, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.nand, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.nor, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.or, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.orc, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.slbia, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.slbie, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.sld, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.slw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.srad, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.sraw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.srawi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lwaux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lwax, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lwbrx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lwzux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lwzx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mcrfs, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mcrxr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mfcr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mffs, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mfmsr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mfsr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mfsrin, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mtfsb0, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mtfsb1, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mtfsfi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mtmsr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.mtmsrd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.icbi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lbzux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lbzx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.ldarx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.ldux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.ldx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lfdux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lfdx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lfsux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lfsx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lhaux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lhax, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lhbrx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lhzux, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lhzx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lswi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lswx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.lwarx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.eieio, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.eqv, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.extsb, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.extsh, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.extsw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fabs, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fcfid, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fcmpo, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fcmpu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fctid, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fctidz, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fctiw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fctiwz, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fmr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fnabs, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.fneg, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.frsp, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.and, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.andc, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.cmp, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.cmpl, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.cntlzd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.cntlzw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.dcba, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.dcbf, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.dcbi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.dcbst, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.dcbt, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.dcbtst, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.dcbz, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.eciwx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/north.ecowx, arch/power/test/mnemonic/md/north.rldic, arch/power/test/mnemonic/md/north.rldicl, arch/power/test/mnemonic/md/north.rldicr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/md/north.rldimi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/mds/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/mds/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/mds/north.rldcl, arch/power/test/mnemonic/mds/north.rldcr, arch/power/test/mnemonic/sc/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/sc/north.sc, arch/power/test/mnemonic/x/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/ds/north.lwa, arch/power/test/mnemonic/ds/north.std, arch/power/test/mnemonic/ds/north.stdu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/i/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/i/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/i/north.b, arch/power/test/mnemonic/m/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/m/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/m/north.rlwimi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/m/north.rlwinm, arch/power/test/mnemonic/m/north.rlwnm, arch/power/test/mnemonic/md/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/md/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.sthu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.stmw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.stw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.stwu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.subfic, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.tdi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.twi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.xori, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.xoris, arch/power/test/mnemonic/ds/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/ds/north.ld, arch/power/test/mnemonic/ds/north.ldu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lhau, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lhz, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lhzu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lmw, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lwz, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lwzu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.mulli, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.ori, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.oris, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.stb, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.stbu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.stfd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.stfdu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.stfs, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.stfsu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.sth, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lfd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lfdu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lfs, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lfsu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lha, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.addi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.addic, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.addic., arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.addis, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.andi., arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.andis., arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.cmpi, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.cmpli, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lbz, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/north.lbzu, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fnmsubs, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fres, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.frsqrte, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fsel, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fsqrt, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fsqrts, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fsub, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fsubs, arch/power/test/mnemonic/b/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/b/north.bdnz, arch/power/test/mnemonic/b/north.blt, arch/power/test/mnemonic/b/north.bne, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/d/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/CHECK, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/mnemonics, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fadd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fadds, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fdiv, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fdivs, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fmadd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fmadds, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fmsub, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fmsubs, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fmul, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fmuls, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fnmadd, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fnmadds, arch/power/test/mnemonic/a/north.fnmsub, arch/power/test/mnemonic/test_disasm-inst.py, arch/power/tags/disasm-core/inst.fs, arch/power/tags/disasm-core/inst_field_test.sh, arch/power/tags/disasm-core/to_test, arch/power/tags/disasm-core/to_test2, arch/power/test/inst_field/befehle_binaer, arch/power/test/inst_field/inst_field_test.sh, arch/power/test/inst_field/to_test, arch/power/test/inst_field/to_test2, arch/power/test/mnemonic/find_mnemonic.sh, arch/power/test/mnemonic/find_mnemonics.sh, arch/power/test/mnemonic/make_unique.py, arch/power/test/mnemonic/test_all_forms.sh, arch/power/test/mnemonic/test_asm.py, arch/power/nofsfcopyright/asm.fs, arch/power/nofsfcopyright/disasm.fs, arch/power/nofsfcopyright/ops.fs, arch/power/paper/Makefile, arch/power/paper/asm_disasm_paper.tex, arch/power/paper/biblio.tex, arch/power/paper/chapter1.tex, arch/power/paper/chapter2.tex, arch/power/paper/chapter3.tex, arch/power/paper/chapter4.tex, arch/power/tags/disasm-core/befehle_binaer, arch/power/tags/disasm-core/disasm.fs, arch/power/tags/disasm-core/form_test.py, arch/power/asm.fs, arch/power/disasm.fs, arch/power/inst.fs:
           added PPC assembler by Michal Revucky; and another one without FSF copyright
   2006-10-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, except.fs: documented NOTHROW
           * prim: bugfix
   2006-10-11  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, blocks.fs, except.fs, wf.fs:
           Replaced rethrow solution with nothrow
   2006-10-08  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * except.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, startup.fs, wf.fs, backtrac.fs, blocks.fs:
           Renamed THROW>ERROR to RETHROW
   2006-10-07  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * proxy.fs, unix/socket.fs: Fixes to make the proxy stuff work again
           * httpd.fs: Bugfixing and some comments about how to get it to work
           * unix/socket.fs: Generic libc.so for BSDs
           * httpd.fs:
           Catch mime-read so that it won't fail when there's no mime.types
           * unix/socket.fs: Fixes to socket.fs, proposed by Aleksejj Saushev
   2006-10-03  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * regexp.fs: Regexp replacements added
   2006-09-15  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c: Save callback global variables
   2006-08-26  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/r8c/prim.fs, utf-8.fs, wf.fs: flash-enale fixed
   2006-08-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/r8c/terminal.fs: Added welcome message to R8C terminal
   2006-07-08  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/r8c/prim.fs, arch/r8c/terminal.fs:
           Nested file inclusion possible
   2006-07-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/basics.fs: Fixed roll code
   2006-06-09  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * prim: Fixed buggy_long_long problems in ffi
   2006-06-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * ekey.fs: Fixed EKEY with unicode
   2006-06-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: reduced CODE_BLOCK_SIZE to 512k (for release)
   2006-05-27  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makedist.in: Added some generated files to binary distribution list
           * arch/r8c/prim.fs, arch/r8c/tasker.fs, arch/r8c/tt.fs, kernel/saccept.fs:
           Bugfix in simple accept
           deferred PAUSE in Gforth R8C kernel (for ms)
           * arch/r8c/lauftext.fs, arch/r8c/prim.fs, arch/r8c/tasker.fs, arch/r8c/asm.fs, configure.in:
           Timer interrupt for Gforth R8C
   2006-05-26  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * backtrac.fs, except.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/vars.fs:
           Fixed problem with error stack leftovers
   2006-05-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/r8c/lauftext.fs, arch/r8c/prim.fs, fflib.fs, libffi.fs, prim:
           Added long/dlong type
           ADC-controlled running text
           Interrupt table space
   2006-05-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, Agenda, Benchres, Makefile.in, NEWS, NEWS.vmgen:
           Makefile: undid change requiring gforth-fast to build first
             other changes for packaging
             added POST_INSTALL etc. tags
           Updated NEWS files to 2006-05-07
           minor documentation changes
   2006-05-13  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/tools.fs, Makefile.in, arch/r8c/lauftext.fs, configure.in:
           Added texi2dvi[4a2ps] check
           Fixed maxdepth_.s glossary entry
   2006-05-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * ChangeLog: updated Changelog (but not yet processed for NEWS)
   2006-05-07  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/r8c/tasker.fs: Fixed multitasker bug
   2006-05-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * see.fs:
           slightly improved behaviour for .WORD when it sees a nameless word
           * kernel/tools.fs, doc/gforth.ds, stuff.fs: documentation changes
   2006-05-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in: Multitasker for R8C
           running light in background
   2006-05-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: moved chains.fs from KERN_SRC to EC_SRC
           * blocks.fs, hash.fs, history.fs, kernel/int.fs, utf-8.fs:
           eliminated INIT8 and the use of chains.fs
           * kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds: documentation changes
   2006-04-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/comp.fs:
           Some simplifications for Gforth EC
           * kernel/int.fs: Disabled chaining for Gforth EC
   2006-04-22  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * iss.sh: Comment changed
           * iss.sh: Copyright for 2006 added
           * Makefile.in: R8C files added to distribution
   2006-04-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * cross.fs: Make ram-mirror words visible
   2006-04-14  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/io.c: Added setlocale() for numerals (set to "C")
   2006-04-10  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs: Accident reverted
           * httpd.fs, kernel/int.fs, unix/socket.fs: HTTP fixes
   2006-04-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * startup.fs: added X:required extension query
   2006-04-09  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in: Build-ec setting at the right place
           * configure.in: Build-ec flag setting
           * Makefile.in: R8C data region cleanup
           build-ec execution flag set
           * Makedist.in: build-ec distribution
           * Makefile.in, build-ec.in, configure.in, fixpath.fs, iss.sh:
           Automatic fixpath
           Build script for EC
           * configure.in: Updated snapshot date
           * Makefile.in: Small changes
   2006-04-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/io.c, prim: documentation changes
           another fix to getkey()
           * engine/io.c: more cleanup of key_avail() and getkey()
           * engine/io.c: bugfixes and cleanup of key_avail() and getkey()
           * engine/io.c: prep_terminal() only for stdin KEY-FILE?
   2006-04-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, libcc.fs: added libcc.fs
   2006-04-08  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * iss.sh: Some fixes for Windows setup.exe
           * fixpath.fs, iss.sh: Fixes for windows distribution
           * Makedist.in, iss.sh: Changes for making distribution
   2006-04-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: dependence on envos.fs added
   2006-04-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * lib.fs: bugfix (open declaration).
   2006-04-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/io.c: docommented bugs in KEY?-FILE and KEY-FILE.
   2006-04-02  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * envos.fs: deteled envos.fs (envos.fs.in is the right way to go)
           * envos.fs: 8 bit mode terminal
   2006-04-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: continued documenting the C interface
           * doc/gforth.ds, ekey.fs, prim: documentation changes
   2006-04-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c: Minor fix
           * configure.in, engine/main.c, envos.fs, envos.fs.in, Makefile.in:
           Environment OS from $host_os
           R8C changes
           Better output when there are no performance problems
   2006-03-26  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/cbr.fs, kernel/cloop.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/saccept.fs:
           Made tetris for terminal run on the R8C (almost, at least)
   2006-03-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/errore.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/saccept.fs, kernel/vars.fs, cross.fs:
           Further R8C Forth additions: LCD init, ADC fetch, /line limit...
           * kernel/saccept.fs: R8C mods
   2006-03-20  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: No xml header (due to IE)
   2006-03-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Made ?xml optional
           * wf.fs: Some minor improvements
           reverted print-css
   2006-03-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: minor documentation fix
   2006-03-12  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, arch/misc/tt.fs: Docdist improvement
           * configure.in, BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makefile.in: Another small fix
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH:
           Added stamp-h.in creation when doing autoheader in BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH
   2006-03-11  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doc/gforth.ds: Fixed broken Const-does> link
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, prim:
           Added gforth_ prefix to some functions
           * doc/gforth.ds: Fixed links in C interface part
           * engine/main.c: Warnings squashing cont.
           * engine/support.c: Another warning suppression
           * Makefile.in: Generate fast prim first
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, prim:
           Reduced warnings
           * engine/Makefile.in: stamp-h.in
           * Makefile.in: stamp-h dependency
   2006-03-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs: Added savesystem for R8C
           * kernel/comp.fs: A few more fixes
           * kernel/comp.fs: Variables for flash
           * kernel/cbr.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/vars.fs, cross.fs:
           Flash-enabled Gforth EC
   2006-03-04  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, cross.fs:
           Beginning of a direct-flash Gforth
   2006-02-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: added DESTDIR support (see Make manual or GNU standards)
             however, .INCLUDED is still wrong at the moment
   2006-02-26  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/comp.fs: Started work on writing R8C data flash
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs: Enable data memory
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/pass.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/vars.fs:
           Further work on R8C forth
   2006-02-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/comp.fs: Further R8C fixes, added LCD words
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/cbr.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/saccept.fs, libffi.fs:
           R8C Forth works!
           * wf.fs, regexp.fs: R8C stuff
   2006-02-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: started documenting the C interface
   2006-02-21  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doc/gforth.ds:
           Added Xchar chapter stub so that manual generation works again
   2006-02-20  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in, Makefile.in: make dist fixes in makefile
           problems with path separator on cygwin (now Unix-like again)
   2006-02-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, utf-8.fs: minor changes
   2006-02-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in, utf-8.fs: no u8width if wcwidth is not there
           bumped up intermediate version
           * configure.in, history.fs, kernel/int.fs, utf-8.fs:
           Further work on r8c
           Fix of history
   2006-02-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds:
           Documented LC_* and LANG env vars, and updated Pedigree section
   2006-02-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/io.c, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/xchars.fs, history.fs, prim, utf-8.fs:
           Added x-width
           Further r8c work
   2006-02-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * history.fs: less traffic for clear-line
           * kernel/accept.fs, history.fs:
           bugfix: command-line history and UTF-8 now work better
   2006-02-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/aliases0.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, cross.fs:
           Separated values from constants (cross and kernel sources, no engine yet)
   2006-02-18  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/int.fs, cross.fs: Further progress on R8C
           * cross.fs: Improved R8C port (NEXT was wrong)
           * cross.fs, kernel/vars.fs: Fixed cross
   2006-02-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, compat/execute-parsing.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           added compat/execute-parsing.fs
   2006-02-12  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/pass.fs, kernel/vars.fs, arch/misc/prim.fs, ec/shex.fs, kernel/comp.fs, cross.fs:
           More work on R8C port
   2006-02-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs:
           cleanup of the code dealing with the current lexeme
           * kernel/args.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs:
           even better error reporting (wrt trailing delimiters)
   2006-02-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * ec/shex.fs, kernel/int.fs: More work on r8c port
   2006-02-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/files.fs:
           better error reporting with input-parse-start
           updated copyright year in bootmessage
   2006-02-04  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs, kernel/require.fs, engine/support.c, prim, regexp.fs:
           capscompare primitive added
           case insensitive regexp extension
           cleanup of error reports
   2006-02-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/args.fs:
           more work on getting nice error messages for errors in
              OS command line arguments
   2006-01-31  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/require.fs, wf.fs: Partly reverted require.fs
           Added print css to wf
   2006-01-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs: bugfix
           * kernel/args.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/vars.fs:
           INCLUDED and REQUIRED now provide nicer error messages
           * kernel/paths.fs: open-path-file now returns more informative iors.
   2006-01-29  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, arch/misc/prim.fs, cross.fs, prim:
           Changes to make R8C port working
   2006-01-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * stuff.fs: documentation changes
           * doc/gforth.ds, stuff.fs: added /W /L
           * doc/gforth.ds, startup.fs, stuff.fs, prim:
           added UW@ UL@ (W@ and L@ are now aliases for them)
           documented UW@ SW@ W! UL@ SL@ L!
           added more extension query answers
   2006-01-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Benchres, cache-fast1.vmg, kernel/int.fs, prims2x.fs:
           added support for disabling states; disabled S3-S8 (otherwise gcc-2.95
             ICEs on i386).
           added G5 benchmark results
           documentation changes
   2006-01-22  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/main.fs: R8C work
   2006-01-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, fib.fs: documented S>NUMBER? S>UNUMBER?
           minor changes
   2006-01-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/support.c: bugfix in to_float
   2006-01-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/support.c, test/float.fs:
           Fixed >float bug reported by Bojan Petrovic
   2006-01-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, engine/engine.c, prim:
           Modified some exported symbols to start with gforth_
   2005-12-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, test/gforth.fs, unix/socket.fs, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/threaded.h, kernel/accept.fs, arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, arch/sharc/machine.h, arch/sparc/machine.h, doc/gforth.ds, arch/386/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/amd64/disasm.fs, arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/arm/machine.h, arch/hppa/machine.h, arch/ia64/machine.h, prim, prims2x.fs, quotes.fs, regexp-test.fs, regexp.fs, search.fs, startup.fs, string.fs, stuff.fs, update-copyright-blacklist, utf-8.fs, wf.fs, lib.fs, machpc.fs.in, oldlib.fs, peeprules.vmg, cache-fast7.vmg, cache-fast8.vmg, complex.fs, configure.in, cross.fs, debugs.fs, ds2texi.fs, ekey.fs, extend.fs, fflib.fs, fft.fs, float.fs, glocals.fs, history.fs, BUGS, Benchres, Makefile.in, ans-report.fs, cache-fast0.vmg, cache-fast1.vmg, cache-fast2.vmg, cache-fast3.vmg, cache-fast4.vmg, cache-fast5.vmg, cache-fast6.vmg:
           updated the copyright year on many files
           added FSF copyright header to complex.fs fft.fs regexp-test.fs regexp.fs
           added fsl-util.fs to update-copyright-blacklist
   2005-12-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs:
           introduced THREADED-CODE-POINTER-TYPE variable for parameterizing Inst **
           * BUGS, arch/386/machine.h, engine/engine.c, engine/main.c:
           documented 2 bugs
           minor bugfixes and cleanups
   2005-12-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs:
           bugfix (for bug reported in <t6CdnXFc6P87UDHenZ2dnUVZ_sidnZ2d@scnresearch.com>)
           QUERY now throws -39 on EOF
   2005-12-11  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * fflib.fs, lib.fs, libffi.fs: Fixed fptr name
           * fflib.fs: Added fptr: to fflib.fs
           * lib.fs, libffi.fs: Fixed name for fptr:
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, lib.fs, libffi.fs, prim:
           Finally made libffi callbacks work
           * libffi.fs, prim: Signed access prefix changed
   2005-12-04  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/forth.h, libffi.fs, prim, configure.in:
           Added support for wyde/tetrabyte including sign extended ones
   2005-12-03  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * unix/socket.fs, Makefile.in, libffi.fs, prim:
           Added access words for wyde and tetrabyte (w/t@/!)
           * unix/socket.fs: Modified socket.fs to work with 64 bit systems
   2005-12-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c:
           added options for disabling tree-parsing automaton features
           added tree parsing automaton statistics
   2005-11-27  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * fflib.fs, libffi.fs: Added missing drop
           * fflib.fs: Fixed typo
           * fflib.fs, libffi.fs, prim, wf.fs: Added (addr) to library interface
           Fixed bug in libffi support
           Added favicon support to wf.fs
   2005-11-20  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * fflib.fs, lib.fs, libffi.fs, oldlib.fs, prim:
           further work on libffi.fs (not fully completed yet for callbacks)
   2005-11-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c:
           added TPA state equivalence, but disabled static superinstructions for now
           * engine/main.c: finished simple tree-parsing automaton
           * engine/main.c:
           initial work for tree-parsing automaton for stack caching
           * engine/main.c: bugfix
           --debug now also outputs some cache state information
   2005-11-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * regexp.fs: Changed comment
           * regexp-test.fs, regexp.fs, stuff.fs, utf-8.fs: Added regexp stuff
   2005-11-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * contrib/terminal.fs:
           contrib/terminal.fs updated (coming from Krishna Myeni)
   2005-10-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/vmgen.texi, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/paths.fs, doc/gforth.ds, debugs.fs, ds2texi.fs, ekey.fs, glocals.fs, quotes.fs, search.fs, stuff.fs:
           Documentation changes:
             added wordset info for many words, and pronounciation for a few
             added documentation about key names for EKEY
             worked around texinfo 4.7 restrictions (old assignment macros broken)
             Added "Explicit stack access" docs to vmgen docs
   2005-09-27  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * complex.fs, fft.fs, prim, wf.fs, Makefile.in:
           Added complex words and fft
           Added some floating point primitives
   2005-09-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/gforth.fs, kernel/int.fs, stuff.fs: bugfix: 'X is never a double
           bugfix: 0.009e 5 2 0 f.rdp now outputs 0.01 (not 0.00)
   2005-09-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * ans-report.fs, prim: ans-report.fs produces nicer output
           documentation changes
   2005-08-21  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, cross.fs, engine/engine.c, fflib.fs, lib.fs, libffi.fs, machpc.fs.in, prim, configure.in:
           Checkin of somewhat working ffilib bindings (not completely tested)
   2005-08-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/sharc/machine.h, arch/sparc/machine.h, engine/threaded.h, arch/arm/machine.h, arch/hppa/machine.h, arch/ia64/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, arch/386/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/amd64/machine.h:
           threw out THREADING_SCHEME, now Scheme 8 is used everywhere.
   2005-08-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cache-fast7.vmg, cache-fast8.vmg, engine/engine.c, cache-fast0.vmg, cache-fast1.vmg, cache-fast2.vmg, cache-fast3.vmg, cache-fast4.vmg, cache-fast5.vmg, cache-fast6.vmg:
           added cache-fast*.vmg
           applied reg allocation fix for engine3, too
   2005-08-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, Makefile.in:
           Workaround for different register allocation between engine() and engine2()
           Disabled gforth-native for now (broken anyway, and does not work with gcc-4.0)
   2005-08-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, test/coreext.fs, Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, peeprules.vmg, prim:
           added STACK_CACHE_DEFAULT_FAST configuration variable
           fixed some bugs
           added some primitive/state combinations
           changes to support up to 8 stack cache registers
           Worked around an unresolved bug in kernel/toolsext.fs
   2005-07-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, Makefile.in, configure.in, engine/engine.c, prim:
           First working version with default state with 2 regs
           added configuration variable STACK_CACHE_DEFAULT_FAST
   2005-07-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, prim, prims2x.fs:
           fixed a few bugs in "..." handling in prims2x.fs
           changed direct uses of sp and fp in prim to use "..."
           * prims2x.fs:
           completed support for "..." in stack comments in prims2x.fs (no docs yet)
   2005-07-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim, prims2x.fs: added support for ... stack items to prims2x.fs
           minor cleanup in prim
           * doc/gforth.ds: minor bugfix
   2005-07-26  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doc/gforth.ds: Fixed documentation bug
   2005-06-28  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/toolsext.fs, wf.fs: Adapted interpretative loops
   2005-06-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * stuff.fs: added workaround for bootstrapping on old kernel
           * kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/int.fs, extend.fs, float.fs, kernel/comp.fs, stuff.fs:
           refactored text interpreter to make return stack words work within a line
             replaced parser, compiler, interpreter, ...-notfound by words
             with an appended "1"
   2005-06-13  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Small change to wf.fs
   2005-06-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2y.fs, prims2yref.fs: deleted prims2y* (no longer needed)
   2005-06-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Added text-mode menues
   2005-05-15  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/amd64/machine.h: Added size suffixes to inlined instructions
   2005-05-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, Makefile.in, doc/gforth.ds:
           renamed PARSE-WORD into PARSE-NAME
           added some test(dis)asm files to distribution
   2005-05-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Classes for headers
   2005-04-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: slight tweak in dict_alloc_read()
   2005-04-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c:
           bugfix: only one allocation when the read-mmap fails (e.g., in Windows).
   2005-04-02  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doc/gforth.ds: Fixed another documentation bug
   2005-04-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doc/gforth.ds: Fixed 386 assembler documentation
   2005-03-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Fixed W3C nonconformance
   2005-03-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * startup.fs: non-minimal extension query support added
   2005-03-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim, test/gforth.fs:
           Workaround for ecvt misfeature on Cygwin (trailing 0s for Inf and NaNs)
   2005-02-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * prim: Optimized test for floored correction
   2005-01-29  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in, engine/forth.h, history.fs: Added --enable-force-cdiv
           * prim: Fixed */
   2005-01-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim: bugfix
           * arch/386/machine.h, arch/amd64/machine.h, prim:
           added M/MOD asm support for 386 and AMD64 with FORCE_LL
           * arch/amd64/machine.h, prim:
           added asm support for FM/MOD SM/REM UM/MOD
              (currently only for AMD64 without FORCE_LL).
   2005-01-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim: made (?do) and friends relocatable
           * history.fs: deleted pre-xchar history stuff
           * engine/threaded.h, doc/vmgen.texi, prim, prims2x.fs:
           EXECUTE and friends are now relocatable again even with the PR15242 workaround.
   2005-01-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/forth.h, kernel/basics.fs, prim, prims2x.fs:
           Added */ and */mod to prim
           Made division floored by default
   2005-01-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/vmgen.texi, engine/threaded.h, prim:
           preparations to make EXEC relocatable with PR 15242 workaround
           * configure.in: bugfixes and modernization in configure.in
   2005-01-23  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * prim: Made branch relocatable
   2005-01-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim:
           back to single-dispatch conditional branches (better with PR 15242 workaround)
           * Benchres, engine/threaded.h: bugfix
           Bench result added
           * configure.in: Workaround for gcc-3.4.0 bug in skip detection
           Bugfix (skip detection)
   2005-01-23  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/threaded.h, arch/amd64/machine.h:
           Fixed problems with workaround
   2005-01-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, engine/threaded.h, arch/amd64/disasm.fs, configure.in, engine/engine.c:
           added configure option --disable-gcc-pr15242-workaround
           bugfixes for the gcc pr15242 workaround
   2005-01-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, prims2x.fs:
           further work on gcc PR 15242 workaround (now works on AMD64 gforth-fast)
           made treatment of Priminfo length and restlen more regular
           * kernel/int.fs, engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, engine/threaded.h:
           preparation for gcc PR 15242 workaround
           minor changes
   2005-01-22  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, configure.in, wf.fs:
           Added --diag switch, diagnostics output.
           Fixed "broken link" bug when referring to current file
           * Makefile.in, engine/main.c: Added --diag switch
   2005-01-21  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/generic/128bit.h, configure.in:
           Added --enable-force-ll switch
   2005-01-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/generic/128bit.h, engine/forth.h, prim:
           Added more detailed BUGGY_LL_* flags
   2005-01-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/generic/128bit.h, configure.in, engine/forth.h:
           Added expanding mul support for AMD64
   2005-01-16  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Expand option for links added
   2005-01-13  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * utf-8.fs: Fixed environment evaluation
   2005-01-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * history.fs, kernel/accept.fs, kernel/xchars.fs, utf-8.fs, Makefile.in:
           converted command-line editing to use xchars
           some bugfixes
   2005-01-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * history.fs, startup.fs, utf-8.fs:
           moved utf-8 command line stuff to history.fs
   2005-01-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs: minor bootstrapping fix
           * startup.fs: bootstrapping help
   2005-01-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/xchars.fs, kernel/int.fs, startup.fs: Bugfixes:
             xchars are initialized
             xchars.fs is not loaded from startup.fs
             bugfix for ' prefix
           * kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/xchars.fs, startup.fs, xchars.fs:
           moved xchars to kernel (for use in s'>unumber? and elsewhere)
   2005-01-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * history.fs, startup.fs, utf-8.fs, xchars.fs:
           added xchars (no tests, and no usage anywhere yet)
   2005-01-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * string.fs: Define INSERT only when needed
           * utf-8.fs: another fix for u8>>
   2005-01-04  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * utf-8.fs: fixed u8>>
           * utf-8.fs, wf.fs, prim:
           added set-dir/get-dir primitives (directory access words)
           added "maxascii" value as single switch between 8 bit and UTF-8 encoding
           Improvements in wf.fs
   2004-12-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/cond.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/paths.fs, test/gforth.fs, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/support.c, engine/threaded.h, kernel/accept.fs, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, doc/makedoc.fs, ec/builttag.fs, ec/mirror.fs, arch/misc/sokoban.fs, arch/sharc/compile.sharc, arch/sharc/systypes.h, arch/sharc/types.h, arch/shboom/compiler.fs, arch/shboom/dis.fs, arch/shboom/dis2.fs, arch/shboom/doers.fs, arch/shboom/prim.fs, arch/shboom/sh.p, doc/gforth.ds, arch/misc/sim.fs, arch/4stack/mach.sh, arch/amd64/asm.fs, arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/arm/machine.h, arch/misc/asm.fs, arch/misc/fi2v.fs, arch/misc/key.fs, arch/misc/misc-sim.v, arch/misc/misc.v, arch/misc/prim.fs, arch/386/machine.h, prims2x.fs, see.fs, source.fs, startup.fs, stuff.fs, wf.fs, debugs.fs, ekey.fs, exboot.fs, filedump.fs, float.fs, gforth.el, gforthmi.in, glocals.fs, history.fs, httpd.fs, peeprules.vmg, prim, Benchres, Makefile.in, README, backtrac.fs, cache1.vmg, comp-i.fs, configure.in, cross.fs, debug.fs:
           updated copyright years for files changed in 2004
           * Makefile.in, update-copyright-blacklist:
           moved files without distribution terms from ARCHS to ARCHS_NO_DIST
           added test/deferred.fs (public domain) to update-copyright-blacklist
           * utf-8.fs: bootstrap workaround added
   2004-12-29  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, utf-8.fs:
           Added UTF-8 support for char and '<char>
   2004-12-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, stuff.fs:
           updated documentation for new error format (but did not document
           mark-start and mark-end).
           moved TYPEWHITE out from the kernel.
   2004-12-28  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs, utf-8.fs, ekey.fs:
           Added start-mark/end-mark for error display
   2004-12-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, see.fs:
           changed error indicator into >>>word<<< instead of using ^^^^
           made dec.r behave like .r and u.r
           moved UMIN into kernel
   2004-12-28  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/accept.fs, utf-8.fs: Fixed UTF-8 buffer overflow
   2004-12-27  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * history.fs: Minor fix
           * history.fs, utf-8.fs: Fixed missing kill-expand
           * wf.fs: Fixed UTF-8 problem in WF
   2004-12-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Benchres, history.fs, status.fs:
           added status.fs (show interpreter status in separate xterm)
           reorganized Benchres, new results
           bootstrapping workaround
   2004-12-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in: Fixed install for amd64
   2004-12-24  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * history.fs, httpd.fs, utf-8.fs:
           Automatic UTF-8 setting, depending on LANG
           Fixed potential security hole in httpd by setting BASE to 0 for header
   2004-12-12  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * utf-8.fs: Fixed tab-expand
           * utf-8.fs: Fixed diacritic marks
           * kernel/accept.fs, utf-8.fs: Added utf-8 handling
   2004-12-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs: bugfix
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/int.fs, test/gforth.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           The '-prefix now supports only the forms 'C and 'C'.
           Base 256 no longer works as it did.
           Updated documentation on number prefixes.
           * test/gforth.fs, kernel/int.fs: added 0x and 0X as hex prefixes
           * float.fs, kernel/comp.fs:
           made ABORT the interim default for deferred words
           * float.fs: added (pretty bad definitions of) FTRUNC and FMOD
   2004-12-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs, backtrac.fs, cross.fs, stuff.fs:
           Fixed uninitialized defers in cross
           added stuff to compile new sources with old kernels
   2004-11-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * backtrac.fs, kernel/comp.fs, stuff.fs:
           uninitialized deferred words now give a warning when executed
           * kernel/comp.fs, test/deferred.fs, Makefile.in, compat/defer.fs, doc/gforth.ds, stuff.fs:
           implemented deferred words proposal (and adapted documentation accordingly).
   2004-11-11  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, arch/amd64/machine.h, kernel/int.fs:
           Added # as decimal prefix
   2004-11-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * contrib/strings.fs, contrib/syscalls386.fs, contrib/terminal.fs, contrib/ansi.fs, contrib/serial.fs:
           added Krishna Myneni's serial.fs, terminal.fs, and support stuff to contrib
   2004-09-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * glocals.fs:
           made the definition of TO less fragile (for David Greggs inlining work)
   2004-09-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, prof-inline.fs: more prof-inline.fs work
           improved CASE...ENDCASE documentation
   2004-09-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prof-inline.fs: more prof-inline.fs work
   2004-09-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prof-inline.fs:
           continued on prof-inline.fs (call counting mostly finished)
           * prof-inline.fs: continued prof-inline.fs
   2004-09-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, doc/gforth.ds, prof-inline.fs:
           changed default for GFORTHSYSTEMPREFIX to use $COMSPEC
           prof-inline.fs changes
   2004-09-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prof-inline.fs, profile.fs:
           made a separate profiling file for the inliner measurements
           profile.fs now needs a cleanup to get rid of some of this junk
   2004-09-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs:
           change COMPILE-TO-PRIMS, to call PEEPHOLE-COMPILE, instead of
           recursing indirectly (through POSTPONE and COMPILE,).  The speedup
           resulting from that is minimal (see below); the main benefit is that
           COMPILE, is now called once for each compiled word (used in some
           measurements for research that I am doing now).
           Here's the speedup data:
           #startup overhead
           [b3:~/gforth:1709] perfex gforth -e bye
           tsc                                29123160
           [b3:~/gforth:1710] perfex gforth -e bye
           tsc                                29646820
           #before the change
           [b3:~/gforth:1711] perfex gforth prims2x.fs -e bye
           tsc                                95616352
           [b3:~/gforth:1712] perfex gforth prims2x.fs -e bye
           tsc                                95032068
           #after the change
           [b3:~/gforth:1725] perfex gforth prims2x.fs -e bye
           tsc                                95594688
           [b3:~/gforth:1726] perfex gforth prims2x.fs -e bye
           tsc                                94587916
   2004-08-29  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Added alternative icons directory
   2004-08-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/support.c, kernel/comp.fs, doc/gforth.ds, prim, stuff.fs, configure.in:
           added and documented usage of $GFORTHSYSTEMPREFIX to SYSTEM
           eliminated the now-unused (does>1)
   2004-08-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs, kernel/comp.fs:
           removed return stack trick from DOES> (replacing (does>1) with (does>2))
           * engine/main.c, prims2x.fs:
           moved imm_ops field of costs up a bit (better factoring and readability)
   2004-08-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, prims2x.fs:
           added imm_ops operand to costs structure and generate it
           * kernel/cond.fs, kernel/int.fs, dis-gdb.fs, doc/gforth.ds, profile.fs, source.fs:
           added BEFORE-WORD and OTHER-CONTROL-FLOW hooks
           changed profile.fs to use BEFORE-WORD hook and profile various control structs
           added count-calls? stuff to profile.fs
           minor changes
   2004-08-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * profile.fs: basic profiling infrastructure
   2004-07-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/amd64/asm.fs:
           Added special cases for mov (64 bit immediate and offsets)
   2004-07-18  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/amd64/asm.fs: Started assembler for amd64 architecture
           * wf.fs: fixed link icon generation for #field URLS.
   2004-06-24  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Changes for Forth-Tagung
   2004-06-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/support.c, prim:
           Added support for external shift for broken GCCs
           * debug.fs, see.fs: Made debugger work on gforth-itc
           * engine/threaded.h: Changed empty expressions to do { exp } while(0)
   2004-06-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, configure.in, dis-gdb.fs, startup.fs:
           disgdb.fs is now always compiled in and checks at run-time if it works
           * dis-gdb.fs: DISASM-GDB is now more error-tolerant
   2004-06-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/makedoc.fs, doc/gforth.ds, stuff.fs: documented disasm-gdb
           documentation bugfixes
           * dis-gdb.fs, kernel/int.fs, stuff.fs, Makefile.in, configure.in:
           added dis-gdb.fs and related changes
           minor changes
   2004-06-07  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/args.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           Document fixes (broken node, broken "@")
   2004-05-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, arch/amd64/disasm.fs:
           AMD64 1-byte opcodes done (mostly, and not debugged)
           minor documentation change
   2004-05-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/amd64/disasm.fs: ...
   2004-05-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/amd64/disasm.fs: amd64 disassembler
   2004-05-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * httpd.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/paths.fs, cross.fs:
           bugfix for compact.. (and renamed it into compact-filename)
             test case: ../../a
           related cleanups in path handling
   2004-05-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/input.fs, Benchres, Makefile.in, debugs.fs, depth-changes.fs, doc/gforth.ds, source.fs:
           added Athlon64 benchmark result
           added depth-changes.fs and hook for that in kernel/input.fs
           made ~~ work in interpret state
           documented clearstacks
   2004-05-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * float.fs, fsl-util.4th, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/int.fs, stuff.fs, Makefile.in:
           added fsl-util.4th (IIRC from Kryshna Myeni)
           made F.S output nicer and moved it from float.fs to stuff.fs
           added CLEARSTACKS
           exceptions caught by QUIT now clear the stacks (instead of resetting them to
             the depth when first entering QUIT)
   2004-04-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in:
           autoconf-2.50 compatibility fix (report and fix by Stefan Schmiedl)
           * gforthmi.in, prim: BRANCH refinement (IIRC for gforth-native)
           fixed "gforthmi --application" bug (report and fix by Stefan Schmiedl).
           * comp-i.fs: disabled sanity check that does not work with exec-shield
   2004-04-10  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, httpd.fs: fixed "too many crashes" in httpd.fs
           fixed reentrance problem with callbacks
   2004-04-08  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el: * forth-load-file fixed
           * no special (backward) indentation of `\G' any more
   2004-03-29  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * prim: Bug in bugfix fixed
           * prim: defines for buggy long long and ffcalls
   2004-02-02  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doc/fdl.texi, wf.fs: Fixed tagged occurences of < and &
   2004-01-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Benchres, filedump.fs, wf.fs:
           Fixed command line handling in filedump.fs
           XHTML support in wf.fs
   2004-01-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/386/machine.h, cache1.vmg, engine/engine.c, peeprules.vmg, prim, Makefile.in:
           minore bugfixes (Makefile.in)
           enabled 3-state stack caching for gforth-fast and gforth-native
              bugfixes (EXECUTE and PERFORM; spbREG use)
              explicit register allocation to spb for gforth-native, but not gforth-fast
              Due to the shortest-path algorithm this means that gforth-fast uses only
                S0 and S1, not S2, so we could keep that.
                However, we probably want to use more states etc. for other
                architectures, so we may want to have a way to select different
                  cache.vmg and different peeprules.vmg files for different
                  archs, builds, and binaries.
   2004-01-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, prims2x.fs, cache1.vmg: fixed bug in cache1.vmg
           prims2x.fs: better comments for prim*.i
           main.c: better --debug output (added primitive names)
   2004-01-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * peeprules.vmg, prims2x.fs:
           fixed one stack-caching bug (N_START_SUPER value), and enabled stack caching
           * exboot.fs: change for bootstrap compatibility with older versions
           * kernel/args.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           added NEXT-ARG; relkated documentation changes
   2004-01-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, exboot.fs:
           cleaned up exboot.fs (allowed by the SHIFT-ARGS change)
           * doc/gforth.ds, kernel/args.fs, Makefile.in:
           eliminated ARG# in favour of SHIFT-ARGS; related cleanups and doc changes
   2004-01-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/args.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           added 'arg#'; this is a hack.  It may be better to manipulate argv and argc.
   2004-01-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, kernel/comp.fs, README, see.fs: documentation change
           SEE bugfixes
           made (COMPILE) barf
   2004-01-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, arch/sharc/compile.sharc, arch/sharc/systypes.h, arch/sharc/types.h, arch/shboom/compiler.fs, arch/shboom/dis.fs, arch/shboom/dis2.fs, arch/shboom/doers.fs, arch/shboom/prim.fs, arch/shboom/sh.p, ec/builttag.fs, ec/mirror.fs, arch/4stack/mach.sh, arch/misc/asm.fs, arch/misc/fi2v.fs, arch/misc/key.fs, arch/misc/misc-sim.v, arch/misc/misc.v, arch/misc/prim.fs, arch/misc/sim.fs, arch/misc/sokoban.fs, Benchres, update-copyright-blacklist:
           Added copyright notices
   2003-12-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: fixed buggy commit (uncovered by SUSE 9.0 gcc)
           * NEWS.vmgen, arch/ia64/machine.h, peeprules.vmg, update-copyright-blacklist:
           updated copyright years, or added copyright notices.
           * README, engine/main.c: minor changes
           * Makedist.in, Makefile.in: fixed some Makefile bugs
   2003-12-07  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in, wf.fs: Added check for -fno-reorder-blocks
           Made wf.fs use dd/dl again (margin breaks with Konqueror)
   2003-12-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * intcomp.fs: gforth-native now survives make check
   2003-11-23  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Now creates valid XHTML
   2003-11-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * except.fs: throw works now for gforth-native
           * README, except.fs: documentation changes
           adapt exceptions to gforth-native (part 1)
   2003-11-10  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * cross.fs: Changed (does>) to not use the return stack
   2003-11-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * peeprules.vmg: disabled last native-incompatible superinstruction
           * kernel/comp.fs: bugfix ((does>) uses return address)
           * Makefile.in, NEWS.vmgen, engine/main.c:
           fixed gforth-native bug (branch target resolution)
           fixed "make dist" bug (arch/misc/optcmove.fs now included)
           Documentation changes
   2003-11-09  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * cross.fs, kernel/comp.fs:
           Made postpone/(compile) work with gforth-native
   2003-11-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: minor cleanups
           * engine/main.c: changed compile_call2() interface
           * engine/main.c: changed compile_prim1arg() interface
           * engine/main.c: minor fix
           * engine/main.c: minor fixes
   2003-11-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim, test/primtest.fs, Makefile.in: added make target primtest
           more primtests
           fixed some gforth-native bugs
           workaround for finish-code problem
   2003-11-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, test/primtest.fs:
           bugfixes and cleanup in reloation bitset handling
           more primtests
           * BUGS, engine/main.c: Threw out some unused code
           recorded a bug
           * engine/main.c, engine/threaded.h, test/primtest.fs, BUGS, Makefile.in, peeprules.vmg, prim:
           activated gforth-native again
           some gforth-native bugfixes and changes
   2003-11-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cache1.vmg, peeprules.vmg:
           some (failed) experiments with stack caching
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, cache1.vmg, peeprules.vmg, prims2x.fs:
           made classical 1-register stack caching work again (and probably
             general stack caching with non-empty canonical state).  There was a
             subtle bug involving ?DUP-?BRANCH.
           made this the default for gforth-fast and turned off anything beyond
           deleted the now-unused rewrite_bb().
   2003-11-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/profile.c, Makefile.in, cache0.vmg, cache1.vmg, engine/Makefile.in, prim:
           more work on stack caching
           * Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/peephole.c, engine/profile.c:
           Now the _fast.i files are included for gforth-fast and gforth-native
   2003-10-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * blocks.fs: fixed block 0 update and refill
   2003-10-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, gfgen:
           factored out some generating stuff from the makefile into gfgen
           added rules for generating engine/*-fast.i (not used yet)
   2003-10-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, prims2x.fs:
           stack caching works now (at least for make check)
             the main change is to the optimize_... stuff in main.c
             also restricted static optimization area to basic blocks
           minor bugfixes
   2003-10-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makedist.in, engine/engine.c, engine/profile.c, peeprules.vmg, prim, prims2x.fs:
           replaced gforth-prof with $(PROFEXES) in Makedist.in
           more stack caching work
           * engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, prim, prims2x.fs, xxxprim:
           put stack caching stuff in prims2x.fs (cvs log prims2y.fs for
                   fine-grained changes)
           set up prim etc. to work with the changes prims2x.fs (disabled USE_TOS for now)
   2003-10-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2y.fs: more stack caching
           * prims2y.fs, xxxprim: more stack caching stuff
   2003-10-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * xxxprim, prims2y.fs: more stack caching stuff
           * kernel/comp.fs: minor cleanup
   2003-10-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/vars.fs:
           eliminated last-compiled and last-compiled-here, and its uses
   2003-10-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2y.fs, xxxprim:
           more stack caching work (..._vm.i generation seems to work now)
   2003-10-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2y.fs, xxxprim: adapted store optimization to stack caching
   2003-09-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2y.fs, xxxprim: stack caching changes
   2003-09-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2y.fs, xxxprim: started on stack caching
   2003-09-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: use @INSTALL_SCRIPT@
   2003-09-15  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * sokoban.fs: Fixed Sokoban (thanks to Hubert Feyrer)
   2003-09-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, arch/m68k/machine.h:
           Applied NetBSD patches submitted by Hubert Feyrer
   2003-09-14  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/8086/mach.fs, arch/8086/prim.fs, cross.fs, prim:
           Fixed 8086 target
   2003-09-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/arm/machine.h, arch/ia64/flush_icache_block.c, arch/ia64/machine.h, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, Benchres, Makefile.in, configure.in:
           IA64 refinements (dynamic native code generation)
           ARM support (but FP is broken on the iPAQ, and icache flush is missing)
           made no_dynamic_default and skipcode configuration variables
           worked around http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=12108
           fixed some minor bugs
   2003-09-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2y.fs, prims2yref.fs:
           added prims2y.fs, prims2yref.fs for developing stack caching
           * configure.in, Makedist.in, Makefile.in:
           added configure option --enable-prof
           * Benchres, arch/amd64/machine.h, configure.in:
           added support for dynamic code generation on HPPA
           some Benchmark results
           explicit register allocation for AMD64
   2003-09-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/4stack/mach.fs, arch/4stack/prim.fs, arch/8086/prim.fs, arch/misc/prim.fs, Makefile.in, history.fs, iss.sh, prim:
           a bit Gforth EC work
           Changed Windows distribution to contain PDF instead of PostScript file
   2003-08-31  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in: Added pdf target for the documents
   2003-08-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * iss.sh: Updated iss.sh for Inno Setup 3.x
           * engine/support.c, fixpath.fs, iss.sh: Fixes for Windows port
   2003-08-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/amd64/machine.h, arch/generic/machine.h, Makefile.in, configure.in:
           added amd64 architecture
           changed some generic settings
           minor changes
   2003-08-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * README, engine/main.c, engine/threaded.h, prims2x.fs, testall:
           now an is-branch? field is generated engine/costs.i
           fixed some typos in README
           changed default threading scheme for generic machine
   2003-08-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * README, testdist: minor changes
           * NEWS, README: documentation changes
           * vmgen-ex2/mini.y, vmgen-ex2/peephole.c, vmgen-ex/peephole.c, vmgen-ex2/disasm.c, vmgen-ex2/engine.c, vmgen-ex2/mini-inst.vmg, vmgen-ex2/mini.h, vmgen-ex2/mini.l, netlib/configure.in, test/dbltest.fs, unix/socket.fs, unix/time.fs, vmgen-ex/disasm.c, vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/mini-inst.vmg, vmgen-ex/mini.h, vmgen-ex/mini.l, vmgen-ex/mini.y, kernel/cond-old.fs, kernel/doers.fs, kernel/errore.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/license.fs, kernel/pass.fs, kernel/prim0.fs, kernel/quotes.fs, kernel/saccept.fs, kernel/tools.fs, netlib/configure, engine/strerror.c, engine/strsignal.c, kernel/aliases0.fs, kernel/cbr.fs, kernel/cbrpi.fs, kernel/cloop.fs, kernel/cloop2.fs, engine/memcmp.c, engine/memmove.c, engine/peephole.c, engine/pow10.c, engine/profile.c, engine/select.c, engine/atanh.c, engine/cleanalign.c, engine/dblsub.c, engine/io.c, doc/makedoc.fs, ec/dotx.fs, ec/nesting.fs, ec/shex.fs, arch/sharc/mach.fs, arch/sharc/machine.h, arch/shboom/mach.fs, asm/basic.fs, asm/bitmask.fs, asm/generic.fs, asm/numref.fs, asm/target.fs, doc/gforth.ds, arch/4stack/asm.fs, arch/6502/mach.fs, arch/6502/prim.fs, arch/power/_sync_cache_range.c, arch/386/asm.fs, other.fs, prims2cl.fs, proxy.fs, random.fs, table.fs, tags.fs, tasker.fs, termsize.fs, traceall.fs, vmgen.in, vt100.fs, wordlib.fs, wordlib.mk, mach32b.fs, mach32l.fs, mach64b.fs, mach64l.fs, make-app.fs, model, more.fs, oldlib.fs, gray.fs, httpd.fs, intcomp.fs, lib.fs, locals-test.fs, locals.fs, mach16b.fs, mach16l.fs, configure.in, debugs.fs, ekey.fs, envos.dos, envos.fs, envos.os2, etags.fs, exboot.fs, fi2c.fs, filedump.fs, gforthmi.bat, gforthmi.cmd, gforthmi.in, glosgen.fs, INSTALL, add.fs, ansi.fs, assert.fs, bufio.fs, chains.fs, colorize.fs, comp-i.fs, config.bat, configure.cmd, BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH:
           documentation updates
           fixed some portability bugs in vmgen-ex and vmgen-ex2
           updated copyright years
           * vmgen-ex2/engine.c, Makefile.in, configure.in, doc/vmgen.texi, testdist, vmgen-ex/engine.c:
           gforth-prof is no longer generated by default
           turned off dynamic-default for hppa
           minor changes to make testdist work
           documentation changes
   2003-08-24  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * fixpath.fs, iss.sh: Fixed setup compiler stuff
   2003-08-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, Makefile.in, configure.in, peeprules.vmg, prims2x.fs:
           fixed various minor issues:
             workaround for HPUX make and our dependence cycles
             suppress warnings for unused variables in superinstructions
             added some superinstructions
             useful code_size metrics for primitives with funny K and J labels
             default metric for --no-dynamic is now cost_nexts
   2003-08-23  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/comp.fs, prim, Makefile.in, configure.in, machpc.fs, machpc.fs.in:
           Fixed the make dist kernl*.fi building process so that neither new nor old
           calling interface is included
   2003-08-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, testdist, vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex2/Makefile, prim:
           fixed bugs in doer routines (showed up with threadng scheme 1)
           testdist portability improvements
   2003-08-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/aliases0.fs, doc/gforth.ds, prim:
           Routines like (DOCOL) now don't get a primitive in the kernel (bugfix).
           Documentation changes
           * engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, engine/profile.c, engine/signals.c, engine/threaded.h, prim:
           Defined run-time routines (docol etc.) as primitives, eliminated some
             special-casing and "+DOESJUMP+1" etc. in engine.c and main.c
           Defined the enum type PrimNum and replaced many shorts with PrimNums
             (gives nicer gdb output)
           Workaround for the absence of the FPE_... macros in FreeBSD/Alpha 4_STABLE
   2003-08-18  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/main.fs, arch/4stack/asm.fs, arch/4stack/prim.fs, arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/misc/prim.fs, kernel/basics.fs, cross.fs, prim:
           Further fixes for Gforth EC
   2003-08-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/basics.fs: basics.fs fixed
           * kernel/basics.fs, Makefile.in, arch/4stack/prim.fs, arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/misc/prim.fs, arch/misc/sim.fs, configure.in, prim:
           Started to fix Gforth EC (4stack and MISC work again)
           * fflib.fs: Fixed example (lseek must be lseek64)
           * fflib.fs, prim: Fixed reverse ordering
           Added legacy support for old bigFORTH libraries
   2003-08-16  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, fflib.fs: Callback stuff tested
           * fflib.fs, lib.fs, prim, Makefile.in: added callback stuff to fflib.fs
           removed legacy flag (different usage is sufficient)
   2003-08-15  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * fflib.fs, lib.fs, oldlib.fs:
           Added high level part of ffcall interface
           * prim: fixed REST_REGS in av-call-int
   2003-08-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, prims2x.fs, Makefile.in:
           made superinstructions compatible with conditional compilation of primitives
             (in Gforth; don't use conditional compilation in vmgen).
   2003-08-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, peeprules.vmg:
           decompile_prim can now deal with static superinstructions
   2003-08-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * testdist, NEWS, testall: minor fixes in testdist and testall
           documentation changes
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, Makefile.in, configure.in, prim, testall:
           fixed Windows PATHSEP bug
           Makefile now tolerates ";" as PATHSEP
           eliminatd some warnings
   2003-08-07  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, prim: Fixed alloc-callback
   2003-08-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/generic/machine.h, configure.in:
           moved HAS_FFCALL definition to configure.in where it belongs
           * configure.in: two bugfixes in configure.in
   2003-08-04  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el:
           Fix keybinding "\C-h\C-i" which was broken in X-Emacs (\C-h == backspace).
   2003-08-04  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, arch/generic/machine.h, machpc.fs, machpc.fs.in, prim, prims2x.fs, Makefile.in, comp-i.fs, configure.in, cross.fs, iss.sh:
           Inclusion of ffcall stuff
           High level stuff missing
   2003-08-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c:
           changed relocation validity check (now searches for next K label, then
             checks if J label is between I and this K label).
   2003-08-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/main.c:
           better checking of primitives for dynamic code generation (works with gcc-3.3)
   2003-07-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, engine/Makefile.in, peeprules.vmg:
           eliminated configure option --dynamic
           made configure var no_dynamic_default settable (and documented it)
           configure now tests for -fno-crossjumping (instead of -fno-cross-jump).
           turn on engine option -fno-inline (eliminates problems with register
           allocation on gcc-3.3 on 386 with --enable-force-reg).
   2003-07-18  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in: Reinstantiated --with[out]-dynamic
   2003-07-14  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs, Makedist.in, Makefile.in:
           Some fixes to makedist and a few changes to wf.fs
   2003-05-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim:
           turned off static superinstructions for everything but gforth-fast
             (it would impede backtracing in gforth, and the rest does not need it at all)
   2003-05-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/386/machine.h, engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, Makefile.in, configure.in, peeprules.vmg, prim, prims2x.fs:
           gforth-prof is built by default again
           default CFLAGS is now "-O2" instead of "-g -O2"
           added some static superinstructions
           fixed computation of engine/costs.i
           minor changes
   2003-05-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: minor bugfix
           * engine/main.c: added --ss-greedy (greedy superinstruction selection)
           renamed --print-codesize into --print-metrics (and added stuff to print)
           * engine/main.c:
           added various flags for controlling static superinstruction selection
   2003-05-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c:
           dynamic superinstructions enabled again, further cleanups
           * engine/main.c: refactored static superinstruction stuff
           * arch/386/disasm.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, Makefile.in, prims2x.fs:
           implemented new approach for static superinstructions (cleanup needed)
           386 disasm bugfix (enter)
   2003-05-11  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/pass.fs, kernel/vars.fs, machpc.fs, prims2x.fs, cross.fs:
           cross: use sperate region for user-space
           cross: allow no user-space at all
           * arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/misc/sim.fs: *** empty log message ***
   2003-05-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, arch/386/disasm.fs, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, prim:
           preparing for new approach to static superinstructions
           fixed bug in 386 disassembler (fucompp)
           minor cleanup
   2003-05-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: added --print-codesize option
           * configure.in, doc/gforth.ds, gforth.lsm, prim, Makedist.in, README:
           minor changes
   2003-04-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, doc/vmgen.1: bugfix (paper format)
           added doc/vmgen.1 (contributed by Eric Schwartz)
   2003-03-23  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * fixpath.fs, iss.sh: Windows distribution updated
   2003-03-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * NEWS, prims2x.fs: documentation update
           redefined words in prims2x.fs to keep BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH working
           * kernel/comp.fs, doc/gforth.ds, doc/makedoc.fs, etags.fs, glocals.fs, intcomp.fs, locals.fs, look.fs, prims2x.fs, see.fs, struct.fs, stuff.fs, tags.fs, ans-report.fs, code.fs, debug.fs, ds2texi.fs:
           added LATEST, replaced uses of LAST @ with uses of LATEST
           renamed LASTXT to LATESTXT, and changed the uses
           made >NAME the primary name for >HEAD
           documentation changes
   2003-03-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, Makedist.in: updated Makedist.in for 0.6.1
           minor documentation change
   2003-03-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, doc/gforth.ds, ChangeLog, NEWS: documentation changes
           updated version number
           * backtrac.fs: minor bugfix (bug located by Jorge Acereda)
   2003-03-11  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs:
           Fixed -trailing (cures cross.fs bug for big endian machine...)
   2003-03-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * backtrac.fs: minor bugfix (bug located by Jorge Acereda)
   2003-03-11  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs:
           Fixed -trailing (cures cross.fs bug for big endian machine...)
   2003-03-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * NEWS, README: fixed typos
           * NEWS.vmgen: added NEWS.vmgen
           * gforth.lsm: updated gforth.lsm
           * ChangeLog: updated Changelog
           * configure.in, INSTALL, Makefile.in, NEWS, README:
           updated version number
           documentation changes
           minor changes
           * vmgen-ex2/mini.y, vmgen-ex2/peephole.c, vmgen-ex2/profile.c, vmgen-ex2/support.c, vmgen-ex2/disasm.c, vmgen-ex2/engine.c, vmgen-ex2/mini.h, vmgen-ex2/mini-inst.vmg, vmgen-ex2/mini.l, vmgen-ex2/README, vmgen-ex2/Makefile, vmgen-ex/mini.h, vmgen-ex/mini-inst.vmg, vmgen-ex/mini.l, vmgen-ex/mini.y, vmgen-ex/peephole.c, vmgen-ex/profile.c, vmgen-ex/support.c, test/signals.fs, test/string.fs, unix/socket.fs, unix/time.fs, vmgen-ex/disasm.c, vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex/README, kernel/saccept.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/vars.fs, netlib/configure, netlib/configure.in, test/dbltest.fs, test/other.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/license.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/pass.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/prim0.fs, kernel/quotes.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/cbrpi.fs, kernel/cloop2.fs, kernel/cloop.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond.fs, kernel/cond-old.fs, kernel/doers.fs, kernel/errore.fs, kernel/files.fs, engine/strerror.c, engine/strsignal.c, engine/support.c, engine/threaded.h, kernel/accept.fs, kernel/aliases0.fs, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/cbr.fs, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/io.c, engine/io.h, engine/main.c, engine/memcmp.c, engine/memmove.c, engine/peephole.c, engine/pow10.c, engine/profile.c, engine/select.c, engine/signals.c, doc/vmgen.texi, ec/dotx.fs, ec/nesting.fs, ec/shex.fs, engine/atanh.c, engine/cleanalign.c, engine/dblsub.c, engine/Makefile.in, arch/sparc/machine.h, asm/basic.fs, asm/bitmask.fs, asm/generic.fs, asm/numref.fs, asm/target.fs, doc/makedoc.fs, arch/mips/testdisasm.fs, arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/power/machine.h, arch/power/_sync_cache_range.c, arch/sharc/mach.fs, arch/sharc/machine.h, arch/shboom/mach.fs, arch/generic/machine.h, arch/hppa/cache.c, arch/hppa/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/mips/testasmcontrol.fs, arch/mips/testasm.fs, arch/386/machine.h, arch/386/testasm.fs, arch/4stack/mach.fs, arch/4stack/prim.fs, arch/4stack/relocate.fs, arch/6502/mach.fs, arch/6502/prim.fs, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/alpha/testasm.fs, arch/386/asm.fs, tasker.fs, termsize.fs, traceall.fs, versions.bsh, vmgen.in, vt100.fs, vt100key.fs, wordinfo.fs, wordlib.fs, wordlib.mk, wordsets.fs, struct.fs, stuff.fs, table.fs, tags.fs, startup.fs, prims2cl.fs, prims2x.fs, proxy.fs, quotes.fs, random.fs, savesys.fs, script.fs, search.fs, see-ext.fs, see.fs, simp-see.fs, sokoban.fs, source.fs, mach32b.fs, mach32l.fs, mach64b.fs, mach64l.fs, machpc.fs.in, make-app.fs, mkdosmf.sed, mkos2mf.sed, model, moof-exm.fs, more.fs, other.fs, prim, hash.fs, history.fs, httpd.fs, intcomp.fs, iss.sh, lib.fs, locals.fs, locals-test.fs, locate.fs, look.fs, mach16b.fs, mach16l.fs, extend.fs, fi2c.fs, filedump.fs, fixpath.fs, float.fs, gforth.el, gforthmi.bat, gforthmi.cmd, gforthmi.in, glocals.fs, glosgen.fs, gray.fs, envos.os2, errors.fs, etags.fs, exboot.fs, except.fs, debug.fs, debugs.fs, doskey.fs, ds2texi.fs, ekey.fs, environ.fs, envos.dos, envos.fs, assert.fs, backtrac.fs, blocks.fs, bufio.fs, chains.fs, code.fs, colorize.fs, comp-i.fs, config.bat, configure.cmd, configure.in, cross.fs, add.fs, ansi.fs, ans-report.fs, BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makedist.in, Makefile.in, NEWS, README, ToDo, ToDo-native, AUTHORS, BUGS:
           updated copyright years
           * update-copyright, update-copyright-blacklist:
           added update-copyright-blacklist
           * update-copyright: finished update-copyright
           * vmgen-ex2/fib.prof, vmgen-ex2/test.prof, arch/mips/testasmcontrol.fs, arch/mips/testasm.fs, arch/mips/testdisasm.fs, arch/power/elf32ppc.x, vmgen-ex2/README, vmgen-ex/README, arch/386/testasm.fs, arch/alpha/testasm.fs, mkdosmf.sed, mkos2mf.sed, moof-exm.fs, script.fs, sokoban.fs, update-copyright, versions.bsh, wf.fs, wordsets.fs, config.guess, fixpath.fs, iss.sh, locate.fs, ToDo, ToDo-native, INSTALL, INSTALL.BINDIST, INSTALL.DOS, Makefile.in, NEWS, README, README.vmgen, AUTHORS, Benchres, BUGS, ChangeLog:
           added copyright messages to a lot of files
           removed some obsolete or non-source files
           * update-copyright: added script for updating copyright years
   2003-03-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/signals.c, Makefile.in, prims2x.fs, testall:
           bug workaround (cygwin signal blocking)
           minor changes
           * kernel/toolsext.fs:
           bugfix (dealing with "(" inside 0 [if] ... [then])
           * search.fs, see.fs:
           .VOC and its users print names for wordlists defined with "wordlist constant"
           moved id. and friends from see.fs to search.fs
   2003-03-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, Makefile.in, testdist: minor changes
           * doc/vmgen.texi, configure.in, doc/gforth.ds, Makefile.in:
           documentation installation updates
   2003-03-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gpl.texi, doc/vmgen.texi, doc/gforth.ds:
           documentation changes (mainly reorganized stuff)
           * cross.fs: Generate TAGS without spaces from cross.fs
   2003-02-28  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el: Fixed some problems with forth-find-tag.
   2003-02-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, errors.fs, NEWS, timings.sc, ChangeLog:
           documentation changes: updated Changelog and NEWS, wrote sections on
             pipes and updated the Performance section; updated timings.sc with
             gforth-0.5.9 numbers
           Changed name in bootmessage from GForth to Gforth.
   2003-02-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, doc/vmgen.texi, compat/strcomp.fs, Makefile.in, NEWS, simp-see.fs:
           Documentation changes (new: The Input Stream (gforth), Stack growth
           direction (Vmgen)
   2003-02-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, doc/vmgen.texi, Makefile.in, NEWS, compat/strcomp.fs, simp-see.fs:
           Documentation changes (new: The Input Stream (gforth), Stack growth
           direction (Vmgen)
   2003-02-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: Documentation changes
   2003-02-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/vmgen.texi, NEWS, doc/gforth.ds:
           documented threaded code variations and dynamic superinstructions
           other documentation changes
   2003-02-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: minor doc changes
   2003-02-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs: minor change
           * engine/forth.h, engine/io.h, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, except.fs, kernel/int.fs, errors.fs:
           Gforth now works properly when its stdout is to a broken pipe (but not stderr)
           special SIGPIPE throw code (-2049)
           minor bugfix ("uncaught exception" is now printed on stderr)
   2003-02-08  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds:
           Updated the "Emacs and Gforth" chapter of the documentation.
           * gforth.el: Updated docstrings.
           Ripped out (unusable) forth-process code, replaced it with a
           comint-based implementation which is mostly copied from Emacs'
           `cmuscheme.el'.  Tested with Emacs 21 and 20, XEmacs 21.
           * gforth.el:
           Fixed `uncomment-region' (C-u C-x C-\) which didn't work, since
           regexp `comment-start-skip' was buggy.
   2003-02-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/vars.fs:
           >name now works for names of arbitrary length
           * Makefile.in, configure.in: minor fixes
           * kernel/int.fs, savesys.fs, search.fs:
           >name etc now works for names with up to 32 chars
           the search order is now preserved across savesystem
   2003-02-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, stuff.fs, BUGS, ChangeLog: updated ChangeLog and BUGS
           now gforth-itc is installed and uninstalled
           documentation changes
   2003-02-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * vmgen-ex/support.c, vmgen-ex2/support.c, README, engine/signals.c, test/signals.fs:
           portability bugfixes
           use SA_ONSTACK for all program-generated signals
           updated README
   2003-02-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * vmgen-ex/support.c, vmgen-ex2/support.c, README, engine/signals.c, test/signals.fs:
           portability bugfixes
           use SA_ONSTACK for all program-generated signals
           updated README
   2003-02-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex2/Makefile, configure.in, testdist:
           updated version number and date
           minor changes
           * testdist, vmgen-ex/mini.l, vmgen-ex2/mini.l:
           portability bugfixes, minor changes
           * kernel/int.fs, vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex/profile.c, vmgen-ex2/Makefile, vmgen-ex2/profile.c, arch/hppa/cache.c, arch/hppa/machine.h, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, testall, Makefile.in, prims2x.fs:
           portability changes
           bugfixes in prims2x.fs, kernel/int.fs
   2003-01-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/hppa/machine.h, configure.in, extend.fs, testall:
           fixed some portability bugs
   2003-01-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: bugfix in prims2x.fs sync line handling
           * vmgen-ex2/Makefile, arch/hppa/cache.c, arch/hppa/machine.h, engine/main.c, prims2x.fs, vmgen-ex/Makefile, configure.in:
           eliminated some (hopefully outdated) hppa special treatments
           rewrote hppa cacheflush
           prims2x can now process CRLF inputs (but the output is partly unixified)
           prims2x can now process several sync lines in sequence
           minor fixes
           * vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex2/Makefile, engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, Makefile.in, configure.in, testall:
           fixed some portability bugs and other minor bugs
   2003-01-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, configure.in: some changes for cygwin
           * Makefile.in, configure.in, engine/Makefile.in, mkdosmf.sed, mkos2mf.sed:
           replaced configure variable EXE with EXEEXT (provided by autoconf by default)
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/support.c:
           minor changes (64-bit-cleanups)
           * configure.in: updated version number and date
   2003-01-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/memcmpc.c:
           removed engine/memcmpc.c (now in support.c)
           removed unused stuff
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/memcmpc.c, engine/support.c, kernel/int.fs, test/string.fs, configure.in, ds2texi.fs, extend.fs, float.fs, history.fs, prim, see.fs, stuff.fs, Makefile.in:
           use AC_SYS_LARGEFILE instead of declaring this stuff unconditionally
           moved memcasecmp() into support.c
           eliminated -TEXT (all uses replaced, except within prim)
           converted CAPSCOMP and -TRAILING into high-level words
           folded C code for more complex primitives into support.c
           Fliterals are now decompiled ok
           f.rdp etc. documentation changes
           added test cases for SEARCH
           * Makefile.in, engine/main.c: minor changes
   2003-01-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/gforth.fs: bugfix in test/gforth.fs
           * ans-report.fs, stuff.fs: converted ans-report.fs to absolute branches
           changed comments for f.rdp etc.
           * Makefile.in, test/gforth.fs: added test cases for f>str-rdp
           * prim, stuff.fs:
           bugfixes and improvements for f.rdp, represent, and friends
   2003-01-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim, startup.fs, stuff.fs: added F.RDP F>STR-RDP F>BUF-RDP
   2003-01-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim, quotes.fs: REPRESENT bugfix
           new escape sequence \q (equivalent to \").
   2003-01-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, stuff.fs: added ]] ... [[
           fixed compile-only error message
           * INSTALL, configure.in:
           Declared some environment variables in configure.in
           cleaned up PEEPHOLE configuration options (no longer used in C code)
           related documentation changes in INSTALL
           * configure.in, kernel/input.fs, kernel/require.fs, stamp-h.in, stuff.fs:
           disabled long long on PPC (buggy in some gcc versions).
           implemented EXECUTE-PARSING-FILE (new-input only).
           * kernel/input.fs: added EXECUTE-PARSING
           * kernel/require.fs, blocks.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/int.fs, source.fs, wf.fs:
           factored out saving and restoring loadfilename (not relevant for new-input)
   2003-01-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, source.fs: loadfilename#>str is now safer
           documented the interaction of markers and ~~ and assertions
   2003-01-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/require.fs, source.fs:
           replaced "*a file*" etc. with "*somewhere*"
           * blocks.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/vars.fs, source.fs, wf.fs:
           replaced loadfilename# with loadfilename (bugfix)
           * kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/vars.fs, engine/signals.c, engine/support.c, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond.fs, kernel/files.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, arch/sparc/machine.h, doc/gforth.ds, arch/386/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, prims2x.fs, search.fs, startup.fs, struct.fs, vt100key.fs, wordinfo.fs, configure.in, cross.fs, debug.fs, doskey.fs, environ.fs, extend.fs, glocals.fs, hash.fs, look.fs, machpc.fs.in, Makedist.in, Makefile.in, blocks.fs:
           undid changes to copyright notices
   2003-01-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/vars.fs, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, engine/support.c, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/input.fs, engine/engine.c, doc/gforth.ds, engine/Makefile.in, arch/386/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, arch/sparc/machine.h, look.fs, machpc.fs, machpc.fs.in, prims2x.fs, search.fs, startup.fs, struct.fs, vt100key.fs, wordinfo.fs, blocks.fs, configure.in, cross.fs, debug.fs, doskey.fs, environ.fs, extend.fs, glocals.fs, hash.fs, Makedist.in, Makefile.in:
           Updated copyright notices
           Added stack effects to kernel/input.fs
   2003-01-18  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * configure.in, kernel/int.fs:
           Added intptr_t and int128_t to types to be checked
           Changed boot message copyright date
   2003-01-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: flush_to_here now not called on superblock ends
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, kernel/comp.fs, code.fs, configure.in:
           Icache-flushing is now not performed on generating a NEXT, just on the
              end of a definition through finish-code.
           Eliminated MIPS linker testing (not necessary with hybrid D/ITC).
           --no-dynamic is default on systems that don't define FLUSH_ICACHE.
   2003-01-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, engine/Makefile.in, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, prim:
           eliminated all greedy static superinstruction stuff (we will use something
             else for static superinstructions eventually)
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, kernel/int.fs, prim:
           moved DOES-HANDLER! from prim to kernel/int.fs
           eliminated MAKE_DOES_HANDLER
           * ans-report.fs, engine/main.c, prim:
           deleted unused prims (HASHKEY) and COMPILE-PRIM
   2003-01-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, prim:
           moved CODE-ADDRESS! DOES-CODE! /DOES-HANDLER from prim to kernel/int.fs
           * engine/forth.h, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/int.fs, prim:
           moved >code-address and >does-code from prim to kernel/int.fs
           * kernel/int.fs, prim: moved >BODY from prim to kernel/int.fs
           * prim: kludged NEWLINE portability bug
   2003-01-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/threaded.h, prim:
           changes to eliminate gcc warnings
           * arch/mips/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, arch/sparc/machine.h, engine/signals.c, arch/386/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/hppa/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, configure.in, Makefile.in:
           Some changes for portability to AIX and Darwin
           Eliminated the (non-hybrid) direct threading stuff from arch/*/machine.h
   2003-01-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * backtrac.fs, look.fs, see.fs, test/other.fs:
           Changed interfaces of PRIM>NAME THREADED>NAME to be like >NAME.
           * Makefile.in, configure.in:
           added dependence on engine/config.h (for automatic autoheader call)
           removed most feature test macro definitions (problems with Darwin)
           dynamic is now default for all gcc versions
           various changes to configure.in (for Darwin, ia64, m68k, generic)
   2003-01-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/other.fs, backtrac.fs, look.fs, see.fs:
           bugfix: LOOK works again for xts of primitives
           new words: threaded>xt, prim>name, threaded>name (stack effect not final)
   2003-01-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, machpc.fs, machpc.fs.in:
           undid the unnecessary/broken stuff Bernd has done
           moved a change from machpc.fs to machpc.fs.in
           removed machpc.fs (generated file)
   2003-01-03  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/forth.h, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/main.fs, Makefile.in, arch/4stack/mach.fs, arch/4stack/prim.fs, arch/4stack/relocate.fs, arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/misc/prim.fs, cross.fs, machpc.fs:
           Made 4stack port of Gforth EC work again
   2003-01-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/generic/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, engine/threaded.h:
           PPC fixes and speedups
   2003-01-02  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, engine/main.c, engine/threaded.h, kernel/accept.fs, look.fs:
           Fixed look problem
           Added benchmarking of all engines
   2003-01-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, engine/support.c, prim:
           Alpha bug workaround (disabled ALIGN_CODE)
           fixed bugs in F>D and D>F
           * engine/forth.h:
           support for small (cell-sized or smaller) off_t on machines without proper
             double-cell type; typically needed on 64-bit machines.
           * configure.in, engine/forth.h:
           feature test macros now defined in configure.in (so the tests see them) instead
             of engine/forth.h
           Testing for size of off_t
   2003-01-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/cond.fs, kernel/input.fs, cross.fs, prim, see-ext.fs, see.fs:
           Cleaned up prim file (only one soft of branches, grouping)
           Added auto-expanding tib for file reading - the terminal line length remains
   2002-12-31  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/Makefile.in:
           dependence for engine/prim_grp.i in engine/Makefile.in
           * Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, prims2x.fs:
           restored the old engine/prim_lab.i format (for vmgen compatibility)
           introduced engine/prim_grp.i for the new use
           * prims2x.fs:
           vmgen: introduced STACK-ACCESS-TRANSFORM to support upward-growing stacks.
   2002-12-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * prim: Forth replacement for absolute branch
   2002-12-28  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/threaded.h, filedump.fs, prim, prims2x.fs, Makefile.in, comp-i.fs, cross.fs:
           First inclusion of group-based primitive tokens (no reordering happend yet)
   2002-12-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, comp-i.fs, cross.fs: increased image version
           * prim, prims2x.fs:
           prims2x: INST_TAIL now produces NEXT_P2 again by default
           * Makefile.in, engine/Makefile.in, prims2x.fs, vmgen-ex/mini.h, vmgen-ex2/mini.h:
           some fixes to make make dist work
           bugfixes to make building outside srcdir work
           minor prims2x.fs bugfix (for vmgen-ex)
           vmgen-ex[2] bugfix
           * configure.in: modernized configure.in (with the help of autoupdate)
           * doc/version.texi.in, engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, kernel/args.fs, doc/gforth.ds, mkos2mf.sed, vmgen.in, Makefile.in, README, acinclude.m4, configure.in, extend.fs, gforth.lsm, gforthmi.in, mkdosmf.sed:
           replaced some automake macros with autoconf macros; related changes in
             autoconf variables (e.g., @VERSION@ -> @PACKAGE_VERSION@)
           gforth-prof and gforth-native are now not built by default
           modernized "Automatic Remaking" section of Makefile.in
           Updated bug reporting instructions
           Eliminated use of old bug reporting email address
   2002-12-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * code.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, stuff.fs, Makefile.in:
           made CODE and ;CODE work again
           * see-ext.fs, see.fs, startup.fs:
           SEE now works again for control structures and strings
   2002-12-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, see.fs: worked on SEE
           COMPILE, now produces LIT@ and LIT+ again
           * blocks.fs, kernel/paths.fs:
           Limit blocks files to 2GB (to avoid catastrphic interaction with gforth<0.6.0)
           blocks bugfixes: OPEN-BLOCKS tries to avoid deleting existing blocks files
             SAVE-BUFFERS stack underflow fixed
   2002-12-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/io.c, engine/main.c, engine/memcmpc.c, engine/profile.c, engine/signals.c, configure.in, engine/engine.c, prim:
           Gforth now supports large files (>2GB) on small machines (32-bits/cell).
           forth.h now asks for all kinds of POSIX, X/Open, and GNU support.
           rearranged include files such that forth.h precedes the system files.
           * elisp-comp, engine/main.c, install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs, configure.in:
           some configure.in cleanups.  In particular, I replaced all echos with
             AC_MSG_... macros.
           The gcc version (for disabling dynamic code) is now checked in configure (not
             when compiling main.c)
           updated elisp-comp install-sh missing mkinstalldirs from autoconf-2.54
   2002-12-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, configure.in:
           the skipping code for engine2 is now checked with configure
   2002-12-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/threaded.h:
           cfa is now killed in NEXT_P2 in some direct threading schemes (for better
             register allocation)
   2002-12-21  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * extend.fs, gforth.el, look.fs: gforth.el: LEAVE ?LEAVE
           rest: made compilable with gforth 0.5.0
   2002-12-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/386/machine.h, engine/engine.c:
           minimized differences between engine and engine2 to avoid register
             allocation differences
           disabled USE_TOS on 386 without FORCE_REG (otherwise sp is spilled)
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH: some more BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH refinements
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makefile.in: refined BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH
   2002-12-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim: compile-prim is now obsolete
           * kernel/comp.fs, engine/main.c:
           "compile," now uses compile-prim1 instead of compile-prim
           disablesd compile-prim
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c:
           each engine is now compiled separately; unfortunately, the problem with
             lots of differences between engine and engine2 in gforth-fast on i386 without
             force-reg persists
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c:
           moved global/static vars from engine.c into main.c (to avoid duplicating them)
           * engine/support.c, doc/gforth.ds, engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c:
           moved all functions except engine() out of engine.c into (new file) support.c
           minor documentation changes (suggested by John A. Peters <japeters@pacbell.net>)
   2002-12-16  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * prim: Made the hash shift array static
   2002-12-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, engine/main.c:
           "make check" now checks all engines and some variations
           bugfix in forget-dyncode
           * engine/engine.c, engine/rint.c, test/float.fs, configure.in, float.fs, prim:
           fround is a primitive again
           rint replacement function written
   2002-12-14  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * cross.fs, kernel/quotes.fs, machpc.fs, machpc.fs.in:
           Changed string compilation to not use the return stack to skipp the string
           added control-rack property to specify if the return stack does point to
           control-relevant information
   2002-12-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: bugfixes in DECOMPILE-PRIM (no crash on non-address,
              find @ instead of >code-address etc.)
           * engine/main.c, kernel/int.fs, look.fs, see.fs, simp-see.fs:
           implemented DECOMPILE-PRIM and use it in (LOOK); SIMPLE-SEE works again
           minor bugfix in SIMPLE-SEE
           HEAD? now delivers 1 on likely-false positives
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, extend.fs, prim:
           dynamically generated code is now (sort of) released on executing a MARKER
   2002-12-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: code_area now allocated on demand (unlimited size)
           some refactoring in dynamic code generation
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, Makefile.in, prims2x.fs:
           now engine/prim_num.i is generated, and used in main.c (for main-native.o)
   2002-12-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * hash.fs:
           the limit for hash table doubling is now an average 2 entries/bucket
           * engine/main.c: bugfix ("gforth" crashed, "./gforth" didn't)
   2002-12-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * ToDo-native, except.fs, float.fs, see-ext.fs:
           TRY should now be partially ready forth gforth-native
           FLITERAL should be ready for gforth-native
   2002-12-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * assert.fs, debugs.fs, doc/gforth.ds, source.fs:
           source positions are now passed through literals instead of using
             return stack tricks; appropriate changes in the users of source.fs.
           * kernel/quotes.fs, quotes.fs, see.fs, extend.fs:
           eliminated all uses of "lit (abort") (s") (.") outside cross.fs, except one
           eliminated (c"); cliteral is now in the kernel.
   2002-12-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/quotes.fs, prim: New word: "MEM,"
           new implementations of CLITERAL (independent of threaded code size) and
              SLITERAL (also can deal with long strings now)
   2002-11-24  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * acconfig.h:
           Deleted acconfig.h after cleaning up configure (no longer needed)
           * configure.in: Cleaned up configuring
           * acconfig.h, configure.in, engine/main.c:
           Added check for directory separation
           * hash.fs:
           Added tracking of the number of hash table entries and doubling the hash
           size when this number exceeds the number of buckets
   2002-11-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/threaded.h, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/quotes.fs, arch/386/machine.h, engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, prims2x.fs, Makefile.in, prim:
           new engine gforth-native (works on 386 arch only for now).
             appropriate changes in control-flow instructions in prim
             new primitives SET-NEXT-CODE and CALL2 (not necessary for the other engines)
             new primitives COMPILE-PRIM1 and FINISH-CODE
             prims2x.fs now produces IMMARG(...) macros for initializing immediate args
             prims2x.fs: changes in some of the output-c-tail words (goes with the
                changes in the control-flow words).
             appropriate changes in engine.c
             engine.c: rewrite of check_prims, support for gforth-native (NO_IP)
             threaded.c: support for NO_IP
             various kernel files: started to eliminate return stack manipulations for
               embedding data (e.g. string literals); incomplete.
           dynamic superinstructions now use LABEL2 instead of IS_NEXT_JUMP
           FORCE_REG has no effect if DOUBLY_INDIRECT (gcc-2.95.1 crashes otherwise;
              it's unclear which change provoked this).
   2002-11-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c:
           No engine2 and other dynamic stuff is compiled for gforth-itc, -iditc, -prof
   2002-11-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/float.fs, Makefile.in, engine/signals.c, float.fs:
           New file test/float.fs
           FROUND-OFFSET now defined without f**
           bugfix in signals (disabled SA_ONSTACK in most cases to allow graceful_exit).
   2002-10-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/signals.c, prim, float.fs:
           FROUND is now implemented in high-level Forth.
             The primitive is now called "(FROUND)".
   2002-10-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/signals.c: work around missing MacOS X FPE_... si_codes
   2002-10-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, engine/forth.h:
           Gforth now survives destruction of the C stack pointer (it now uses
             sigaltstack() to set up signal handling on another stack).
   2002-10-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * peeprules.vmg: emptied peeprules.vmg again
           * peeprules.vmg, prims2x.fs:
           bugfix (use of inst-pointer-update left stack items)
           bugfix (now no debugging output at superinstruction end)
           refactored output-c-tail...
           * prims2x.fs:
           In superinstructions, move stores into the last part writing to the stack item.
           * prims2x.fs:
           Stack loads in superinstructions are now delayed until the part that needs them
   2002-10-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * config.guess, config.sub:
           config.guess and config.sub from autoconf-2.54
   2002-10-04  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, configure.in, prim, prims2x.fs: Fixes for GCC 3.2
   2002-10-02  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/misc/asm.fs: warn if end-label / end-code is missing
           * arch/misc/prim.fs: fix: missing end-label statements
           * arch/misc/optcmove.fs: added
           * arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/misc/sim.fs: romable feature
           * arch/misc/asm.fs: added txd io stuff
   2002-09-26  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs:
           If abranch option is on we compiler abranch, a?branch, a(do), ...
           (instead of branch, ...) and use absolute addresses for branch
           * machpc.fs.in, machpc.fs: added abranch option
   2002-09-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/cond.fs, except.fs:
           replace all uses of relative branches with absolute branches
             Exception: cross still produces relative branches in the kernel.
           * prim: added absolute versions of all relative branches
             I am not sure if I got conditional compilation right.
             I left the Forth code for acondbranch alone because I don't know
               what may be used there.
           * prim: changed lit+ and lit@ into simple primitives
   2002-09-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: added include-skipped-insts to prims2x.fs
           * Makefile.in, prims2x.fs:
           Changed creation of engine/super.i into engine/costs.i, which contains
              all primitives, not just superinstructions; costs now work (mostly)
           * doc/vmgen.texi, Makefile.in, prims2x.fs:
           Added generation of engine/supers.i
           Deleted generation of kernel/peephole.fs
   2002-09-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c:
           Disabled dynamic native code generation for gcc >=3.1
           added flag --dynamic
   2002-09-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/other.fs, engine/main.c:
           Bugfixes: compile_prim now flushes the I-cache; fixed test case
   2002-09-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * look.fs, see.fs:
           bugfix: (complex) SEE now works (output quality could be improved, though).
           * look.fs: bugfix: simple decompilation of static hybrid threaded code
           * blocks.fs, compat/strcomp.fs, engine/forth.h, startup.fs:
           fixed bugs in compat/strcomp.fs and its usage
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/require.fs, compat/strcomp.fs, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, savesys.fs, startup.fs, stuff.fs, wf.fs, fi2c.fs, glocals.fs, history.fs, httpd.fs, locate.fs, oof.fs, prims2x.fs, proxy.fs, quotes.fs, Makefile.in, cross.fs, ds2texi.fs:
           Added compat/strcomp.fs, introducing STR=, STRING-PREFIX?, and STR<
           replaced most occurences of COMPARE with STR= and STRING-PREFIX?
   2002-09-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/vmgen.texi, engine/main.c, configure.in: changed version
           disabled dynamic code generation for now (problems with gcc-3.2).
           documentation changes
   2002-08-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/vmgen.texi, prim, prims2x.fs:
           Made store optimization optional (default off), and documented it
           * engine/main.c, engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, arch/386/machine.h, arch/generic/machine.h, doc/gforth.ds, testdist:
           gforth now stores a local ip to saved_ip instead of using a global ip
             associated changes in register allocation, threading, documentation
           testdist now also tests vmgen and vmgen-ex
   2002-08-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * README, README.vmgen, configure.in, cross.fs, doc/vmgen.texi, Makefile.in:
           Getting ready for the Vmgen release
           New snapshot dates, various documentation changes, Makefile and configure fixes
   2002-08-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/vmgen.texi: documentation changes
           * vmgen-ex2/Makefile, vmgen-ex2/engine.c, vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex/engine.c:
           made all threading schemes run in vmgen-ex*
   2002-08-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, doc/vmgen.texi, prims2x.fs, vmgen.in:
           prims2x.fs now outputs #line directives at the end of the user C code
           documentation changes
           * vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/mini-inst.vmg, vmgen-ex2/engine.c, vmgen-ex2/mini-inst.vmg, doc/vmgen.texi, prims2x.fs, vmgen.in:
           prims2x.fs changes: now supports C code delimited by braces;
                               Forth or C names for primitives depending on [ifdef] vmgen
           Documentation changes
           adapted vmgen-ex* to earlier prims2x.fs changes
   2002-08-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/vmgen.texi, engine/engine.c, prim, prims2x.fs:
           Vmgen documentation changes
           Small changes in Vmgen and related changes in prim and engine/engine.c
   2002-08-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/version.texi.in, doc/vmgen.texi, Makefile.in, configure.in:
           Documentation changes
   2002-08-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, doc/texinfo.tex, doc/vmgen.texi:
           vmgen documentation changes
   2002-08-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * COPYING.DOC, Makefile.in, doc/fdl.texi, doc/vmgen.texi:
           documentation changes
   2002-08-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * stuff.fs: added str= and string-prefix?
   2002-08-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, Benchres, doc/vmgen.texi, prims2x.fs:
           added LABEL2 generation to prims2x.fs for future portable superinstructions
   2002-08-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/vmgen.texi: documentation changes
           * doc/vmgen.texi: more documentation
   2002-08-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/vmgen.texi: documentation changes
           * vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/mini.h: more disassembly stuff
           * vmgen-ex2/disasm.c, vmgen-ex2/engine.c, vmgen-ex2/mini.h, prims2x.fs, vmgen-ex/disasm.c, vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/mini.h:
           VM disassembler now prints immediate arguments nicely
   2002-08-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.1, doc/vmgen.texi: documentation changes
   2002-07-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * vmgen-ex/README, vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/mini-super.vmg, vmgen-ex/mini.h, vmgen-ex/peephole.c, vmgen-ex/support.c, vmgen-ex2/README, vmgen-ex2/mini-super.vmg, vmgen-ex2/mini.h, vmgen-ex2/peephole.c, vmgen-ex2/support.c:
           profiling now turns off superinstructions in vmgen-ex*
   2002-07-26  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Old version of parse-string for Gforth 0.5.0 added
   2002-07-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * tags.fs: fixes (thanks to Erik Rossen)
   2002-06-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Benchres, prim: Added Athlon XP 1800+ to Benchres
           fixed type in wcall
   2002-06-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * ekey.fs: EKEY? now does not require complete ESC-sequences
   2002-06-02  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * httpd.fs, prim, tags.fs: Added tags.
           Security fix in httpd.fs
           Documentation for directory access in prim
   2002-06-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * vmgen-ex2/profile.c, vmgen-ex2/support.c, README.vmgen, vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/mini.h, vmgen-ex/mini.l, vmgen-ex/mini.y, vmgen-ex/peephole.c, vmgen-ex/profile.c, vmgen-ex/support.c, vmgen-ex2/engine.c, vmgen-ex2/mini.h, vmgen-ex2/mini.l, vmgen-ex2/peephole.c:
           vmgen* now works with lcc and "gcc -O3 -ansi --pedantic -U__GNUC__"
           * vmgen-ex2/mini.y, vmgen-ex2/peephole-blacklist, vmgen-ex2/peephole.c, vmgen-ex2/profile.c, vmgen-ex2/seq2rule.awk, vmgen-ex2/simple.mini, vmgen-ex2/stat.awk, vmgen-ex2/support.c, vmgen-ex2/test.mini, vmgen-ex2/test.out, vmgen-ex2/test.prof, vmgen-ex/mini.h, vmgen-ex/profile.c, vmgen-ex2/Makefile, vmgen-ex2/README, vmgen-ex2/disasm.c, vmgen-ex2/engine.c, vmgen-ex2/fib.mini, vmgen-ex2/fib.prof, vmgen-ex2/mini-inst.vmg, vmgen-ex2/mini-super.vmg, vmgen-ex2/mini.h, vmgen-ex2/mini.l, doc/vmgen.texi, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, prims2x.fs, vmgen-ex/engine.c:
           vmgen-related changes:
           in prims2x:
             Conversion macros for single items now take 2 arguments
             Converting from two items to a type has changed order
             argument printing for disassembler disabled (for now)
             disassembler now also uses VM_IS_INST
           in Gforth and vmgen-ex: adapted to work with changed prims2x
           new: vmgen-ex2: uses union for Cell instead of casting (lots of
              changes compared to vmgen-ex)
           * doc/vmgen.texi, ekey.fs, prim, prims2x.fs:
           EKEY now returns single characters instead of waiting for the rest of
              an escape sequence
           documentation changes
   2002-05-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/vmgen.texi, doc/gforth.ds, glocals.fs: Documentation changes
   2002-05-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * README, doc/vmgen.texi: changed mailing list address in README
           started working on vmgen documentation
   2002-05-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * quotes.fs: bugfix
   2002-04-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, quotes.fs: added quotes.fs in Makefile.in
           * quotes.fs: \n now means newline, not LF
   2002-04-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, kernel/require.fs, doc/gforth.ds, startup.fs, gforth.el, quotes.fs:
           gforth.el: while now increases indentation
           new words s\" .\" \"-parse for dealing with non-printing characters
   2002-04-18  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el:
           Fixed bug that caused scrolling to slow down extremely since
           forth-mode's fontification function was by default installed to
           `fontification-functions' (in Emacs21).  Changed motion-hooking (for
           screen-number display in block files) to using timers instead of
           post-command-hook to prevent further speed lag.
   2002-04-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, test/signals.fs, doc/gforth.ds, engine/main.c, kernel/comp.fs, Makefile.in, errors.fs, see.fs:
           added regression test for signal on broken execute (not working on Linux-PPC)
           new error message and code for ticking compile-only words
           bug workaround for gforth binary (dynamic superinsts produced wrong code for
   2002-03-25  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/misc/prim.fs: deleted x! and x@
           * arch/misc/prim.fs: before deleting x! and x@
   2002-03-23  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el: Minor bug- und compatability fixes.
   2002-03-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, arch/sparc/machine.h, engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, Makefile.in, arch/386/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/generic/machine.h, arch/hppa/machine.h, configure.in:
           cleaned up #defines of DIRECT_THREADED and INDIRECT_THREADED
           introduced engine gforth-itc (indirect threading, no replication)
           fixed bug in indirect threading
           * ans-report.fs:
           bugfix (replace-word adapted to primitive-centric code)
           * engine/main.c:
           support for --no-super (no dynamic superinstructions) and
                       --no-dynamic (use only static primitives)
   2002-03-21  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs: fix?!
           * cross.fs: MAXU MINI MAXI work now with dlit,
           * cross.fs: added optional write protection for memory regions
           * cross.fs: added symentry and \?
           * arch/misc/prim.fs: cleanup
           * arch/misc/prim.fs:
           volatile vm data (registers and stack) go to seperate memory region
           (preparation for romable tests)
   2002-03-20  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs: No forward references to native code definitions
           (primitives and doer) are allowed any more
           (didn't work in any case before, but now a warning is issued)
           * kernel/main.fs: sanity check for header address changed
           * kernel/main.fs:
           moved image-header down to avoid forward reference for doer
   2002-03-19  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs: cleaned up bernds changes.
           tried to manage the peephole/call threading stuff with the
           existing plugin definitions.
           * kernel/main.fs: Oops. Sorry for that empty log-message.
           Moved forthstart definition to not have a forward reference on a primitive.
           * kernel/main.fs: *** empty log message ***
           * cross.fs: no functional change
   2002-03-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/io.c: portability change
           * INSTALL, Makefile.in, configure.in:
           Better discussion of cross-installation in INSTALL.
           Force direct threading everywhere (indirect threading currentldoes not work).
           make target "gforths" builds and copies all engines.
   2002-03-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makefile.in:
           fixed Makefile bugs (to get BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH running again)
   2002-02-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/peephole.c, engine/profile.c, prim, prims2x.fs, Makefile.in:
           lit@ and lit+ are now defined as superinstructions
           compile lit @ and lit + instead of lit@ and lit+
           extended prims2x to support superinstructions with non-C-names
             (syntax: forth-name /c-name = ...)
           support profiling of interpreters with superinstructions
             (with simple instructions in the output).
           profile output with prefixes only (enable by editing profile.c).
           optional reporting of static superinstruction lengths (compared to
             dynamic superinstructions); enable by compiling with -DPRINT_SUPER_LENGTHS
   2002-02-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond.fs, kernel/vars.fs, gforth.el, peeprules.vmg:
           Compiles static superinstructions combined with dynamic superinstructions
           added ENDIF to gforth.el
   2002-01-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c:
           eliminated searching in compile_prim (faster startup and compilation)
           * engine/main.c, see.fs:
           dynamic superinstructions for the code in the image
           SEE works again for CODE words
   2002-01-26  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el:
           Fixed everything that prevented `gforth.el' from working with XEmacs
           21.1. Fixed info-lookup.
   2002-01-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/386/machine.h, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/threaded.h, prim:
           hybrid direct/indirect threading (replaces direct threading)
   2002-01-19  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el: Added code for making `gforth.el' work in Emacs 19.34.
   2002-01-17  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el:
           added and fixed `require's, fixed byte-code-compilation relevant
           things (avoid free variables, top-level `require's etc), added
           `(provide 'forth-mode)'
   2002-01-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * environ.fs, float.fs, startup.fs: Fixed enviroment queries
   2002-01-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/threaded.h: bugfixes
   2002-01-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c:
           compile_prim now converts "xts" into "threaded-code" for DOUBLY_INDIRECT,
                and reports non-primitive non-xt input
   2002-01-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, engine/threaded.h, Makefile.in, comp-i.fs:
           Differentiate between threaded code and xts in gforth-ditc and in gforthmi
   2002-01-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, kernel/aliases0.fs, cross.fs, prim, search.fs:
           Thrown out static vocabulary stack
           Changed cross to make mixed threading workable
           * kernel/args.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/paths.fs, cross.fs, prim:
           Cross compiler changes for mixed threading
   2002-01-05  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * search.fs, gforth.el: Made gforth.el hilight see and dbg.
           Added dynamic search order stack allocation code to search.fs.
   2002-01-04  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, see.fs, cross.fs, prim:
           Modified cross to get closer to mixed threading
           Added a few debugging aids
   2002-01-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: preparations in loader for hybrid threading
   2002-01-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Benchres, Makefile.in:
           Added benchmark result (superinstructions) for 600 MHz Athlon
           Made cross work again with superinstructions (requires larger dictionary)
   2001-12-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/power/_sync_cache_range.c, engine/main.c, Benchres, Makefile.in, arch/386/machine.h, machpc.fs, machpc.fs.in:
           default dictionary size 1M cells
           machine-specific stuff for dynamic superinstructions is now in machine.h
           support for dynamic superinstructions for Alpha
   2001-12-28  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c: undefined symbols to make engine.c work with GNU m4
   2001-12-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, doc/gforth.ds, machpc.fs:
           gforth no longer uses TOS caching (for improved error detection, suggested by
                                              Dennis Donnelly).
           The default FP stack size is 16K (for improved error detection).
           minor changes.
   2001-12-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, kernel/toolsext.fs, prim:
           dynamic superinstructions now continue across conditional branches
           added DEFINED back in (as alias of [DEFINED])
   2001-12-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, kernel/comp.fs, Benchres, Makefile.in, prim, prims2x.fs:
           added dynamic superinstructions (currently for direct threading on 386,
                                            without checking for other platforms)
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, Benchres, doc/gforth.ds, prims2x.fs:
           determine primitive relocatability for dynamic superinstructions
           documentation changes (from bug reports by Robert Epprecht and others)
   2001-12-15  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el:
           Cleaned up motion-dectection, used for displaying screen-numbers in
           forth-block-mode. Added support for just-in-time hilighting feature of
           Emacs21 (using fontification-functions hook).
   2001-12-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/threaded.h, doc/gforth.ds, prim, prims2x.fs:
           use LABEL(name) instead of CASE I_name at the start of a primitive
           fixed read-line tutorial documentation bug
   2001-12-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Benchres, arch/386/machine.h:
           more register allocation fine-tuning; USE_TOS is again used with gcc-3.*
           * Benchres, arch/386/machine.h, engine/Makefile.in:
           explicit register allocation for gcc-3.0.x (not as good as gcc-2.95, but
             better than before); don't use TOS with gcc-3.x, so rp can be allocated.
           Compile engine.c with -fno-gcse (to improve gcc-3.x code quality).
   2001-12-01  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, prim, proxy.fs, script.fs:
           Fixed popen access type (*not binary*)
           Fixed some bugs in proxy.fs
           Added scripting support
   2001-11-21  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * fi2c.fs: fixed fi2c.fs address size bug
   2001-11-11  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/386/ncex/ncexcompiler.fs, arch/386/ncex/ncexcontrol.fs, arch/386/ncex/ncexcpu1.fs, arch/386/ncex/ncexcpu2.fs, arch/386/ncex/ncexregalloc.fs, Makefile.in, cross.fs, httpd.fs, prims2x.fs, proxy.fs, wf.fs:
           Added tags generation for vi
           small changes on httpd for EuroForth paper
           Added navigation button generation via Gimp to wf
           Made nccomp from Lars Krueger work at least somehow
   2001-10-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/threaded.h, vmgen-ex/engine.c, prims2x.fs:
           prims2x now generates CASE before the label
           * kernel/int.fs, BUGS, ekey.fs, machpc.fs:
           added some function key names and sequences (from Linux console)
           renamed NAME into PARSE-WORD
   2001-10-07  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * locate.fs: Added locate for vi fans
   2001-09-21  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * dosekey.fs, startup.fs: Added DOS support for ekey
   2001-09-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/toolsext.fs: Provided [defined] and [undefined]
           Changed stack comments in toolsext.fs
           * history.fs:
           Added ignoring command completion if there's another key in the queue
   2001-09-16  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/main.fs:
           Put full featured startup.fs into main.fs, so that both BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH
           and a build based on kernl*.fi can expect the same extensions.
   2001-09-16  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/c165/prim.fs: fix
           * cross.fs: fix: cross now works again on top of kernlXYZ.fi
           * debug.fs, environ.fs, glocals.fs, look.fs: added requires
           * engine/.cvsignore: Added profile.i, peephole.i and gforth-prof
           * engine/main.c: Non-relocatable images with fixed base work again.
           Base address of $100 and 0 are now special cases that indicate
           a relocatable image.
   2001-09-15  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/386/ncex/ncexcompiler.fs, engine/signals.c, history.fs:
           Fix for terminals where TIOCGWINSZ doesn't work
           Added bindkey to history.fs
   2001-09-12  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs: added comment
           * kernel/main.fs: cleanup
           * machpc.fs, cross.fs, engine/main.c, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/main.fs:
           Image starts at $100 for cross-compilation now. A NULL-reference
           is really a reference to address 0 and NIL is 0.
           In the kernel image-header to get the headers address.
           Image loading is only changed minimal: The stuff with fixed
           addressed images is thrown out, because every image is relocatable.
           No header change. Old images should work.
           * cross.fs: renamed aprim
   2001-09-06  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Improved table handling
   2001-09-06  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs: added fixme comment
           * kernel/files.fs:
           changed warnings to redefinitions-start / end because
           we have to switch more than only the warnings
   2001-09-05  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs: cleaned up
           EC stuff currently broken
           * cross.fs:
           fix: this version produces exacly the same images as version 1.101
           * cross.fs: - added changes for peephole optimization
           Test version!
           * cross.fs: - some cleanup
           - added dlit,
           * cross.fs: - oops, left some debugging output
           - added comment for ghost fields
           * cross.fs:
           merged in the sepearation from colon, and prim, through the >comp field in the ghost
           still TODOs:
           - peephole stuff
           - unification of new >exec-compile and >comp fields
           a running kernl32l.fi was created successfully with this cross.fs
   2001-09-04  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs: char optimization
           * cross.fs: lots of changes from the G&D project
           - relocatable assembler output
           - vocabularies support prepared
           - lots of cleanup
           - hooks for instant (target execution while cross-compilation)
           - peephole changes from bernd missing
           - genereation of kernl32l.fi works correctly
           * cross.fs: this is the orignal cross.fs from 0.5.0 updated
           with input-method and long headers
           (used to compare generated images, does not last long)
           * hash.fs: relocation fixes for cross-compilation
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs:
           relocation fixes, use [compile] for immediate words
           added AValue in comp.fs
           * cross.fs: interims version to check in the kernel changes
           * kernel/cloop.fs: changed compile to postpone
           * kernel/cbr.fs: changed to postpone
           * kernel/basics.fs: fix for ec: AConstant relocatable
   2001-09-03  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el:
           Bugfix, Improved hilighting/indentation to recoginize structured
           data-types, that end on %. Indentation now also ignores non-immediate
           words inside definitions. Tested gforth.el on Emacs21. Works fine!!
   2001-09-03  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/misc/tt.fs: fix for relocating
   2001-08-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/386/asm.fs, wf.fs: Fixed 386 assembler jump table
           Some improvements to Wiki Forth
   2001-08-08  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH: fix
   2001-08-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUGS, doc/gforth.ds, float.fs, stuff.fs: New bug reports.
           added slurp-fid; documented slurp-fid and slurp-file.
           bugfix in f. (thanks to Doug Bagley).
   2001-08-06  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Another set of fixes for wf.fs
   2001-08-05  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/386/ncex/ncexcompiler.fs, arch/386/ncex/ncexcpu1.fs, wf.fs:
           Added toc handling to wf
           Wrote wrapper code for ncex
   2001-07-29  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Some further fixes
   2001-07-24  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Fixed jpeg handling
           Improved data base
   2001-07-23  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Added image size handling
   2001-07-22  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Some further modification to wiki for Forth
   2001-07-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: fixed table end problem
           * wf.fs: Added embedded images (no size yet)
           Improved table parsing
           * wf.fs: Added HTML table, easier ways to add options to a tag
           * wf.fs: Improvements of wiki for Forth
           Added small text data base
   2001-07-16  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wf.fs: Added first version of a Wiki in Forth
   2001-07-10  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs, arch/c165/mach.fs:
           added constant for bits/char -- seems that this is now obligatory.
           * arch/6502/asm.fs, arch/6502/mach.fs:
           fixed comments and formatting in asm.fs, and set a default processor variant
           (one of the reasons why kernl-6502.fi doesn't build). Added null >boot in
           * arch/misc/README:
           fixed up comments to reflect current file organisation.
           * arch/4stack/README, arch/4stack/mach.sh:
           kernl-4stack.fi now builds. Fixed paths in mach.sh, and changed reference
           therein from gforth to ./gforth to ensure that the engine is consistent
           with the source tree in which the .fi file is being built. Revised README
           to reflect the current file organisation.
           * asm/numref.fs: fix typos and comments.
           * kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/pass.fs:
           minor formatting fixes. Fix typos and comments.
   2001-06-26  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el, etags.fs:
           Fixed some old bug in etags.fs and refined tag search in gforth.el. See my
           not in etags.fs for details.
   2001-06-19  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el: Improved imenu support.
   2001-06-17  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el: Improved interface for customizing hilighting/indentation.
           Added imenu and speedbar support (needs further refinement, though).
   2001-06-16  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/shboom/mach.fs:
           Some further steps to make gforth EC work
           * kernel/quotes.fs, kernel/vars.fs, arch/386/ncex/ncexregalloc.fs, arch/4stack/mach.fs, arch/4stack/relocate.fs, arch/6502/mach.fs, arch/8086/mach.fs, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, arch/386/ncex/ncexcpu1.fs, cross.fs, prim, prims2x.fs:
           Made some Gforth-EC targets work again
           Started grouping (no renumbering yet, groups are just dummies)
   2001-06-15  ak042  <ak042@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/peephole.c: revert all 2001/05/28 changes.
   2001-06-14  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * colorize.fs, ansi.fs:
           changed >f to >FG and >b to >BG (and <f <b to <FG <BG) to remove name
           clash between ansi.fs ">f" and gforth floating comparison word.
   2001-06-12  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * tasker.fs: Fixed kill-task
           Added glossary entries
           * tasker.fs: Fixed tasker (to handle new input method)
   2001-05-28  ak042  <ak042@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/peephole.c: there is still a problem with iburg <-> burg.
   2001-05-18  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el: Refined forth-block-mode.
   2001-05-13  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, prims2x.fs:
           simpy inlclude startup.fs in prims2x if needed
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makefile.in, prims2x.fs, startup.fs:
           cleanup, so BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH (should) works
           * exboot.fs: comment fix
   2001-05-11  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h:
           removed spurious ; from end of #endif to get rid of compile warning.
   2001-05-10  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/accept.fs: corrected control keys vector
   2001-05-09  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: BUILDFORTH more comment
           * cross.fs: corrected problem with messed up word names in crossdoc.fd
   2001-05-07  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * ToDo: new topics
   2001-05-06  David Kuehling, MAE  <dvdkhlng@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el: *** empty log message ***
   2001-05-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/quotes.fs, README.vmgen:
           interpreted s" now ALLOCATEs the string
   2001-05-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * vmgen.in: vmgen base file
           * README, configure.in, testdist, vmgen-ex/README, Makefile.in:
           minor changes
           * engine/Makefile.in, prim, testdist, Makefile.in, README.vmgen, configure.in, peeprules.vmg:
           vmgen-related changes in Makefile
           fixed FORTHB/prims2x breakage
           removed lit_plus
           added peeprules.vmg as a place to put superinstructions
           testdist now also tests vmgen-ex
           * vmgen-ex/mini-super.vmg, vmgen-ex/mini.h, vmgen-ex/mini.vmg, vmgen-ex/peephole-blacklist, vmgen-ex/profile.c, vmgen-ex/seq2rule.awk, vmgen-ex/stat.awk, vmgen-ex/support.c, vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex/README, vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/mini-inst.vmg:
           fixed profiling
           completed README
   2001-04-30  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/avr/asm.fs: fixes
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH:
           with an installed gorth 0.5.0 just type ". BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH" after
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makefile.in, prims2x.fs:
           set of changes to use gforth0.5.0 to build right out of the cvs sources
           * arch/generic/machine.h: define HAS_PEEPHOLE only if not defined
           * arch/generic/machine.h:
           HAS_PEEPHOLE must be defined by default as in machpc.fs
   2001-04-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/mini.vmg:
           added more threading schemes and comments
           added USE_spTOS and commented out superflouos cache flushes and refills
           * vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex/mini.y, vmgen-ex/test.out: minor changes
           * vmgen-ex/mini.h, vmgen-ex/mini.l, vmgen-ex/mini.vmg, vmgen-ex/mini.y, vmgen-ex/peephole.c, vmgen-ex/profile.c, vmgen-ex/simple.mini, vmgen-ex/support.c, vmgen-ex/test.mini, vmgen-ex/Makefile, vmgen-ex/README, vmgen-ex/disasm.c, vmgen-ex/engine.c, vmgen-ex/fib.mini:
           added vmgen-ex
   2001-04-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * vmgen-Attic/Makefile, vmgen-Attic/disasm.c:
           removing vmgen directory (will be replaced by vmgen-ex)
   2001-04-08  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * machpc.fs.in: source for machpc.fs (for peephole)
           * arch/generic/machine.h, engine/engine.c, prim, see.fs, Makefile.in, acconfig.h, configure.in, cross.fs, gforth.el:
           Made peephole a configurable option
   2001-03-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/peephole.c:
           peephole optimization now uses a hash table
           primtable() moved to engine.c (threading dependent)
           * kernel/int.fs, see.fs, simp-see.fs, startup.fs: added SIMPLE-SEE
   2001-03-18  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/generic/machine.h, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/vars.fs, machpc.fs, prim, cross.fs:
           Made peephole a configurable option
           call compilation in cross works now
           Not done yet:
           - peephole itself
           - Create as alit,
           - DOES> compilation
   2001-03-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs:
           prefixes are now automatically defined in wordlist PREFIXES
           * engine/engine.c, prim, prims2x.fs:
           moved stack definitions from prims2x.fs to prim (and support for that)
           * prims2x.fs:
           cleaned up prims2x.fs, prepare for pulling stack definition out
           * engine/profile.c, prims2x.fs:
           VM_DEBUGGING now also prints stack-out values.
           output-profile now uses goto to avoid gcc parser overflow.
   2001-03-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * cross.fs, see.fs:
           Further peephole optimization preparation in cross.fs:
           - compile calls now works
           - compile Create/DOES> better prepaired (doesn't work yet)
           - compile Create/Variable doesn't work yet
           - no peephole optimization yet
           See calls works
   2001-03-11  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * cross.fs, gforth.el:
           Checked in cross with some part of peephole optimization (doers - not all of
           Checked in fontlock-mode coloring version of gforth.el
           * Makefile.in, cross.fs, prim, prims2x.fs:
           First steps to get peephole optimizing into cross
   2001-03-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/profile.c, prims2x.fs: minor bugfixes
   2001-03-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, engine/profile.c, prims2x.fs:
           profiling now outputs subsequences
   2001-02-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/profile.c, prim, prims2x.fs:
           continued block profiling
   2001-02-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/peephole.c, engine/profile.c, Makefile.in, backtrac.fs, engine/Makefile.in, prim, prims2x.fs:
           good start at profiling for peephole optimization
           backtrace now also works for calls done with CALL
           * prims2x.fs: "TAIL;" now works properly in superinstructions
   2001-02-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, test/string.fs, gforthmi.in, prim:
           gforthmi now deals properly with arguments containing spaces
           added CALL and USERADDR primitives
           all references to colon defs, constants etc. are now compiled to primitives
              with inline arguments
           improved COMPARE test case
   2001-02-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/vars.fs, comp-i.fs, prims2x.fs:
           added peephole optimization to kernel
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/peephole.c, prim, prims2x.fs, Makefile.in:
           added C and primitive support for peeophole optimization
           * Makefile.in, prims2x.fs, test/string.fs: added test for COMPARE
           more peephole optimization stuff
   2001-02-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: first take on generating combined instructions
   2001-02-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs:
           fixed inst-stream access in parts of combined instructions
   2001-02-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUGS, prims2x.fs: more combined word changes
   2001-02-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, prims2x.fs:
           type-specific conversion functions for fetch/store-double
   2001-02-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, BUGS, configure.in, prim, prims2x.fs:
           type conversion macros instead of casts for fetch/store-single (prims2x.fs)
   2001-02-04  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/8086/mach.fs, cross.fs, kernel/int.fs, prim:
           Fixed problems with new word header format for Gforth EC (now only tested
           for gf8086.com)
   2001-01-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs: Fixed masks for character sizes > 8 bit
   2001-01-29  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs: Fixed [ alias-mask lcount-mask or ] Literal problem
           * cross.fs: Fixed input method problem
   2001-01-28  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * cross.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, prims2x.fs:
           Fixed cell-size dependent masks
   2001-01-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, Makefile.in, wordinfo.fs:
           fixed bug (?; might also be due to an Emacs change) in prim.TAGS generation.
           bugfix in alias? (length related)
           NEXTNAME can now also handle long names
           added FREE-MEM-VAR
           * kernel/comp.fs, see.fs: SEE bugfix (coming from long names)
           NEXTNAME bugfix (but still length restrictions)
           * kernel/int.fs, comp-i.fs, cross.fs, hash.fs, kernel/comp.fs, table.fs:
           long names in dictionary
   2001-01-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, prim:
           added primitives (listlfind) (hashlfind) (tablelfind) for dealing with
              long names
   2001-01-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: replaced items with field in prim
           * kernel/tools.fs, prims2x.fs: factored out WORDLIST-WORDS from WORDS
           more work on combined primitives
   2001-01-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: minor changes
           * kernel/int.fs: made bracktrace-rp0 restoration THROW-proof
           * Makefile.in, kernel/int.fs, prims2cl.fs, prims2x.fs:
           bugfix (complete?): backtrace-rp0 now is restored in interpret
           process-file in prims2x.fs now takes two xts
           various other chnages in prims2x.fs
   2001-01-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: first parts for combined instructions
   2001-01-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: introduced make-prim
   2001-01-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * comp-i.fs, prims2x.fs, stuff.fs:
           moved SLURP-FILE from comp-i.fs to stuff.fs
           various changes in prims2x.fs
   2001-01-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: more refactoring in prims2x.fs
           * prims2x.fs: moved parser to the end
           * prims2x.fs: factored output out of DECLARATIONS
           * doc/gforth.ds, prims2x.fs: Better error reporting in prims2x.fs
           Bug fixed by changing the docs: RECOVER is not optional in TRY...ENDTRY.
   2001-01-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: some refactoring
   2001-01-14  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * prim: Fixed error report for read-dir
   2001-01-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs, ChangeLog, prim: changes for better debugging output
           made a ChangeLog for real
           NEWLINE for Darwin (should be LF, but if does not define unix)
   2001-01-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/threaded.h, prims2x.fs: bugfix
   2001-01-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/threaded.h, prims2x.fs: bugfix
   2001-01-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: minor improvements
   2000-12-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: prims2x.fs now generates gen_<prim> functions.
   2000-12-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * ekey.fs: added K-PRIOR, K-NEXT, K-DELETE to ekey.fs
           ekey.fs now recognizes Linux console escape sequences.
   2000-12-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: more white space tolerance in prims2x.fs
           * prims2x.fs: even more tolerance for trailing white space
           * prims2x.fs: prims2x.fs is now more tolerant to trailig spaces
           * prims2x.fs, vmgen/Makefile, vmgen/disasm.c:
           prims2x can now generate a VM disassembler; added support files
   2000-12-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/threaded.h, prim, prims2x.fs:
           finishing touches to dealing with inst-stream in prims2x.fs
           converted prims to using this new feature for inline arguments (prefix '#')
           commented out prim* targets in engine/Makefile.in (out-of-date)
   2000-12-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/threaded.h, gforth.el:
           Simplified threading scheme for PPC (faster with gcc-2.95 on 604e and G4).
           Commented out hilight stuff in gforth.el (turned on hilighting everywhere).
           Fixed wrong use of add-hook, and replaced use of (obsolete)
              comment-indent-hook with comment-indent-function.
   2000-12-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim, prims2x.fs:
           prims2x.fs can now process \E (for EVALUATE) "comments"
           moved prefix declarations to prims2x.fs (into \E comments).
           * prims2x.fs: added support for # prefix in prims2x.fs (not complete)
   2000-12-10  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makedist.in, Makefile.in, fixpath.fs, iss.sh:
           Improved Win32-based distribution (iss.sh generates a setup script for inno
   2000-12-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Benchres, configure.in: i686 now uses indirect threading
   2000-12-02  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/386/asm.fs, arch/386/disasm.fs:
           Fixed search order bug in 386 asm.
           Added ptr information to disassembler.
   2000-11-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, stuff.fs: added CONST-DOES> documentation
           * environ.fs: added ENVIRONMENT (vocabulary)
   2000-11-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * proxy.fs: Improved proxy further
           * proxy.fs: Removed debugging code
           * proxy.fs: Fixed Host in redirect
           * unix/socket.fs, httpd.fs, proxy.fs: Added proxying for httpd
   2000-11-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.el:
           Bugfix: Highlighting code did not work on non-X emacs; bug report and
             patch by atsiyn_kytat@hotmail.com (Julian Fondren)
   2000-11-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim, prims2x.fs:
           prims2x now replaces "TAIL;" in the C code with appropriate code for
              terminating the primitive
           Most conditional branches now use "TAIL;" to have two NEXTs
              This brings performance back to the level before Nov 12th 2000
   2000-11-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, Makedist.in, Makefile.in, gforth.lsm, see.fs, startup.fs, stuff.fs:
           make bindist now makes sunsite-compliant package names
           updated lsm
           prims2x now works on the Alpha
           SEE now displays anonymous words as <###> (where ### is the xt)
           added CONST-DOES>
   2000-11-12  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * debug.fs:
           debugging can nest into defered words, as well as execute and perform
   2000-11-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, prim, prims2x.fs:
           prims2x.fs now generates the return stack stuff from the stack comment
           most references to rp were eliminated from prim
             currently this comes with a performance penalty, because
             conditional branches now use just one NEXT instead of one for the
             branch and one for the fallthrough
           * prims2x.fs:
           generalized prefixing in prims2x.fs (prepare for stack prefixes)
   2000-11-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, Makefile.in, prim, prims2x.fs:
           rewrote large parts of prims2x.fs to become more flexible (not restricted to
             2 stacks, factored out common code for the stacks, etc.).
           Changes in other files to go with the prims2x.fs changes
   2000-10-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/input.fs:
           Fixed evaluate problem (s" SOURCE" 2dup evaluate d= -> true)
   2000-10-29  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/args.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/input.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/vars.fs, Makefile.in, blocks.fs, cross.fs, extend.fs, httpd.fs, machpc.fs:
           Added new input handling (OO approach). Only available if capability
           new-input is true (so setting that to false in machpc.fs gets you the old
           input handling back).
   2000-10-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * see.fs: added names ID. and .ID for .NAME
   2000-10-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/accept.fs, BUGS, Benchres:
           added EDIT-LINE; ACCEPT now gives an error on negative input
           fixed ACCEPT documentation
   2000-10-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: make uninstall now deletes gforth-fast-$VERSION
   2000-10-03  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * gforthmi.bat, mkdosmf.sed, mkos2mf.sed, os2conf.h, config.bat, dosconf.h:
           Fixed version strings in the DOS and OS/2 versions
           Fixed gforthmi.bat
   2000-10-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Benchres, gforth.el:
           Bugfix (add-hook etc. instead of setq etc.; bug report by David Kuehling)
             not fixed: forth-start-hook
   2000-09-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * INSTALL, INSTALL.BINDIST, Makefile.in:
           add kernel.TAGS dependency and target in the Makefile
   2000-09-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in: removed srcdir mangling in configure.in (broke bindist)
   2000-09-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUGS: added bug report
   2000-09-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * README, configure.in, testall, testclean:
           updated version number and README
           * doc/gforth.1, doc/gforth.ds, engine/getopt.c, NEWS, README:
           updated NEWS
           minor changes
           * unix/time.fs, kernel/pass.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/prim0.fs, kernel/quotes.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/saccept.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/vars.fs, netlib/configure.in, test/dbltest.fs, test/other.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/doers.fs, kernel/errore.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/license.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/accept.fs, kernel/aliases0.fs, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/cbr.fs, kernel/cbrpi.fs, kernel/cloop.fs, kernel/cloop2.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond-old.fs, kernel/cond.fs, engine/io.c, engine/io.h, engine/main.c, engine/memcmp.c, engine/memcmpc.c, engine/memmove.c, engine/pow10.c, engine/select.c, engine/signals.c, engine/strerror.c, engine/strsignal.c, engine/strtol.c, engine/strtoul.c, engine/threaded.h, engine/cleanalign.c, engine/dblsub.c, engine/ecvt.c, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/getopt.c, engine/getopt.h, engine/getopt1.c, doc/makedoc.fs, ec/dotx.fs, ec/nesting.fs, ec/shex.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/ansidecl.h, engine/atanh.c, asm/generic.fs, asm/numref.fs, asm/target.fs, doc/gforth.ds, arch/sharc/mach.fs, arch/sharc/machine.h, arch/shboom/mach.fs, arch/sparc/machine.h, asm/basic.fs, asm/bitmask.fs, arch/mips/insts.fs, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/power/_sync_cache_range.c, arch/power/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/generic/machine.h, arch/hppa/cache.c, arch/hppa/machine.h, arch/ia64/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/mips/disasm.fs, arch/4stack/asm.fs, arch/4stack/mach.fs, arch/4stack/prim-new.fs, arch/4stack/prim.fs, arch/4stack/relocate-new.fs, arch/4stack/relocate.fs, arch/6502/mach.fs, arch/6502/prim.fs, arch/alpha/asm.fs, arch/alpha/disasm.fs, arch/386/asm.fs, arch/386/machine.h, wordlib.fs, wordlib.mk, see-ext.fs, see.fs, source.fs, startup.fs, string.fs, struct.fs, stuff.fs, table.fs, tasker.fs, termsize.fs, traceall.fs, unbuffer.fs, vt100.fs, vt100key.fs, wordinfo.fs, mach64b.fs, mach64l.fs, machpc.fs, make-app.fs, model, more.fs, other.fs, prim, prims2cl.fs, prims2x.fs, random.fs, savesys.fs, search.fs, hash.fs, history.fs, html.fs, httpd.fs, intcomp.fs, lib.fs, locals-test.fs, locals.fs, look.fs, mach16b.fs, mach16l.fs, mach32b.fs, mach32l.fs, extend.fs, fi2c.fs, filedump.fs, float.fs, gforthmi.cmd, gforthmi.in, glocals.fs, glosgen.fs, gray.fs, growable.fs, exboot.fs, except.fs, etags.fs, envos.dos, envos.fs, envos.os2, errors.fs, configure.cmd, configure.in, cross.fs, debug.fs, debugs.fs, doskey.fs, ds2texi.fs, ekey.fs, environ.fs, acinclude.m4, add.fs, ans-report.fs, ansi.fs, assert.fs, backtrac.fs, blocks.fs, bufio.fs, chains.fs, code.fs, colorize.fs, comp-i.fs, BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, COPYING, Makedist.in, Makefile.in, acconfig.h:
           changed FSF address in copyright messages
           * kernel/saccept.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/vars.fs, test/dbltest.fs, test/other.fs, kernel/doers.fs, kernel/errore.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/prim0.fs, kernel/quotes.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/cbrpi.fs, kernel/cloop.fs, kernel/cloop2.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond-old.fs, kernel/cond.fs, engine/forth.h, engine/io.c, engine/io.h, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, engine/threaded.h, kernel/accept.fs, kernel/aliases0.fs, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/cbr.fs, arch/mips/insts.fs, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, arch/sparc/machine.h, doc/makedoc.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/ecvt.c, engine/engine.c, arch/hppa/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/mips/disasm.fs, arch/generic/machine.h, arch/386/machine.h, arch/4stack/asm.fs, arch/4stack/mach.fs, arch/4stack/prim-new.fs, arch/4stack/prim.fs, arch/4stack/relocate-new.fs, arch/4stack/relocate.fs, arch/6502/mach.fs, arch/6502/prim.fs, arch/alpha/machine.h, struct.fs, stuff.fs, table.fs, traceall.fs, unbuffer.fs, vt100.fs, vt100key.fs, wordinfo.fs, wordlib.fs, prims2cl.fs, prims2x.fs, search.fs, see.fs, startup.fs, string.fs, httpd.fs, look.fs, mach16b.fs, mach16l.fs, mach32b.fs, mach32l.fs, mach64b.fs, mach64l.fs, machpc.fs, objects.fs, prim, gforth.el, gforth.lsm, gforthmi.in, glocals.fs, hash.fs, history.fs, html.fs, debug.fs, debugs.fs, doskey.fs, ds2texi.fs, environ.fs, envos.fs, errors.fs, except.fs, extend.fs, fi2c.fs, Makefile.in, ans-report.fs, assert.fs, backtrac.fs, blocks.fs, code.fs, colorize.fs, configure.in, cross.fs, BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH, Makedist.in:
           updated copyright dates in many files (not in ec-related files)
           * float.fs, test/other.fs, BUGS:
           fixed bug ("2 set-precision 333e0 fe." gave "33e0")
           added test for restore-input with crlf newlines
   2000-09-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/args.fs, kernel/int.fs, testall, Makefile.in:
           bugfix (loadfilename# must be set before process-args)
           minor changes
   2000-09-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: doc fixes
           * BUGS, Makefile.in: fixed bug about directory in prim.TAGS (untested)
           * arch/ia64/machine.h, Makefile.in, configure.in:
           added initial ia64 support (thanks to Andreas Schwab)
   2000-09-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * exboot.fs, startup.fs:
           exboot.fs now does not change image-included-files
   2000-09-12  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, gforth.el, kernel/files.fs, kernel/int.fs, startup.fs:
           Fixed #fill-bytes for nested inputs
           Improved font highlighting
           Dirty fix for exboot correction (for DOS)
   2000-09-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/require.fs: typo fix
           * kernel/int.fs, kernel/require.fs, prim: fixed bug
   2000-09-10  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * extend.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/int.fs, prim:
           Changed (read-line) again
   2000-09-09  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * extend.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/int.fs, prim:
           Fixed CR/LF bug wrt save/restore-input
   2000-09-08  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * oof.fs: Made oof.fs work with iForth (thanks to Marcel Hendrix)
   2000-09-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUGS: updated BUGS file
           * kernel/int.fs:
           Better error reporting for exceptions during command-line input
   2000-09-07  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * backtrac.fs, engine/main.c:
           bugfix (determination of whether rp is in range after the setjmp in go_forth.
   2000-09-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/files.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/require.fs, blocks.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           improved error messages for errors happening in non-files.
           * BUGS: updated BUGS
           * BUGS, Makefile.in, engine/Makefile.in, kernel/require.fs: fixed a bug
           updated BUGS file
           factored out .strings from .included
   2000-09-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, timings.sc: minor changes
   2000-09-03  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doc/gforth.ds, tt.fs: Added Files section to the tutorial
           changed sfind .. [if] into [ifdef] in tt.fs
   2000-08-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, kernel/require.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, Benchres, Makefile.in:
           documentation changes
   2000-08-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Benchres, doc/gforth.ds: Documentation changes
   2000-08-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: documentation changes
   2000-08-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/objects-implementation.obj, doc/gforth.ds, moofglos.fs, objects.fs, search.fs, mini-oof.fs:
           Documentation changes
           renamed general push-order to >order, objects push-order to class>order,
                   drop-order to class-previous
   2000-08-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, prim, struct.fs: documentation changes
   2000-08-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, see.fs, prim: documentation changes
           fixed bug in cputime
   2000-08-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, doc/gforth.ds: documentation changes
   2000-08-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * environ.fs: documentation changes
           * kernel/io.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/require.fs, doc/gforth.ds, kernel/files.fs, kernel/int.fs, blocks.fs, environ.fs, extend.fs, float.fs, prim:
           documentation changes
           added path-allot and clear-path
   2000-08-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, kernel/int.fs, search.fs: documentation changes
   2000-08-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, kernel/basics.fs: documentation changes
   2000-08-14  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs: fixed copyright message at startup
   2000-08-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, doc/gforth.ds, prim: documentation changes
   2000-08-14  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doc/gforth.ds, arch/8086/prim.fs, prim, prims2x.fs:
           Added conditions to the new primitives (floating)
           Fixed prims2x.fs to accept comments after the last primitive
           Fixed newline Forth definition
           Small docs fixes
   2000-08-13  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/4stack/README, arch/8086/prim.fs, arch/386/asm.fs:
           Added undocumented SALC instruction ot x86 assembler
           Fixed instructions in 4stack port README
           Fixed newline (cr/lf) in 8086 prims
   2000-08-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, doc/gforth.ds, prim:
           documentation changes
   2000-08-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/vars.fs, README, doc/gforth.ds:
           documentation changes
   2000-08-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, prim, environ.fs, extend.fs, float.fs, glocals.fs:
           documentation changes
           fixed bug in f~
   2000-08-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/386/machine.h, configure.in, engine/engine.c, extend.fs, prim:
           added primitives utime cputime v* faxpy
           changed default on 386 to USE_NO_FTOS
   2000-08-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: added indexing and reference refs to tutorial
   2000-08-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: documentation changes
   2000-07-31  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doskey.fs, history.fs, vt100key.fs:
           Added ctrl-X for deleting right without quiting. DEL now maps to Ctrl-X
           * doc/gforth.ds, history.fs:
           Reverted Ctrl-D behavior to original one, but factored the delete right
           word <del> out (to allow changing the behavior if you like)
           Changed 386 assembler documentation to match the new assembler
           * arch/386/asm.fs, history.fs:
           Removed BYE behavior of DEL key and Ctlr-D on empty lines
           Added FSF style copyright notice to arch/386/asm.fs
   2000-07-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/ecvt.c, arch/386/asm.fs, arch/386/testasm.fs, doskey.fs, gforthmi.bat, prim:
           Added code for DEL key in doskey.fs
           Fixed gforthmi.bat (always uses gforth-d now, no env variable)
           Deleted setbuf workaround for DOS in prim
           Replaced Andrew's assembler with the one from bigFORTH
           Fixed 0.5e f. bug in ecvt.c
   2000-07-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/main.c:
           The relocator now checks for unimplemented primitives used in the image.
           * configure.in: warning change
   2000-07-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * testall, configure.in:
           gforth now runs on AIX (only indirect threaded).
   2000-07-26  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * prim:
           Fixed newline primitive (unix-style lineend only, define that in prim.fs
           yourself if you need something else), fixed references of -text-flag
           (now called sgn).
   2000-07-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: reapplied gforth.ds changes between 1.58 and 1.59
           * testall, unbuffer.fs, unbuffered.fs, backtrac.fs, backtrace.fs, except.fs, exceptions.fs:
           renamed backtrace.fs exceptions.fs unbuffered.fs to
                   backtrac.fs  except.fs     unbuffer.fs
   2000-07-23  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * config.bat, configure.in, engine/main.c, exboot.fs, gforthmi.bat, mkdosmf.sed, startup.fs, Benchres, Makedist.in, Makefile.in:
           Made Gforth compile on DOS. Cleaned up some minor parts in make binonlydist
           Also renamed
           unbuffered.fs -> unbuffer.fs
           exceptions.fs -> except.fs
           backtrace.fs -> backtrac.fs
           in the CVS archive (do that in your gforth/CVS/Entries before checking out!!!)
           If you want to make my life more easy, please refrain from using >8.3 file
           names for vital parts.
   2000-07-21  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: lots of small grammatical changes
   2000-07-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUGS, engine/signals.c: updated BUGS
   2000-07-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/signals.c: fixed typo
           * engine/signals.c: signal portability improved
           * engine/signals.c, doc/gforth.ds, testall: fixed another signal bug
           * configure.in, engine/signals.c:
           signal handling bugfix (not yet portability tested)
   2000-07-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUGS, doc/gforth.ds: checked tutorial examples
   2000-07-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUGS, arch/alpha/asm.fs, arch/mips/asm.fs:
           worked around non-bug, removed bug-report
           * doc/gforth.ds: documentation changes
   2000-07-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, arch/alpha/asm.fs, arch/alpha/disasm.fs, arch/mips/asm.fs, configure.in, testall, testclean, BUGS, Makefile.in, README:
           changes to make snapshot work
   2000-07-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, prim: documentation changes
           * Makefile.in, prim, prims2x.fs:
           Changed prim syntax to not make a difference between blanks and tabs.
           Stack effects are now surrounded by parentheses.
   2000-07-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: added 386 asm and disasm
           * arch/386/asm.fs, arch/386/testasm.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           renamed 386 instructions with a trailing ",". Documented 386 asm.
           * arch/386/asm.fs, arch/386/testasm.fs: ported 386 asm
   2000-07-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/386/asm.fs: added Andrew McKewan's 386 assembler
   2000-07-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in:
           powerpc port now checks code placement; selects indirect threading if necessary
           * arch/power/elf32ppc.x, configure.in:
           powerpc port now uses GNU ld script to get text segment into first 32MB.
   2000-07-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/power/machine.h:
           fixed syntax error in CODE_ADDRESS; >code_address now works for primitives
   2000-07-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/m68k/machine.h:
           >code-address on m68k now works correctly for primitives (untested)
           * arch/sparc/machine.h, engine/fnmatch.c, engine/fnmatch.h, engine/strchrnul.c, Makefile.in, configure.in:
           replaced the glibc-2.1.3 version of fnmatch with the tar-1.1.13 version
            for SunOS 4.1 portability
           better configuration for fnmatch
           CODE_ADDRESS for SPARC can now deal with primitives in direct threading
   2000-07-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/mips/machine.h, arch/mips/testasm.fs, engine/engine.c, engine/fnmatch.c, engine/fnmatch.h, engine/strchrnul.c, Makefile.in, arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/mips/disasm.fs, configure.in, gforthmi.in:
           added fnmatch replacement and configure stuff
           enhanced portability of gforthmi
           the disassembler now works on MIPS (+ assorted bugfixes)
           * kernel/require.fs, BUGS: renamed .modules to .included
   2000-06-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/386/disasm.fs: 386 disassembler bugfixes
           * arch/386/disasm.fs: fixed 386 disasm bug
           * arch/386/disasm.fs: the 386 disassembler now compiles
           * arch/386/disasm.fs:
           added 386 disasm from win32forth (not yet adapted)
   2000-06-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: documentation updates
           * doc/gforth.ds, arch/mips/asm.fs: documentation changes
           * arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/alpha/asm.fs, arch/alpha/disasm.fs, arch/alpha/testasm.fs:
           Alpha assembler branches now use absolute addresses
           Alpha control structures reworked
   2000-06-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * cross.fs, kernel/paths.fs: Fixed compact..
   2000-06-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/alpha/asm.fs, arch/alpha/disasm.fs, arch/alpha/testasm.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           more Alpha assembler tweaks
           * arch/alpha/asm.fs, arch/alpha/disasm.fs, configure.in, kernel/cond.fs, Makefile.in:
           Assembler and disassembler are included in gforth.fi if available
           Alpha assembler and disassembler tweaks
   2000-06-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/alpha/machine.h: >code-address now works for CODE words on Alpha
           * see.fs: disassembler tweaks
   2000-06-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/386/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, engine/engine.c, see.fs, startup.fs:
           SEE now guesses the length of primitives and code words
           It now also works for code words in  direct threading
           CODE_ADDRESS now works for direct threaded primitives
               on 386 and (hopefully) PPC
   2000-06-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/mips/asm.fs, doc/gforth.ds: MIPS asm tweaks
   2000-06-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/mips/disasm.fs, arch/mips/testasmcontrol.fs:
           control structures for MIPS assembler cont.
           assembler documentation
   2000-06-10  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, kernel/int.fs, BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH:
           Made BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH work with previous version of Gforth (almost
   2000-06-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/mips/asm.fs: MIPS asm control structures
   2000-06-06  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * doc/gforth.ds, AUTHORS:
           Fixed some typos and german text in the tutorial
           * arch/sharc/compile.sharc, configure.in, Makefile.in:
           Made make dist work again
   2000-06-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/mips/disasm.fs:
           most disassembler words are now in vocabulary DISASSEMBLER
           * arch/mips/disasm.fs, arch/mips/testasm.fs, arch/mips/testdisasm.fs, arch/mips/asm.fs:
           MIPS asm now checks the arguments; bugfixes and tweaks
           * arch/mips/disasm.fs, arch/mips/insts.fs: MIPS disasm and asm bugfixes
   2000-06-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/mips/disasm.fs, arch/mips/insts.fs, arch/mips/testdisasm.fs, arch/mips/asm.fs:
           more MIPS assembler tweaks
           * arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/mips/disasm.fs, arch/mips/insts.fs, arch/mips/testdisasm.ds, arch/mips/testdisasm.fs:
           factoring in MIPS disassembler
   2000-06-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/mips/disasm.fs, arch/mips/insts.fs, arch/mips/testdisasm.ds, kernel/io.fs, arch/mips/asm.fs:
           rewrote MIPS disassembler completely; now shares ints.fs file with asm.fs
   2000-05-31  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, Makedist.in, prim: Added directory reads:
           open-dir, read-dir, close-dir, filename-match
   2000-05-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/main.fs, doc/.cvsignore, engine/.cvsignore, engine/main.c, .cvsignore:
           Added some files to .cvsignore
           Fixed problem when relocate() tries to relocate beyond the last image entry
   2000-05-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c:
           Dictionary allocation should now work again on OSs that don't treat
             mmap beyond EOF nicely.
   2000-05-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/mips/testasm.fs: more MIPS asm tweaks
           * arch/mips/asm.fs: cleaned up MIPS assembler
           * arch/mips/disasm.fs: some fixes to the MIPS disassembler
   2000-05-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/mips/testasm.fs:
           the MIPS assembler test stuff is now in testasm.fs
           * arch/mips/asm.fs, arch/mips/disasm.fs:
           added mips assembler and disassembler (from Christian Pirker/RAFTS)
           * see.fs, wordinfo.fs:
           some more adjustments due to the change of >name.
           * kernel/io.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/int.fs, glocals.fs, look.fs, search.fs, wordinfo.fs:
           renamed old >HEAD/>NAME into >HEAD-NOPRIM, defined >HEAD/>NAME to also
             work on primitives.
           >HEAD/>NAME now returns 0 (instead of the nt of ???) on failure.
   2000-05-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/io.fs, kernel/files.fs: WRITE-LINE and CR now use NEWLINE
           * Makefile.in, doc/gforth.ds: fixed doc bugs
   2000-05-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * exboot.fs, startup.fs, Makefile.in:
           When building gforth.fi, there is now an exception frame after including
              exceptions.fs (through exboot.fs), providing decent error messages.
   2000-05-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, prim:
           HTML is now produced with makeinfo (of texinfo-4.0)
           Files are now always opened binary (on the C level).
           READ-LINE now knows how to handle LF, CRLF, and CR.
           Added primitive NEWLINE, so the newline conventions of the host OS don't
              spill into the images.
   2000-05-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/texinfo.tex, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/vars.fs, doc/gforth.ds, Makefile.in, stuff.fs:
           texinfo.tex from texinfo-4.0
           various changes for texinfo-4.0 (which reports more bugs and warnings).
   2000-05-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, exceptions.fs, BUGS, Benchres:
           added a Tutorial to gforth.ds
           minor cleanups in gforth.ds
   2000-05-12  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * debug.fs: Fixed see table failure problem.
           break: now takes along a literal with the xt of the current definition.
   2000-05-04  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, engine/Makefile.in:
           Added engine dependencies to main Makefile
           * BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH: created
           * kernel/main.fs:
           Require of search, errors and extend is on demand now.
           So we are able to use a complete gforth.fi for cross-compiling
           * cross.fs: Fixed bug for cross-compiling with gforth.fi image.
           Added output of symbol table and relocation table for debugging.
   2000-05-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, exceptions.fs:
           bugfix: exceptions during startup are now caught
   2000-04-29  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Benchres, configure.in, gforth.el: Added Athlon entry
           Improved highlighting
           Fixed comment in 686 configuration to include Athlon
   2000-04-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, BUGS, arch/alpha/machine.h:
           Gforth can now use mmap to read the image
           small changes to reduce the warnings
   2000-04-27  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * extend.fs, test/other.fs:
           fixed RESTORE-INPUT (still does not work with CRLF, and at EOF).
   2000-04-12  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/sharc/g21k-3.3.4-bp1.diff, arch/sharc/machine.h, engine/main.c, arch/sharc/compile.sharc, gforth.el, history.fs, httpd.fs, string.fs:
           Got SHARC port to comile again (untested yet)
           Added GCC patch for SHARC port
   2000-04-09  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in, gforth.el, httpd.fs: Improved color highlighting
           Install new files, too
           Some corrections to httpd
   2000-04-02  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * hash.fs, httpd.fs: Fixed unitialized tables
           Some small fixes in httpd.fs
           * history.fs, httpd.fs, gforth.el: Better colorizing
           Tiny changes to history.fs to allow a seek in history (not finished yet)
           Some imporvements to the httpd example
   2000-03-26  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * string.fs: Added string library
           * httpd.fs: Added a tiny web server as example
   2000-03-19  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * html.fs, kernel/int.fs: Added Forth as HTML scripting language
           Fixed >NAME bug for words >27 letters
   2000-03-18  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * gforth.el: Added syntax highlighting for Forth (not perfect yet)
   2000-03-17  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds:
           Re-ordered a couple of sections. Added new section on time. Fixed url
           references so they would be real hypertext links in HTML output. Other
           minor fixes here and there.
           * engine/.cvsignore, kernel/nio.fs, prim: minor documentatil tweaks.
   2000-03-11  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/4stack/prim.fs, prim, see.fs: Changed -text in prim
           Changed branchtable size to units in cells
           Added "bye" in 4stack prims
   2000-03-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * BUGS, growable.fs: added growable.fs (but not to Makefile)
   2000-02-28  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * blocks.fs: Minor tweaks to documentation.
   2000-02-04  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, extend.fs, test/other.fs: [COMPILE] EXIT bug fixed
           On Alphas Gforth is now compiled with -mieee (test for availability of -mieee)
   2000-01-17  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * float.fs, prim: Fixed ugly field definition in float.fs
           Added correct IEEE handling of -0 in >float
   1999-12-31  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/8086/mach.fs, arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/misc/prim.fs, arch/misc/sim.fs, doc/gforth.ds, arch/4stack/mach.sh, machpc.fs, Makefile.in, cross.fs:
           Started cross compiler documentation
           Made 4stack, 8086, and MISC Gforth-EC work again
   1999-12-30  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/4stack/relocate.fs, arch/8086/mach.fs, arch/8086/mach.sh, arch/8086/prim.fs, arch/shboom/mach.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/main.fs, arch/4stack/asm.fs, arch/4stack/mach.fs, arch/4stack/prim.fs, arch/4stack/relocate-new.fs, cross.fs, exceptions.fs, traceall.fs:
           Added a interpreter trace (traceall)
           Worked at getting EC Gforth working again.
   1999-12-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * exceptions.fs: simplified exception implementation
           * exceptions.fs: removed protect...endprotect
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/errore.fs, exceptions.fs, history.fs, kernel/accept.fs:
           gforth now works even if it cannot open the history file
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/int.fs, Makefile.in, exceptions.fs, history.fs:
           throw is now more well-behaved during initialization
                   and before loading exceptions.fs
   1999-12-03  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/io.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/vars.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/basics.fs:
           documentation tweaks.
           * Makefile.in:
           added support for generating html straight out of makeinfo (you need
           v4.0 for this, so it's commented out at the moment. Unlike texi2html,
           the html output from makeinfo is a single monolithic file; not too
           Bug-fix (Well, I think so..) If you do a "make" and then "su root" and
           "make install" and then return to non-root, the install would leave 2 files
           in the source tree that were owned by root - very impolite. The files were:
           -- gforth.fi (I solve this problem by deleting gforth.fi after an
           install. I think gforth.fi after an install refers to the install directory
           so this is a good thing to do anyway)
           -- prim.TAGS (because "make all" doesn't generate prim.TAGS, but
           "make install" does, therefore it ends up being owned by root. I couldn't
           see a clean way to fix this in the Makefile. I'd use "chmod --reference"
           to just fix up the protection but this option is GNU-specific. My backup
           solution was to add TAGS to the list in the doc: target, which seemed
           * ekey.fs:
           documentation tweaks plus bug-fix: the introduction of this file messed up
           the documentation of [ and OR in the manual. The reason is that the
           esc-sequences table contains words [ and OR and these were getting put into
           doc/doc.fd and then slipped into the .tex file in preference to the correct
           entries from doc/crossdoc.fd
           My less-than-ideal fix to this is to add "[IFNDEF] put-doc-entry" around
           the definition of the esc-sequences so that it gets omitted completely
           during a documentation build. The ideal fix would be for crossdoc.fs and
           the prim->index process to each support optional "prefix-" in the same
           way that doc/makedoc.fs does.
           * debug.fs:
           documentation tweaks plus a bug-fix: a recent change to this file meant
           that break: and break: were only available in the cross-compiler
           environment. I think that this *should* have been coded so that these
           two words were *never* available in the cross-compiler environment
           -- if I'm wrong, humble apologies (and please explain why..)
           * INSTALL:
           Added some notes on how to install 'info' files correctly on a GNU/Linux
           * environ.fs, search.fs, stuff.fs, table.fs, vt100.fs, float.fs, prim, blocks.fs, code.fs:
           Fixed (my earlier) errors in the documentation of Standard search words
           in search.fs. Minor documentation tweaks in the other files.
           * doc/makedoc.fs, doc/gforth.ds, doc/.cvsignore:
           Fix minor typos in manual. Added chapter 13 to .cvsignore. Fixed incorrect
           comments in makedoc.fs and added a couple of factors to the code.
   1999-11-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/int.fs, startup.fs, exceptions.fs, gforth.el, see.fs, BUGS, Makefile.in:
           took exception handling out of the kernel into exceptions.fs
           added inline exception handling (TRY...RECOVER...ENDTRY)
           added exception handling without affecting sp or fp (PROTECT...ENDPROTECT)
   1999-11-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/io.c, engine/io.h:
           bugfix: KEY now returns -1 on EOF even on 64-bit machines
   1999-11-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, test/other.fs, BUGS: fixed HEAD? alignment bug
   1999-11-08  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/vars.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/args.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, float.fs, prim, search.fs, stuff.fs, extend.fs, blocks.fs:
           Various minor documentation changes to match the latest gforth.ds
           * doc/.cvsignore, doc/gforth.ds:
           Changes from several months ago. Several sections marked "NAC" are
           responses to review comments from Anton.
   1999-11-06  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * blocked.fb: Added "Forth definitions" at the end
   1999-11-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, BUGS:
           bugfix: the system's THROW handler now resets the stack correctly.
           documentation changes
   1999-10-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, configure.in, search.fs, Makefile.in, backtrace.fs:
           context is now a DEFERed word
           various small bugfixes
   1999-10-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/nio.fs, doc/gforth.ds, BUGS, Benchres:
           base<2 is now treated correctly
           documentation changes
   1999-10-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, gforth.el, timings.sc, README, ds2texi.fs, Makefile.in:
           added name index to docs and support for info-lookup to gforth.el
           minor doc changes
   1999-10-13  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/alpha/disasm.fs, arch/alpha/testasm.fs, arch/alpha/asm.fs:
   1999-09-30  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/alpha/asm.fs, arch/alpha/disasm.fs, arch/alpha/testasm.fs:
           added disasm.fs (Bernd Thallner)
           added control structures to asm.fs (Bernd Thallner)
   1999-08-29  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * arch/sharc/mach.fs, arch/sharc/machine.h, arch/sharc/systypes.h, arch/sharc/types.h, arch/sharc/unistd.h:
           Added hardware specific files for the SHARC port
           * engine/main.c, fi2c.fs, kernel/io.fs, prim, cross.fs, blocked.fb, blocks.fs:
           Made block 0 the first block and provided OFFSET for backward compatibility
           (store 1 there).
           Fixed bug for negative buffers.
           Added a type in write-file for OS-less ports.
           Some corrections to make the SHARC port compile again.
           HAS_DEBUG is now a central flag which replaces perror and fprintf if not set.
   1999-08-29  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/checkans.out, doc/gforth.ds, Benchres, ekey.fs, startup.fs:
           added ekey etc.
           updated performance in docs
   1999-08-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Benchres, engine/engine.c, prim: eliminated some ifdefs for memcmp
   1999-08-08  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Benchres, arch/386/machine.h:
           Some small further changes for fast USE_TOS with gcc 2.95
   1999-08-07  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, arch/386/machine.h, arch/generic/machine.h, engine/engine.c, configure.in, prim, Benchres:
           Made USE_TOS work with 386 on gcc 2.95
   1999-07-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c, doc/gforth.ds, gforth.el, gforthmi.in, make-app.fs, objects.fs, Makefile.in, cross.fs:
           added engine option --appl-image and gforthmi option --application
           minor objects.fs changes
   1999-07-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, gforth.el, objects.fs: added :m to objects.fs
   1999-07-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, objects.fs: documented methods...end-methods
           * kernel/int.fs, objects.fs: added methods...end-methods to objects.fs
           added stack comment in kernel/int.fs
   1999-06-20  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * wordlibs/unixlib.h, prim, fi2c.fs: Some small fixes for SHARC port
   1999-06-18  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * testall, configure.in, Makefile.in, kernel/int.fs: bug fixes
   1999-06-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/checkans.out, test/coretest.fs, test/coretest.out, kernel/int.fs, Makefile.in:
           gforth now produces exit code 1 if it has an error in batch processing
           make check is now less verbose
           * engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, configure.in, objects.fs:
           fixed bug (path handling when opening image).
   1999-05-22  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * README:
           Changed second gforth-bugs@gnu.org location and GNU FTP server.
   1999-05-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, search.fs: documentation changes (wordlists)
           added push-order, small fixes in search.fs
   1999-05-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, doc/gforth.ds, blocks.fs, extend.fs:
           documentation changes
           introduced <IS>
           fixed TO in comp.fs
   1999-05-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, doc/gforth.ds:
           Documentation changes (defining words, text interpreter).
   1999-05-20  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: Added kernel/pass.fs
           * debug.fs: Diff wanted some newlines.
           * ec/dotx.fs, ec/mirror.fs, arch/misc/prim.fs, ec/builttag.fs, arch/6502/prim.fs, arch/6502/softuart.fs, arch/6502/mach.fs:
           Updated some ec stuff.
           * prim:
           Just made threading primitives depending on compile flag (only in
           forth source).
           * debug.fs, see.fs:
           Made some things optional. Perhaps in works sometimes without compiler,
           just for debugging...
           * ec/mirrored.fs, ec/mirrors.fs: Deleted, the right one is ec/mirror.fs
           * kernel/main.fs, kernel/pass.fs:
           DP, last and forth-wordlist initialisation went to kernel/pass.fs
           * cross.fs: Some fixes. Skipdef works in all-words mode, too.
   1999-05-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, README:
           Documentation changes (control structures and defining words)
   1999-05-18  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: Dependencies: special.fs out, quotes.fs in
           * kernel/special.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/quotes.fs, kernel/comp.fs:
           Liquidated special.fs and distributed the definitions into apropriate
           postitions in int.fs and comp.fs. Only ." and S" fit nowhere in and
           went to quotes.fs.
           * cross.fs: Cleanups:
           Changed vocabulary order while target compiling to
           minimal minimal target ghosts
           So we could avoid the additional definition of aliases for ghosts
           in target
           alias definitions thrown out...
           A created (TCreate) word only gets the predefined semantics
           if it hasn't got any before...
           So interpret/compile: doesn't overwrite the special semantics
           of IS, S", ." and DOES>
   1999-05-17  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/tools.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/saccept.fs, kernel/special.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/doers.fs, kernel/errore.fs:
           Added require at beginning of file.
           * cross.fs: A lot of small changes.
           Added some ANS compatibility header.
           Included path and number handling (optional for non gforth systems).
           require while cross-compiling works now.
           New directive skipdef, skips definitions in undef-words mode.
           Some code refinements.
           * kernel/vars.fs: Added backtrace option.
           * kernel/paths.fs, kernel/require.fs: Bugfix.
           * kernel/cbr.fs, kernel/cbrpi.fs, kernel/cloop.fs, kernel/cloop2.fs, kernel/cond-old.fs:
           Splitted up cond-old.fs into branches section (with/without plugins) and
           loop section (with/without (?do)).
           * machpc.fs: Added backtrace option
           * ans-report.fs, test/checkans.fs, test/dbltest.fs:
           Added relative (./) includes.
           * bubble.fs: Added cell definition to be ANS compatible.
           * engine/Makefile.in: Changed FORTHPATH...
           * Makefile.in: Changed FORTHPATH starting with ~+ instead of .
           * netlib/netlib.h, netlib/netlib.pri, netlib/configure.in, netlib/httpclient.fs, netlib/netlib.fs, netlib/Makefile.in, netlib/README, netlib/configure, wordlibs/netlib.h, wordlibs/netlib.fs, wordlibs/netlib.pri:
           Moved netlib stuff to extra directory, because I need a configure
           script for it.
           * wordlibs/dlerror.fs, wordlibs/dlerror.h, wordlibs/dlerror.pri:
           .dlerror prints library load errors. Usefull for debugging.
           * wordlibs/unixlib.fs, wordlibs/unixlib.h, wordlibs/unixlib.pri:
           * wordlibs/README: Now little test.
           * wordlibs/Makefile: Works now with wordlib.mk
           * wordlib.mk: Initial version.
           This is the generic Makefile part to create word libs.
           * wordlib.fs: Changed call to wcall.
           * prims2x.fs, prims2cl.fs: New calling conventions with wcall.
           * cross.fs: Small fix
           * prim:
           Added wcall primitive to call c functions. I think we can deletete call-c.
   1999-05-16  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, doc/gforth.ds, prim: Documentation changes
   1999-05-15  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds, prim, float.fs, glocals.fs: documentation changes
           factored out f~abs and f~rel from f~
   1999-05-14  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/threaded.h, doc/gforth.ds: documentation changes
   1999-05-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/engine.c:
           direct threading for 386 now works with scheme 10 (debugging).
   1999-05-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: fixed a Cell==int assumption
   1999-05-10  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/Makefile.in, configure.in, Makefile.in:
           Changed -O4 to -O3, since that's the highest really supported optimization
           for GCC (O4 is undefined)
           Added i686 to configure file.
   1999-05-10  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond.fs: Moved defstart.
           * cross.fs:
           New word skipdef, skips word definition in undef-words mode.
           * engine/main.c: Just some nice casts.
           * prims2x.fs:
           Deleted flush-comment stuff, because it works now staight forward.
           * prim: Added opportunity to skip loop or branch definitions.
           * Makefile.in: Added control of forth and c comments of new prims2x.fs.
           * prims2x.fs:
           Added support for explicit forth or c comments with \f and \c.
   1999-05-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in: FORTHK now uses $(ENGINE)
           * kernel/int.fs, gforth.el, prim: factored out name-too-short? in (').
           fixed potential portability bug in read-line (check result of ferror).
           added M: and M; to indentation lists in gforth.el
   1999-05-06  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/special.fs, kernel/vars.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, doc/.cvsignore, README, float.fs, prim:
           Major re-write of manual sections concerning text interpreter and
           defining words. Much fine-tuning of other sections. The manual is
           ``nearly finished'' -- at least, all the major pieces of work that
           I envisaged for the first mods (which were only going to take a
           couple of weeks...). The manual has grown from 127 pages to 192
           which is good news in terms of content but bad news in terms of the
           time it takes to print out on my HP550C DeskJet.
           Other changes are just tweaks to glossary entries.
   1999-05-05  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs: Small changes for plug-in support.
           * kernel/special.fs:
           Made last bugfix optional; only needed with xconds.
           * kernel/prim0.fs:
           Don't know for what this aliases are neede. Let's try without it.
           * kernel/doers.fs: Made debug output optional.
           * cross.fs: Added nice debugging flags support.
           * arch/generic/machine.h, prim, cross.fs:
           new compile flag: stantardthreading
           * kernel/io.fs: deleted doubled definitions of (key) and (key?)
           * kernel/tools.fs:
           changed include statement ../ to ./.. because we want to include relative
           to the directory, this file is in.
           * kernel/vars.fs: cell is only defeined if it doesnt exist
           * kernel/int.fs:
           head? is now optional, depending on whether forthstart exists.
   1999-05-04  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/threaded.h:
           CFA_NEXT is now defined by the threading scheme and not when GETCFA is
           missing. With Gforth-debug we might have GETCFA defined and a threading
           with cfa alive.
           With this fix I managed to compile gforth on a system that claims it is
           a 386 (i386-solaris, BTW: it is a PII...). But gforth crashes
           (direct threaded scheme 10) at the moment.
           Perhaps Anton should take a look on it?!
   1999-05-03  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * glocals.fs, kernel/special.fs: kernel/special.fs
                   added exit-like in DOES> statement *bugfix*
                   used mappedwordlist constructor
   1999-04-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prims2x.fs: bugfixes from Markus Schoder
   1999-04-16  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/require.fs, doc/gforth.ds, colorize.fs, doc/gforth.1, .cvsignore, README, blocks.fs:
           .cvsignore -- added a couple of other files I was tired of seeing flagged
           by CVS
           README -- added references to a couple more .fs files that are part of
           the gforth distribution
           blocks.fs -- fixed a bug in UPDATED? and added glossary entries for all
           colorize.fs -- fixed a bug that was introduced by a dictionary
           structure change between 0.3.0 and 0.4.0 (I think.. it used to work
           on 0.3.0 and I compared the color WORDS with the normal WORDS and found
           some dirrerences
           doc/gforth.1 -- minor tweaks to man page. I now think that I'd like to
           be able to auto-generate the man page from what is now Chapter 3 of the
           manual. That's in line with GNU's general attitude towards man pages..
           doc/gforth.ds -- added stuff about blocks, revamped Chapter 3 and other
           miscellaneous changes.
           kernel/comp.fs -- glossary tweaks
           kernel/require.fs -- glossary tweaks
   1999-04-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, test/other.fs, Benchres:
           fixed ALLOT bug (now accepts negative arguments)
   1999-03-29  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/tools.fs, kernel/vars.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/accept.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, doc/gforth.ds, search.fs, extend.fs, prim, blocks.fs:
           Added section talking about different memory regions, and glossed
           associated words. Glossed words associated with user input; the
           manual still needs a bunch of examples for these.
   1999-03-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/ecvt.c, kernel/int.fs, matrix.fs: minor bugfixes
   1999-03-23  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/.cvsignore: added gforth.info-10
           * kernel/special.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/vars.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, doc/gforth.ds, search.fs, struct.fs, stuff.fs, vt100.fs, prim, extend.fs, float.fs, glocals.fs, moofglos.fs, debug.fs, environ.fs, errors.fs, assert.fs, blocks.fs, Makefile.in:
           -- changes to make documentation build with moofglos.fs
              rather than with mini-oof.fs (since the former contains glossary
              entries and the latter does not)
           assert.fs blocks.fs debug.fs environ.fs errors.fs extend.fs float.fs
           glocals.fs moofglos.fs prim search.fs struct.fs stuff.fs vt100.fs
           kernel/args.fs kernel/basics.fs kernel/comp.fs kernel/cond.fs
           kernel/files.fs kernel/getdoers.fs kernel/int.fs kernel/io.fs
           kernel/nio.fs kernel/paths.fs kernel/require.fs kernel/special.fs
           kernel/tools.fs kernel/toolsext.fs kernel/vars.fs
           -- many small changes to glossary entries.. I think most are done
              now, so I hope to change far fewer files next time!
           -- many, many small changes and a few large ones. Moved some sections
              around, fixed typos and formatting errors, added new section on
              exception handling, rearranged 'files' section.
   1999-03-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/generic/machine.h, engine/main.c, Makefile.in, configure.in, Benchres:
           gforth (non-fast) now uses a plain threading scheme, making error
             positions more accurate
           minor changes
   1999-03-12  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/power/machine.h, Makefile.in, README, configure.in:
           prepared for snapshot, fixed some buglets
   1999-03-11  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: doc changes
   1999-03-10  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds: bugfix (stack effect on error)
           doc changes (chapter on error messages)
   1999-03-09  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, prims2x.fs: removed "Error: ..." message
           prims2x works again in make doc
   1999-03-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, kernel/vars.fs, backtrace.fs:
           the backtrace now stores only what happened since the last INTERPRET;
                   this avoids very long pointless backtraces for deep include nests.
   1999-03-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * wordlibs/core: removed core
   1999-03-02  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * wordlibs/time.pri, wordlibs/unixlib.fs, wordlibs/unixlib.h, wordlibs/unixlib.pri, wordlibs/netlib.fs, wordlibs/netlib.h, wordlibs/netlib.pri, wordlibs/time.h, wordlibs/httpclient.fs, wordlibs/Makefile, wordlibs/README, wordlibs/core, prims2cl.fs, wordlib.fs:
           Supports to build up c libraries of forth words in the format used in the
           prim file. Worked on linux machines.
           On sun linker exits with "fatal signal 6"...
           * prims2x.fs: Changes in file including.
           * configure.in: srcdir is replaced by an absolute directory if it is .
           Used for word libraries, if current working directory is not gforth root.
   1999-02-28  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * moofglos.fs, mini-oof.fs:
           I removed the glossary from mini-oof, please keep it out!
           moofglos.fs keeps the glossary
           * moofglos.fs: New file.
   1999-02-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, errors.fs:
           On platforms that support the SA_SIGINFO flag (Linux is not quite
             there yet), there are now new signal handlers that perform more
             precise error reporting (in particular for SIGFPE and SIGSEGV).
           Minor fixes.
           * engine/signals.c: started working on better signal handlers
           * engine/io.c, engine/main.c, engine/signals.c, Makefile.in, engine/Makefile.in, Makedist.in:
           moved signal handling into a new file signals.c
           minor changes to window size handling
   1999-02-24  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/errore.fs, kernel/int.fs:
           Change of .error-frame for this pattern:
           xxx.fs:312: Undefined word
               blabla bla blablabla
           Error: Undefined word
           * debug.fs: Cleaned up code. Fixed "create does>" bug.
   1999-02-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/other.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/vars.fs, compat/struct.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/paths.fs, struct.fs:
           renamed nalign into naligned (nalign is present but obsolete)
           Implemented a new solution for nested hold areas (<<# ... #> ... #>>)
           minor changes
   1999-02-22  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/misc/mach.fs: fix bits/byte -> bits/char
           * cross.fs:
           makekernel works now with setup-target and region interface.
           bugfix in setup-target
           * kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/main.fs:
           Made includes in kernel/kernel.fs and kernel/main.fs relative to there
           file positions.
           * cross.fs:
           introduced bits/byte. For this naming the address unit is per
           definition a byte. If bits/byte is not explicitly set, 8 is assumed.
           >address works now with bits/byte and translates between target
           address units and the hosts' one.
           In this state this will never work with host address unit size different
           than 8 bits.
           Step up translation (from 8 to 16 bits address unit size) will only work
           with enormous care because "chars" in cross behaves not like "chars" in the
           target. Any pre-calculation of offsets that is compiled in litarally
           will fail!
           Better solution: Emulate target address-unit size in cross, ugh!
           * mach32l.fs, mach64b.fs, mach64l.fs, mach16b.fs, mach16l.fs, mach32b.fs, cross.fs:
           Replaces bits/byte by bits/char. EC-targets currently broken.
   1999-02-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/vars.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/tools.fs, backtrace.fs, Makefile.in:
           gforth-ditc is now installed with "make install"
           bugfix in print-backtrace
           rewrote number output: now uses a fixed buffer HOLDBUF; added <<# and
                   #>> to deal with nested number output (e.g., AT-XY), and fixed
                   ud.r and d.r (and thus all the "." words) and DUMP to use
                   them.  Other words using <# still have to be fixed.
           removed COMPACT// and its use; it did not work, and anyway, it's a bad
                   idea for Cygwin, Domain/OS (Apollo's OS), and possibly other OSs.
           * arch/386/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, cross.fs, prim:
           bugfix in m68k/machine.h and 386/machine.h
           doc changes in cross.fs and prim
   1999-02-20  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs:
           Broke up s>number in int.fs (the other "changes" are just touched files)
           * kernel/int.fs, Benchres: Another benchres entry.
   1999-02-19  Jens Wilke  <jwilke@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs: Bugfixes from last changes.
           * AUTHORS: Addes email addresses, so I have them handy.
           * cross.fs: Updated cross.fs:
           region interface supports now diffrent memory regions in a greater address-space
           than we have memory.
           image, bit$ and makekernel will get obsolete, use region interface instead.
   1999-02-16  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, prim, see.fs, stuff.fs, objects.fs, oof.fs, ToDo, mini-oof.fs:
           -Added my name to the ToDo file under documentation
           -Glossed the oof files
           -Minor glossary additions elsewhere
           -Another set of changes to gforth.ds; mainly the addition of material
            to the introductory chapter. Also, re-organised stuff in the oof
            sections and made a typo pass over a few other bits.
   1999-02-06  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/threaded.h, arch/power/machine.h, arch/sparc/machine.h, engine/engine.c, arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/generic/machine.h, arch/hppa/machine.h, arch/386/machine.h, prim:
           cleaned up threading stuff:
             now the schemes are selected with -DTHREADED_SCHEME=n
             there is now a macro SET_IP for setting ip.
           New threading schemes: for Power (20% speedup on 604e) and a plain scheme
   1999-02-05  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/basics.fs, kernel/int.fs:
           fixed DPL bug ("1." now gives a DPL of 0)
   1999-02-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/basics.fs, doc/gforth.ds: fixed doc bugs
   1999-02-03  crook  <crook@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/tools.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/vars.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/special.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, kernel/basics.fs, see.fs, stuff.fs, vt100.fs, glocals.fs, prim, search.fs, envos.fs, errors.fs, extend.fs, float.fs, blocks.fs, debugs.fs, environ.fs, Makefile.in:
           New "docclean" target for makefile (removes glossary dependencies when
           rebuilding documentation). Changes to .fs files and prim are restricted
           to glossary (\G) additions for the documentation; this has necessitated
           the addition of new white-space in places to stop the \G stuff from
           obscuring the code. Many additions to doc/gforth.ds - new sections
           added, a few things moved and some sections re-written slightly. There
           are a set of things to tidy up before this rev. is suitable for
           release, and those will be my highest priority. I have also used
           "@comment TODO" to highlight other sections I plan to work on, and
           added a set of comments at the start to indicate other things I plan
           to modify in the medium-term.
   1999-02-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/alpha/testasm.fs, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/alpha/asm.fs, arch/alpha/machine.h, configure.in, gforth.lsm:
           MIPS port should now work even with GNU ld
           added FORCE_REG stuff to arch/alpha/machine.h
           added Alpha assembler (contributed by Bernd Thallner)
   1999-01-21  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/int.fs, engine/io.h, engine/main.c, kernel/accept.fs, cross.fs, engine/io.c, Makefile.in:
           Minor fixes for SHARC
           KEY returns now EOF (-1) when at end of file (non-standard?)
   1999-01-17  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * engine/main.c: factored out print_sizes
           * engine/main.c: bugfix
   1999-01-10  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, Makefile.in, README, cross.fs:
           Improved dump information for magic
           Added code in cross.fs to support new magic
           Fixed makefile problem with cp (cp -p to preserve date)
   1999-01-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makedist.in: make bindist should now work for gforth-fast
           * engine/Makefile.in, engine/engine.c, engine/forth.h, engine/main.c, configure.in, Makefile.in:
           there is now a debugging version of the engine that maintains ip and
           rp in global variables (to allow backtrace on signals). The debugging
           engine is called gforth and the original engine is called gforth-fast.
   1999-01-03  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * startup.fs: backtrace is now included in gforth.fi
           * kernel/vars.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/int.fs, wordinfo.fs, look.fs, startup.fs, stuff.fs, backtrace.fs:
           added ]L, IN-DICTIONARY? and IN-RETURN-STACK? to stuff.fs
           refactored a few words to use IN-DICTIONARY?
           added backtrace hooks to CATCH, THROW and (DOERROR)
           added simple backtrace printing
   1999-01-02  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs:
           improved >name accuracy
           refactored : and :noname
   1999-01-01  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in:
           fixed Makefile bug (engine/Makefile is now remade when necessary)
           * engine/main.c, configure.in:
           fixed --debug bug (printed non-printing characters (magic[7])).
           fixed buglet in configure.in (now heeds LIBS even for hppa).
           set version to snapshot
   1998-12-28  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * gforth.lsm: added old gforth.lsm
   1998-12-26  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, README, INSTALL: fixed siteinit.fs-related problems
   1998-12-25  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * kernel/aliases0.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, os2conf.h, prims2x.fs, configure.cmd, cross.fs, mkdosmf.sed, mkos2mf.sed, INSTALL.DOS, Makefile.in, README:
           Install process fixes for DOS and OS/2
           EC primitive count fixed
           EC relocate problem fixed
   1998-12-25  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * README: doc change
   1998-12-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, doc/gforth.1: doc/gforth.txt is not included in the dist
           adjusted man page
   1998-12-23  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, README, gforthmi.in, other.fs, Makedist.in:
           fixed a few small problems (mainly with bindist)
           * README, testall: listed tested systems
           * prims2x.fs:
           prim_lab.i is now generated without indices (for compatibility with gcc-2.5.8)
   1998-12-23  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in: Fixed Makefile.in for empty emacssitelispdir variable
           * machpc.fs, fi2c.fs: Fixed new format in fi2c.fs
           Fixed wrong base in machpc.fs
   1998-12-22  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * config.guess, config.sub: New versions of config.guess and config.sub
   1998-12-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * arch/power/machine.h, engine/Makefile.in, kernel/paths.fs, Makefile.in, configure.in, testdist:
           fixed some bugs and problems
           * cross.fs, Makedist.in, Makefile.in: new solution for make dist
           fixed a bug in generating magic
   1998-12-22  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, cross.fs, comp-i.fs:
           Changed format to Gforth2x (0.4 or greater)
           * cross.fs, Makefile.in, configure.in, Makedist.in:
           Separated distribution Makefile (works only with gmake)
   1998-12-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * prim, testall, testdist, Benchres: prim: suppressed a few warnings
           updated testdist and introduced testall for automatic testing on many machines
   1998-12-20  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, engine/main.c, gforthmi.bat, mkdosmf.sed, prim, README, config.bat, fi2c.fs, Makefile.in:
           Changes to make gforth run on DOS and Win32 (I hope it's not broken by the
           latest Makefile.in changes)
           Some minor tweaks
   1998-12-20  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * cross.fs: defined | as noop (the old version is broken)
           * kernel/main.fs, engine/Makefile.in, gforthmi.in, Makefile.in, configure.in:
           fixed some problems (mainly for separate source and build dirs)
   1998-12-19  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * configure.in, gforthmi, gforthmi.in, Makefile.in:
           gforthmi is now generated from gforthmi.in by configure
           fixed several installation bugs in Makefile.in
           * test/other.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/vars.fs, extend.fs, hash.fs:
           markers now reset included-files
           fixed another bug in marker
           added/changed some comments
   1998-12-13  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/select.c, kernel/paths.fs, engine/Makefile.in, engine/main.c, arch/generic/machine.h, doc/gforth.ds, gforthmi.bat, mkdosmf.sed, prim, Makefile.in, blocks.fs, ds2texi.fs, fi2c.fs, Benchres:
           Added some documentation (files stup, blocks stub, Mini-OOF implementation)
           Added Benchres for my machine
           made DOS and Win32 compile and run
           New gforthmi.bat script for DOS - needs a temporary file for the commands
           instead of the -e option.
           Added select.o again for DOS (DJGPP's select is broken wrt timing)
           Improved select.c
           Bug with DOS: engine-ditc doesn't compile with optimization on. Maybe I need
           to get a new GCC version for DOS?
   1998-12-12  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/engine.c, configure.in, dosconf.h, mkdosmf.sed, mkos2mf.sed, prim, Makefile.in, config.bat:
           Fixed Makefile for DOS (doesn't fully work yet)
           Fixed shared library for Windows (not tested yet)
   1998-12-11  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * Makefile.in:
           Made Makefile.in dist-able (removed the two outdated files)
           * kernel/vars.fs, kernel/errore.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/main.fs, arch/shboom/mach.fs, engine/engine.c, arch/8086/mach.fs, arch/c165/mach.fs, arch/misc/key.fs, arch/misc/mach.fs, arch/4stack/mach.fs, arch/6502/mach.fs, fi2c.fs, machpc.fs, prim, prims2x.fs, cross.fs:
           Added further options to shrink a kernel down
           Cleaned up conditional primitives (works now for C-generated part, too)
           Cleaned up mach files for embedded architectures
           Cleaned up options in the kernel
   1998-12-08  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * test/other.fs, unix/time.fs, kernel/vars.fs, test/checkans.fs, test/dbltest.fs, kernel/special.fs, kernel/tools.fs, kernel/toolsext.fs, kernel/prim0.fs, kernel/require.fs, kernel/saccept.fs, kernel/nio.fs, kernel/paths.fs, kernel/io.fs, kernel/kernel.fs, kernel/license.fs, kernel/main.fs, kernel/files.fs, kernel/getdoers.fs, kernel/int.fs, kernel/cond.fs, kernel/doers.fs, kernel/errore.fs, kernel/accept.fs, kernel/args.fs, kernel/basics.fs, kernel/comp.fs, kernel/cond-old.fs, engine/select.c, engine/strsig.c, engine/threaded.h, engine/main.c, engine/memcmp.c, engine/memcmpc.c, engine/memmove.c, engine/pow10.c, engine/io.c, engine/io.h, engine/forth.h, engine/ecvt.c, engine/engine.c, engine/Makefile.in, engine/atanh.c, engine/cleanalign.c, ec/nesting.fs, ec/shex.fs, engine/32bit.h, ec/dotx.fs, ec/mirror.fs, ec/mirrored.fs, ec/mirrors.fs, asm/numref.fs, asm/target.fs, ec/builttag.fs, asm/basic.fs, asm/bitmask.fs, asm/generic.fs, arch/mips/machine.h, arch/power/machine.h, arch/sparc/machine.h, arch/hppa/cache.c, arch/hppa/machine.h, arch/m68k/machine.h, arch/386/machine.h, arch/alpha/machine.h, arch/generic/machine.h, vt100key.fs, wordinfo.fs, stuff.fs, table.fs, tasker.fs, termsize.fs, search.fs, see-ext.fs, source.fs, startup.fs, prims2x.fs, savesys.fs, objexamp.fs, other.fs, prim, mach64b.fs, mach64l.fs, machpc.fs, objects.fs, mach16l.fs, mach32b.fs, mach32l.fs, intcomp.fs, lib.fs, locals-test.fs, look.fs, mach16b.fs, gray.fs, hash.fs, glocals.fs, glosgen.fs, gforth.el, gforthmi, filedump.fs, float.fs, envos.os2, errors.fs, etags.fs, extend.fs, fi2c.fs, envos.dos, envos.fs, debugs.fs, doskey.fs, ds2texi.fs, environ.fs, configure.in, cross.fs, debug.fs, config.bat, configure.cmd, blocks.fs, bufio.fs, chains.fs, code.fs, colorize.fs, comp-i.fs, assert.fs, acinclude.m4, add.fs, ans-report.fs, ansi.fs, Makefile.in, acconfig.h, BUGS:
           updated dates in copyright messages
           inserted copyright messages in most files that did not have them
           removed outdated files engine/32bit.h engine/strsig.c
   1998-11-27  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * NEWS:
           Added new things that were part of the "mega-patches" (not necessarily
           * BUGS, see.fs: Fixed DOES> see bug
   1998-11-24  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * Makefile.in, NEWS, BUGS: updated NEWS file
           added doc/gforth.txt to distributed files.
   1998-11-22  Bernd Paysan  <bernd.paysan@gmx.de>
           * engine/main.c, engine/pow10.c, engine/select.c, arch/generic/machine.h, engine/io.h, prims2x.fs, prim:
           Added system-specific options for C-part of primitives
   1998-11-22  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs: more doc fixes
           * kernel/comp.fs, kernel/int.fs, doc/gforth.ds, objects.fs:
           removed all "unknown" from docs, except those from mini-oof
   1998-11-21  Anton Ertl  <anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at>
           * doc/gforth.ds: doc change: explains image license issues