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Tue Mar 11 16:00:35 1997 UTC (24 years, 4 months ago) by anton
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CVS tags: HEAD
added primitive K
the Makefile now works with Digital Unix make
renamed the gforth-makeimage variable GFORTH into GFORTHD
fixed bug in comp-image (can now generate data-relocatable images).
gforth-makeimage uses a new option --no-offset-im to avoid differences
	from the command line
Documentation changes
fixed another bug involving relocatablility of code addresses.
my_alloc now works on machines without MAP_FILE and MAP_PRIVATE

Some benchmark results for various combinations of hardware, Gforth
version, and Gforth configuration. Unless specified otherwise, the
default configurations were used. You can measure your combination
with `make bench'. You can find a table comparing Gforth with six
interpretive Forth systems in the manual (Section Performance), and a
comparison with more systems in

All times are given in seconds of user time.

siev	bubble	matrix	fib	machine and configuration
10.91	11.94	11.24	13.13	Pentium 133MHz 256K PB cache; gcc-2.6.3 -DFORCE_REG; gforth-0.1beta; a.out
13.61	15.05	14.07	17.33	IBM/Cyrix-6x86 133MHz (P166+) 512K PB cache; gcc- -DFORCE_REG; gforth-0.2.1; ELF
29.89	35.42	26.96	34.59	i486 66MHz 256K cache; gcc-2.6.3 -DFORCE_REG -DDIRECT_THREADED; gforth-0.1beta; a.out
39.50	45.91	36.73	44.90	i486 50MHz 256K cache; gcc-2.7.0 -DFORCE_REG -DDIRECT_THREADED; gforth-0.1beta
42.82	46.74	38.69	48.30	i486 50MHz 256K cache; gcc-2.7.0 -DFORCE_REG; gforth-0.1beta
 7.0	 7.6	 6.2	 7.7	21064A (Alpha) 300MHz 2M cache; gcc-2.7.2; gforth-0.2.0
17.3	19.0	14.1	18.3	R4000 100MHz 1M cache; gcc-2.4.5; gforth-0.1beta
50.9	56.8	42.4	52.0	R3000 25MHz 64K+64K cache; gcc-2.5.8 -DFORCE_REG; gforth-0.1beta
59.5	65.8	69.5	61.9	FJMB86903 (SPARC ELC) 33MHz; gcc-2.5.8; gforth-0.1beta
84.34	91.49	76.16	88.83	L64801 25MHz (SPARC IPC) 64K WT cache; gcc-2.4.5; gforth-0.1beta
30.0	34.1	20.5	33.0	PA-RISC 1.1 (HP 720) 50MHz 64K cache; gcc-2.6.3 -DDIRECT_THREADED; gforth-0.1beta

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