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Thu May 4 09:52:14 2000 UTC (23 years, 1 month ago) by jwilke
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# Procedures to build gforth from the CVS sources
# created: 2may00jaw

# To build gforth from scratch you need autoconf and automake.
# This file can be used as shell script. If you make the environment
# variable OLDGFORTH point to an existing gforth installation, this
# script takes over kernel and primitve files.

# makes a aclocal.m4 which includes the automake macros for autconf


# generate configure script


# generate header files like engine/


# Option 1: You have kernl???.fi files for the latest gforth engine

# fetch primitve and kernel files from an existing gforth installation
# this works only if there are no changes between the prim file
# in the existing gforth installation and this one!
if [ "$CURRENTGFORTH" != "" ]; then

  # fetch some apropirate kernel images and copy it into the gforth root

  cp $CURRENTGFORTH/kernl???.fi .

  # fetch the include files for the primitives
  primfiles="engine/prim.i engine/prim_lab.i prim.b kernel/aliases.fs kernel/prim.fs"
  for I in $primfiles; do

  # mark them up to date
  touch $primfiles

  # mark kernel files up to date
  touch kernl???.fi .


# Option 2: You don't have the lates kernel???.fi but a running (old) gforth on your system

# If you don't have apropriate kernel images use an old gforth installation to
# bootstrap:
# run ./configure
# Edit the Makefile and replace the FORTHK variable with your existing
# gforth call e.g. "/usr/bin/gforth", you don't need any options!
# then run make gforth; make

# go on with INSTALL ...

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