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 # To build gforth from scratch you need autoconf, automake and a   # To build gforth from scratch you need autoconf, automake and a 
 # gforth-0.6.2  # gforth-0.6.2
 # This file can be used as shell script. If you make the environment  
 # variable GFORTH point to an existing gforth installation, this  
 # script takes over the whole build process and will produce the  
 # kernel kernel images from the sources as well  
 # try to guess a installed gforth  
 if [ "$GFORTH"xx = "xx" ];  
         rm -f gforth  
         GFORTH=`which gforth`  
         if [ "$GFORTH"xx = "xx" ]; then  
                 echo 'BUILD-FROM-SCRATCH needs a working gforth (in environment variable GFORTH)'  
                 exit 1  
         GFORTH="$GFORTH -m4M"  
 # makes a aclocal.m4 which includes the automake macros for autconf  
 aclocal &&  
 # generate configure script  
 autoconf &&  
 # generate header files like engine/config.h.in  
 autoheader &&  
 echo timestamp >stamp-h.in  
 # run configure Script  
   ./autogen.sh &&
 ./configure "$@" &&  ./configure "$@" &&
   echo Running: make &&
 # if you have specified a previous Gforth, you can safely run make now  make &&
 # with FORTHK and FORTHP changed appropriately.  make doc &&
   make more
 #a local gforth.fi probably does not work with $GFORTH  
 rm -f gforth.fi &&  
 if [ "$GFORTH"xx != "xx" ]  
  bootstrap=engine/prim.i" "`for x in b l; do for wid in 16 32 64; do echo kernl$wid$x.fi; done; done`  
  echo 'Running: make BUILDFORTH="'$GFORTH'" FORTHP="'$GFORTH'" '$bootstrap &&  
  make BUILDFORTH="$GFORTH" FORTHP="$GFORTH" engine/prim.i $bootstrap &&  
  echo Running: make &&  
  make &&  
  make doc &&  
  make more  

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