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Fri Jul 21 09:25:27 2000 UTC (22 years, 6 months ago) by anton
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updated BUGS

    1: etags.fs crashes one of my applications (gs.fs). anton 12jan95
    3: gforth.el: indentation does not work right on the first line of a
    4: buffer. anton 27jan95
    6: Conditional compilation continues after the file ends. This is allowed
    7: by the standard (through an ambiguous condition), but the compiler
    8: should at least produce a warning.  anton 27jan95
   10: QUERY and TIB may behave differently than some may expect. TIB always
   11: points to the current SOURCE, and QUERY puts its result there.  anton
   12: 28nov96
   14: open-path-file expands "./" into the sourcefilename. It should either
   15: not expand "./" or provide a mechanism that allows the application to
   16: determine what "./" should expand to. anton 16jun98
   18: TAGS contains references to development (not install, not build)
   19: directories (for prim).  Probably a Makefile bug.  anton 20oct99
   21: All I/O in DOS is unbuffered since 0.4.0.  Bruce Hoyt, early 1999.
   23: FILE-SIZE, FILE-POSITION, and REPOSITION-FILE don't work correctly on
   24: text files under DOS and Windows.  anton 31oct99
   26: gforth.el: Typing <ret> does not work when tabs separate words in a
   27: line, and there is a \-comment at the end of the line.  anton 19feb00
   29: If I start Gforth and type first
   30: : 123456789012345678901234567890 ;
   31: ' 123456789012345678901234567890  >name name>string type    gives ??? ok
   32: Robert Epprecht 18mar00
   34: EKEY no longer works (does not recognize function keys etc.). anton 23feb2000
   36: SEE does not work when the control structure is too complex (e.g.,
   37: load and then do
   38: SEE NEXT-PIECE). anton 5mar2000
   40: RESTORE-INPUT does not work for files with CRLF newlines, and if
   41: SAVE-INPUT was called on a line without newline (i.e., on the last
   42: line)  anton 27apr2000
   44: The output of .included for does not include exboot.fs and
   45: exceptions.fs  anton 1jul00
   47: If a signal happens when waiting on the command line, the cause of the
   48: exception is not reported, and the backtrace is strange the first time
   49: on Linux (and every second time on IRIX and DU).  anton 21jul00

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