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Sat Apr 29 14:51:14 1995 UTC (27 years, 9 months ago) by anton
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Added more ANS system documentation (now complete)
Minor changes

    1: name> does not take the same argument as e.g. .name. Remedy: add cell+
    2: before name>, but adapt all uses.  anton 23apr94 Solved?
    4: revealing the same name several times (e.g., by using recursive)
    5: results in "redefined ..." messages.  anton 28jul94
    7: etags.fs crashes one of my applications (gs.fs). anton 12jan95
    9: not all aliases are in the etags file. Bug in etags.fs? anton 24jan95
   11: emacs often finds the wrong tag. anton 24jan95
   13: gforth.el: indentation does not work right on the first line of a
   14: buffer. anton 27jan95
   16: Conditional compilation continues after the file ends. This is allowed
   17: by the standard (through an ambiguous condition), but the compiler
   18: should at least produce a warning.  anton 27jan95
   20: accept and expect: the result string can be exceeded with tab
   21: (completion). anton 16apr95
   23: gforth should terminate when the input file ends. Also, C-d from the
   24: terminal should terminate gforth. anton 16apr95
   26: W/O currently means "w+", i.e. r/w. Maybe we should use "w" or
   27: "a". anton 18 apr95
   29: floating-point stack not checked.  anton 23apr95

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