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Thu Jan 12 18:37:46 1995 UTC (28 years, 1 month ago) by anton
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
fixed a few bugs in gforth.el
more documentation

    1: name> does not take the same argument as e.g. .name. Remedy: add cell+
    2: before name>, but adapt all uses.  anton 23apr94
    4: revealing the same name several times (e.g., by using recursive)
    5: results in redefined messages.  anton 28jul94
    7: [IF] is case-sensitive.  anton 2aug94
    9: if blocks.fb does not exist, 1 block creates the file, but cannot
   10: read-file from it. Only if the file-id has been created with
   11: open-file, not create-file, read-file works. - anton 6aug94
   13: etags.fs crashes one of my applications (gs.fs). anton 12jan95

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