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Fri Feb 11 16:30:46 1994 UTC (27 years, 9 months ago) by anton
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The GNU Forth Project

    1: 2, is accepted as a double number.  anton 5oct93
    3: after a stack underflow the stack contains 4 values. anton 5oct93
    5: The system quits on exceptions like segmentation faults. anton 5oct93
    7: compile does not have its traditional meaning. anton 5oct93
    9: include does not read the last line if it does not end with \n.  anton 6oct93
   11: No warning is given when words are redefined. This is a problem when
   12: using software from a case sensitive system.  anton 6oct93
   14: create-file creates a file with 000 protection  anton 22oct93

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