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Sat Oct 7 17:42:14 1995 UTC (26 years ago) by anton
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: gforth-0_1beta, HEAD
added code.fs (for real)

    1: etags.fs crashes one of my applications (gs.fs). anton 12jan95
    3: not all aliases are in the etags file. Bug in etags.fs? anton 24jan95
    4: -> wrote special tag generation for cross compilation. bernd 6sep95
    6: emacs often finds the wrong tag. anton 24jan95
    7: -> emacs does not search for a complete word, but for parts.
    8: -> Solution: add blanks in front and end of tag name (etags.fs)
    9: -> and use own forth-find-tag. bernd 6sep95
   11: gforth.el: indentation does not work right on the first line of a
   12: buffer. anton 27jan95
   13: -> Solved?
   15: Conditional compilation continues after the file ends. This is allowed
   16: by the standard (through an ambiguous condition), but the compiler
   17: should at least produce a warning.  anton 27jan95
   19: DOS and OS/2 don't like . at begin of a file (.gforth-history). bernd 6sep95py

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