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Line 34  Hendrix 3oct00 <8rdcmd$j96$1@news.IAEhv. Line 34  Hendrix 3oct00 <8rdcmd$j96$1@news.IAEhv.
 Newline has only LF (instead of CRLF) in DOS.  Bruce Hoyt 25oct2000  Newline has only LF (instead of CRLF) in DOS.  Bruce Hoyt 25oct2000
 <39f7b14b$2@clear.net.nz>  <39f7b14b$2@clear.net.nz>
   SIGPIPE can make Gforth hard to stop (e.g., 
   gforth -m 2M wordfreq.fs -e bye|head
   anton 30may01
   F. does not print trailing zeroes (e.g., "10 SET-PRECISION 125e f.")
   anton 31may01
   It may be useful for printing tables of FP numbers to have ways to
   control the number of digits before and after the decimal point.
   anton 31may01
   Block 0 does not work as it should: "0 block drop update save-buffers"
   does not write to the blocks file.  "0 block 1024 dump" seems to give
   the previous contents of the buffer.  Travis Bemann 10jul2001
   When accessing a block beyond the end of the block file, the result is
   filled with spaces (this is also documented).  However, when accessing
   a previously unwritten block before the end of the block file, we will
   get a block full of zeroes on most (all?) OSs.  This inconsistency
   should be eliminated and the documentation fixed.  anton 14jul2001

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