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Sat Oct 7 17:38:21 1995 UTC (27 years ago) by anton
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
added code.fs (code, ;code, end-code, assembler)
renamed dostruc to dofield
made index and doc-entries nicer
Only words containing 'e' or 'E' are converted to FP numbers.
added many wordset comments
added flush-icache primitive and FLUSH_ICACHE macro
added +DO, U+DO, -DO, U-DO and -LOOP
added code address labels (`docol:' etc.)
fixed sparc cache_flush

\ VARS.FS      Kernal variables

hex \ everything now hex!                               11may93jaw

\ important constants                                  17dec92py

\ dpANS6 (sect says 
\ "a true flag ... [is] a single-cell value with all bits set"
\ better definition: 0 0= constant true ( no dependence on 2's compl)
 -1 Constant true               \ see starts looking for
                                \ primitives after this word!
  0 Constant false

1 cells Constant cell

20 Constant bl \ used by docon:, must be constant

FF Constant /line

40 Constant c/l
10 Constant l/s
400 Constant chars/block

\ that's enough so long

\ User variables                                       13feb93py

\ doesn't produce real user variables now, but normal variables

Create main-task  100 cells allot
main-task tup H ! minimal

Variable udp \ used by dovar:, must be variable

AUser next-task        main-task next-task !
AUser prev-task        main-task prev-task !
AUser save-task        0 save-task !
AUser s0 \ used by douser:, must be user
AUser r0
AUser f0
AUser l0
AUser handler
\ AUser output
\ AUser input

AUser errorhandler

AUser "error            0 "error !

 User >tib
 User #tib
 User >in               0 >in !
 User blk               0 blk !
 User loadfile          0 loadfile !
 2User loadfilename	0 0 loadfilename 2!
 User loadline          \ number of the currently interpreted
                        \ (in TIB) line if the interpretation
                        \ is in a textfile
                        \ the first line is 1

2User linestart         \ starting file postition of
                        \ the current interpreted line (in TIB)

 User base              A base !
 User dpl               -1 dpl !

 User state             0 state !
AUser normal-dp		\ the usual dictionary pointer
AUser dpp		normal-dp dpp !
			\ the pointer to the current dictionary pointer
                        \ ist reset to normal-dp on (doerror)
                        \  (i.e. any throw caught by quit)
AUser LastCFA
AUser Last

User locals-size \ this is the current size of the locals stack
		 \ frame of the current word

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