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Fri Feb 11 16:30:47 1994 UTC (28 years, 11 months ago) by anton
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The GNU Forth Project

These are the words which I have not (yet) done as primitives. They
probably should be done in high-level

*/	n1 n2 n3 -- n4		core	star_slash
*/mode	n1 n2 n3 -- n4 n5	core	star_slash_mod
phrases in the standard document
m*/	d1 n1 +n2 -- d2		double	m_star_slash

aligned	c_addr -- a_addr	core
here	-- addr		core
unloop	--		core
2>r	w1 w2 --	core-ext
2r>	w1 -- w2	core-ext
2r@	-- w1 w2	core-ext
do2con	-- w1 w2	new (double)
2lit	-- w1 w2	new (double)
/* implement as lit lit ? */
date	-- n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6	core-ext
ms	u --		core-ext
roll	u --		core-ext

leave	--		fig
/* new meaning in ANSI Forth */

(find)	...	pfind

enclose	...

?terminal	...

write-line	c_addr u1 wfileid -- u2 wior	file

falog	r1 -- r2	float-ext
f~		r1 r2 r3 -- flag	float-ext	f-proximate
/* we should do primitives for the sub-functions */

ekey	-- char		toolkit-ext
emit?	-- flag		toolkit-ext
key?	-- flag		toolkit-ext

lex	c_addr1 u1 c_addr2 u2 -- ...	string-ext

available	-- u	memory-ext
/* there is no way to make that one without implementing our own
   allocation package */

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