Diff for /gforth/Attic/forth.h between versions 1.5 and 1.7

version 1.5, 1994/05/18 17:29:53 version 1.7, 1994/07/08 15:00:39
Line 16  typedef void *Label; Line 16  typedef void *Label;
 #define DODOES  4  #define DODOES  4
 #define DOESJUMP        5  #define DOESJUMP        5
   /* Some versions of some unices (Linux) have the symbol BIG_ENDIAN defined
      in their standard headers. Make sure it's undefined -- Lennart */
   #ifdef BIG_ENDIAN
   #undef BIG_ENDIAN
 #include "machine.h"  #include "machine.h"
 /* Forth data types */  /* Forth data types */
Line 38  typedef Label *Xt; Line 44  typedef Label *Xt;
 #endif  #endif
 Label *engine(Xt *ip, Cell *sp, Cell *rp, Float *fp, Address lp);  Label *engine(Xt *ip, Cell *sp, Cell *rp, Float *fp, Address lp);
   extern Xt *throw_ip;
 /* i.e. indirect threaded */  /* i.e. indirect threaded */

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