Diff for /gforth/Attic/engine.c between versions 1.6 and 1.12

version 1.6, 1994/05/18 17:29:52 version 1.12, 1994/08/25 15:25:21
Line 17 Line 17
 #include "forth.h"  #include "forth.h"
 #include "io.h"  #include "io.h"
 #ifndef unlink  
         extern unlink(char *);  
 #ifndef ftruncate  
         extern ftruncate(int, int);  
 typedef union {  typedef union {
   struct {    struct {
 #ifdef BIG_ENDIAN  #ifdef BIG_ENDIAN
Line 87  int emitcounter; Line 80  int emitcounter;
 static char* fileattr[6]={"r","rb","r+","r+b","w+","w+b"};  static char* fileattr[6]={"r","rb","r+","r+b","w+","w+b"};
 #if ~defined(select) && defined(DOS)  static Address up0=NULL;
 /* select replacement for DOS computers for ms only */  
 void select(int n, int a, int b, int c, struct timeval * timeout)  
    struct timeval time1;  
    struct timeval time2;  
    struct timezone zone1;  
    time1.tv_sec += timeout->tv_sec;  
    time1.tv_usec += timeout->tv_usec;  
    while(time1.tv_usec >= 1000000)  
         time1.tv_usec -= 1000000;  
    while(time2.tv_usec < time1.tv_usec || time2.tv_sec < time1.tv_sec);  
 Label *engine(Xt *ip, Cell *sp, Cell *rp, Float *fp, Address lp)  Label *engine(Xt *ip, Cell *sp, Cell *rp, Float *fp, Address lp)
 /* executes code at ip, if ip!=NULL  /* executes code at ip, if ip!=NULL
Line 117  Label *engine(Xt *ip, Cell *sp, Cell *rp Line 88  Label *engine(Xt *ip, Cell *sp, Cell *rp
 */  */
 {  {
   Xt cfa;    Xt cfa;
   Address up=NULL;    Address up=up0;
   static Label symbols[]= {    static Label symbols[]= {
     &&docol,      &&docol,
     &&docon,      &&docon,
     &&dovar,      &&dovar,
     &&douser,      &&douser,
     &&dodoes,      &&dodoes,
     &&dodoes,  /* dummy for does handler address */      &&dodoes,  /* dummy for does handler address */
 #include "prim_labels.i"  #include "prim_labels.i"
Line 135  Label *engine(Xt *ip, Cell *sp, Cell *rp Line 107  Label *engine(Xt *ip, Cell *sp, Cell *rp
   if (ip == NULL)    if (ip == NULL)
     return symbols;      return symbols;
   IF_TOS(TOS = sp[0]);    IF_TOS(TOS = sp[0]);
   IF_FTOS(FTOS = fp[0]);    IF_FTOS(FTOS = fp[0]);
   prep_terminal();    prep_terminal();
Line 203  Label *engine(Xt *ip, Cell *sp, Cell *rp Line 175  Label *engine(Xt *ip, Cell *sp, Cell *rp
 #endif  #endif
   NEXT;    NEXT;
   #ifdef DEBUG
     printf("%08x: defer: %08x\n",(Cell)ip,(Cell)PFA1(cfa));
     cfa = *(Xt *)PFA1(cfa);
  dodoes:   dodoes:
   /* this assumes the following structure:    /* this assumes the following structure:
      defining-word:       defining-word:

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