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Fri Sep 2 15:23:32 1994 UTC (27 years, 8 months ago) by pazsan
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Corrected bug in error reporting due to input stream restoration
Corrected bug in cross compiler du to later defined constants
renamed search into lookup and implemented the correct "search"
UPS: removed double deferred header and (header) - if problems tell
me why double deferred?

#Copyright 1992 by the ANSI figForth Development Group

RM	= echo 'Trying to remove'
GCC	= gcc
FORTH	= gforth
CC	= gcc
	-fno-defer-pop -fcaller-saves \
	#-DDIRECT_THREADED #-DNDEBUG #turn off assertions
CFLAGS	= -O4 -Wall -g $(SWITCHES)

#-Xlinker -n puts text and data into the same 256M region
#John Wavrik should use -Xlinker -N to get a writable text (executable)
LDFLAGS	= -g -Xlinker -N
LDLIBS = -lm

EMACS	= emacs

INCLUDES = forth.h io.h

FORTH_SRC = cross.fs debug.fs environ.fs errore.fs extend.fs \
	filedump.fs glosgen.fs kernal.fs look.fs mach32b.fs \
	mach32l.fs main.fs other.fs search-order.fs see.fs sieve.fs \
	struct.fs tools.fs toolsext.fs vars.fs wordinfo.fs

SOURCES	= Makefile primitives primitives2c.el engine.c main.c io.c \
	apollo68k.h decstation.h 386.h hppa.h sparc.h \

RCS_FILES = $(SOURCES) INSTALL ToDo model high-level

GEN = gforth

GEN_PRECIOUS = primitives.i prim_labels.i primitives.b prim_alias.4th aliases.fs

OBJECTS = engine.o io.o main.o

# things that need a working forth system to be generated
# this is used for antidependences,
FORTH_GEN = primitives.i prim_labels.i prim_alias.4th

all:	gforth aliases.fs

#from the gcc Makefile: 
#"Deletion of files made during compilation.
# There are four levels of this:
#   `mostlyclean', `clean', `distclean' and `realclean'.
# `mostlyclean' is useful while working on a particular type of machine.
# It deletes most, but not all, of the files made by compilation.
# It does not delete libgcc.a or its parts, so it won't have to be recompiled.
# `clean' deletes everything made by running `make all'.
# `distclean' also deletes the files made by config.
# `realclean' also deletes everything that could be regenerated automatically."

		-rm $(GEN)

distclean:	clean
		-rm machine.h

realclean:	distclean

current:	$(RCS_FILES)

gforth:	$(OBJECTS) $(FORTH_GEN)
		-cp gforth gforth~
		$(GCC) $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJECTS) $(LDLIBS) -o $@	main.fs search-order.fs cross.fs aliases.fs vars.fs add.fs \
		errore.fs kernal.fs extend.fs tools.fs toolsext.fs \
		mach32l.fs $(FORTH_GEN)
		$(FORTH) -e 's" mach32l.fs" r/o open-file throw' main.fs	main.fs search-order.fs cross.fs aliases.fs vars.fs add.fs \
		errore.fs kernal.fs extend.fs tools.fs toolsext.fs \
		mach32b.fs $(FORTH_GEN)
		$(FORTH) -e 's" mach32b.fs" r/o open-file throw' main.fs

engine.s:	engine.c primitives.i prim_labels.i machine.h $(INCLUDES)
		$(GCC) $(CFLAGS) -S engine.c

engine.o:	engine.c primitives.i prim_labels.i machine.h $(INCLUDES)

primitives.b:	primitives
		m4 primitives >$@ 

primitives.i :	primitives.b prims2x.fs
		$(FORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" primitives.b\" ' output-c process-file bye" >$@

prim_labels.i :	primitives.b prims2x.fs
		$(FORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" primitives.b\" ' output-label process-file bye" >$@

aliases.fs:	primitives.b prims2x.fs
		$(FORTH) prims2x.fs -e "s\" primitives.b\" ' output-alias process-file bye" >$@

#primitives.4th:	primitives.b primitives2c.el
#		$(EMACS) -batch -load primitives2c.el -funcall make-forth

#GNU make default rules
#% ::		RCS/%,v
#		co $@
#%.o :		%.c $(INCLUDES)
#		$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@

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